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Stakes : UD, WD, TD


Tracklayers : UD Judith Owens, Jennie Hickey, Jim Gibney 

WD Steve Fearon, Rita Moloney 

TD Sandra M….

Stewards : C/A Mary Owens

This is the second time that I have been second choice, so I should like to thank Jean Morley first!!!  I was delighted to accept the appointment (probably one of the few times I've been in the right place at the right time!).

I have always enjoyed being in Ireland with my friends and this year, the judging appointment was followed by a fantastic Christmas, a really good holiday, and some great R&R.

With the small number of competitors in Ireland, everyone has several parts to play, making for the best teamwork imaginable: but a nightmare for organisations.  Everyone worked well together, thank you competitors, tracklayers and stewards for all your work to make this such a happy Trial.  The ground looked good … corn, but proved to be difficult for working, particular in TD, as it was open and exposed in cold, windy conditions.

Hubby Jim had to try and keep up his reputation as International tracklayer, so managed to lay one UD track. (The last track he plaid in England was about 15 years ago, but it pays me to keep him happy!).

UD Stake.   5 entries 5 ran.

1st           Diane Collie with (BC) COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE 187Q.  Super young bitch with a fab attitude.  Dad is WTCh Waggerland Fizz, so no surprises there then.  Well done, Diana, Crystal was really on form.

2nd         Jeff Poole with (GSD) MANPOL ROBYN. 164.5.  Kiri is not easy to handle, but in Jeff's experienced hands she qualified.  Well done.

Best track shared by Angela Higgins and LIBBY and Miriam Lyons with her young ABBY.

WD Stake.  7 entries 4 ran.

1st           Miranda Moriarty with (GSD) HIGHFIELD QUO VADIS.  175Q.  Best track.  Vadis can do it when she wants and she was on form today, well done.

2nd         Jennie Hickey with Ch BEESTING WICCA. NQ.  Not Teegan's day today.

TD stake.  8 entries 8 ran.

The tracking proved much harder than it looked, and only four of the most experienced teams made valiant attempts at the track.

1st           & Green Star Miriam Lyons with  WTCh KALIYON SHEEFRA (WSD). 186.5. 2/4 139/27.5/20.  Well done Miriam, Sheefra did you proud once again.

2nd         Anne Collen with TESSA OF TANTRUM CROSS (GWP) Q178 and best track.

3rd          Judith Owens with WTCh FIRCROFT DOON (BC). NQ.  Brody worked so hard on the track, what tenacity the dog has.

Thank you competitors for accepting my decisions, and being such good fun to work with.  Hope to see you all again soon.

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