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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 15 February 2004

Judge: Alan Bolton

Many thanks once again for the invitation to judge at the Java trial in Ireland. To Miranda Moriarty for organising everything (and me) and being the perfect host during my stay. Not forgetting my good friends Miriam, Dougie and Nigel Tate for their kind hospitality, the caterers The Tate Family who sponsored all of the catering and Marie Waters & Jean Speller who assisted in the kitchen. Thanks a lot the food was excellent as was the service. Thanks to the farmers for allowing us to use their land for the trial and to my tracklayers, Miranda, Eithne, Caroline, Judith, Anne and John and square steward for W.D. and T.D. Doug Tate.

U.D. Stake

There were 6 competitors only one qualified and he is a newcomer in trials.

1st           Lam Ward with his Labrador Retriever OCEAN STAR 176/200 Liam handled his dog very well, once he can control his nerves a bit more I believe this team can go to the top

There were some excellent tracks in the U.D. stake but the best was Miriam Lyons and her B.C. TAMERRYE MARANELLO with a track mark of 89.5 Well done a pity about the jumps.

W.D. Stake.

There were 7 competitors and again only one qualified

1st           Jeff Poole with his G.S.D. LATCHETS BOSS 171/200 A nice bold dog who is very strong willed and at times wants to do his own thing. No doubt Jeff will get him sorted out soon. Well done.

The best track was done by Marjorie Briggs with her Weimeraner TRILITE PRIVATE RYAN. Well done Marjorie, I was well protected this time.

T.D. Stake.

There were 9 competitors and 5 qualifiers.

1st.          Diana Collie with her B.C. RIGHTA REBEL ROUSER a good all roundperformance with just a slight blip with the send away Q ex 207.5/220

2nd.        Anne Cohen with her G.W.P. the missed article in the square was very costly Well Done.200.5/220

3rd.         Steve Fearon with his G.S.D. FIRECROFT IDAHO Just a little improvement

on the control this is the first T.Dex for this team Well done Steve 199.5/220

4th.         Judith Owens with her B.C. FIRECROFT DOON Just two articles from the

square proved costly. Well Done192/220

Alson qualifying T.Dex 

Judith Owens with her B.C. Firecroft Sheehin. A steady round, not the best C. & A I have seen from this pair but we have all have our off

day. Well Done Judith 191/220

The best track was won by Judith Owens with her G.S.D. ACHILLWAY GEORGIA AT FIRECROFT. (I'm pleased you have seen sense and got a proper dog) with a track mark of 94 with 3 articles. What a pity about the obedience. I have no doubt you will sort this problem Judith. Well Done

It is always a pleasure to judge in Ireland, to those who did not do as well as they would expect to or were disappointed with anything, don't forget it is a sport that we are in and not a matter of life or death. Enjoy your dogs and trials. Good luck in the future.

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