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Stakes: CD, UD, WD, TD.


This was the fifth time to be asked to judge in Ireland and I would like to thank the club for this honour.  The hospitality and food in Ireland was, as usual, excellent.  A lot of work goes into running a trial, and this was no exception; excellent organization, tracklayers, stewards, facilities and landowners.  The tracking ground was up with the best you could use, lush grass and good size fields.  With experienced tracklayers, Steve, Jeff, Judith, and Jenny, and Riona stewarding, everything was how I planned.  Thank you, for giving all competitors a fair chance to qualify.

We started on Friday and ended on Sunday, giving us plenty of time.  The weather was good, cold and windy but DRY.  The first three tracks on Saturday had the hardest conditions, with very strong wind, but all tracked confidently - a pleasure to judge.  All the nosework in all stakes was, as usual, excellent standard but the control was not so good.  I never had one piece of plastic in all the nosework sections; this allowed the dogs to use their noses tracking and searching.  It can be done if thought and time in selecting suitable articles for each stake and gradation of severity.  In the control section all stakes had to weave between markers in heelwork - this did seem to throw some of the dogs.

CD Stake:

5 entries

1st           E.O’Gorman, ROXY, Boxer X collie, 72, NQ.  If only the long jump was completed it would have been a qualifier, well done.

Other competitors did not attempt all sections.

UD Stake:

9 entries

1st           C.O’Toole, TIME TO TANGO, BC, 190, Q, also best track.  A very polished round with only the heelwork low standard.  Best of luck for the future.

Other competitors did not attempt all sections.

WD Stake:

3 entries

1st           V Dixon, RUSTIX ALI, Malinois, 185.5, Q, also best track.  An outstanding round, with only failing the long jump. Look forward to you qualifying in England.  This was the best Malinois I have judged.

Other competitors did not attempt all sections.

TD Stake:

5 entries

1st           J. Owens-Poole’s FIRCROFT DOMINI, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, 187, NQ, handled J Poole, also best track.  An excellent track and control.

2nd         S Rawson, WTCh RYAN’S DAUGHTER, collie X, 175, NQ.  A big learning curve - always pick up articles on the track - and the heelwork has got to be looked at.

3rd          J Hickey, Ch and Int Ch HAPENNY KELTICMAGIC, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 164.5, NQ.  Best control and search.

Thanks to all the competitors for entering, as you may have seen I am from the old school so the tests are going back to what they used to be.  Again it was a pleasure to judge in Ireland.

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