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I would like to thank Northside for the invitation to judge.  Also Miriam for being Trials Manager, providing me with BB and  for the birds eye view of Dublin at 8.30 in the morning!

A big thank you to Marjorie who did all the catering for the trial and also cooked a wonderful Meal on Sunday evening.

I judged the three tracking stakes.  All tracking was on stubble.  The weather conditions were Saturday, sunny with showers and windy.  Sunday was wet and windy.  Saturday appeared to be the better tracking day as Sunday produced no nose work qualifiers.


UD stake

Tracklayers: Marjorie Briggs, Ann Collen

Search Steward: Angela Higgins & Marjorie Briggs

1st           Caroline Woods. PARAVEL GABRIELLA GSD B. Caryn did a nice track and square but

Unfortunately failed the control. 178NQ

2nd         Nigel Tate, PARAVEL FELLINI GSD D. Chico got to the last leg then went wrong.  Bad Luck Nigel. 110 NQ.


WD stake

Tracklayers: Miriam Lyons, Steve Fearon

Search Steward: Miranda Moriarty and Nigel Tate

1st           Janet McGloughlin Minch, ROGER XB.D Roger tracked nice and steadily, and did a very good Control round. 166.5 Q

2nd         Marjorie Briggs, TRILITE PRIVATE RYAN Weimarner D. Ryan got the Trophy for Best Track. But unfortunately went out on the jumps. NQ

3rd          Jenifer Hickey, BEESTING WICCA Cdex.Udex. BC B. Jenny went wrong on the track.  From the way she started I really thought you were going to do it. NQ


TD stake

Tracklayer: Caroline Woods

Search Steward: Jennifer Hickey

1st           Miriam Lyons W.T.CH KALIYON SHEEFRA WSD B. Sheefra was the only dog to do the track with 2 Articles and two out of the square but dropped one and her mum couldn't find it.  Such bad luck. 166.5 NQ Also go Best Track Trophy

2nd         Steve Fearon, FIRCROFT IDAHO GSD B. Had a go at the track but took a wrong turn.

3rd          Miranda Moriarty, HIGHFIELD QUO VADIS Wdex GSD B. NQ.

I would also like to thank my all my tracklayers and search stewards for all your hard work.

Also my control stewards Miriam Lyons UD and WD and Angela Higgins TD.  You all manage to work your dogs in between helping in other stakes.

Thank you all for competing and accepting my decisions.  Good luck to all of you in the future

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