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TD tracks: Vicky 2 days, Anne Collen Sunday

WD tracks: John Templeton 2 days & searches + C&A steward, Anne Sunday

UD: tracks Vicky & Karen Milliken

Michael search steward & C&A on Saturday

Alan searches Sunday

Anne C&A steward Sunday

This was the weekend of the terrible storms with flooding & gale force winds especially bad in the north! But this did not dampen the competitors spirits one little bit, what hardy folk we have in trials.

Many thanks to Alan & Vicky Dixon for all their help organising & running the trial, & a very special thank you for your wonderful hospitality in your lovely home.

Everyone in Ireland is multi talented because they help in any way they can, which made the trial a fantastic success. Congratulations to everyone who gave up their time to help at this particular trial, it must be a nightmare to arrange everything.

We had a wonderful field for the C&A the drainage was amazing considering the amount of rain water which fell over the weekend, I feel the strong winds may have helped to keep it OK.

UD Stake

1st           187.5 COM MIS TEEA LELO with Rosie Garrett, Ellie had a wonderful day & Rosie was delighted with her young dog's success, congratulations to you both. Brilliant track, only lost one mark, recovered both track articles & four from the search. Good control only lost marks for extra commands & a bit of confusion on the return over the scale, what a superb start to her working trials career, keep up the good work Rosie.

2nd         172.5 NQ IRISH CH TRILITE PRIVATE RYAN with Marjorie Briggs. Ryan had the best track, only lost .5, he is such a consistently good tracking dog, with 2 & 4 articles. With 9.5 for his S/A, 3.5 ret & 2 HW, 5 clear & 5 long jump, unfortunately he is not happy with the scale yet, it will come Marjorie, best wishes.

3rd          148.5 LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT with Angela Higgins. Libby is a young dog starting off in trials & she worked a lovely track & recovered both articles & three from the search. Angela was thrilled with Libbey`s full point send away & withdrew from the agility. She is a keen young dog & obviously has a joy for life & working trials. Good luck with her Angela.

Thank you to Karen & Rosie for the use of your dog club, it was a very welcome shelter at the end of the day.

A final thank you to all the competitors & helpers at this trial, congratulations to those who were successful & those who were not it was probably the weathers fault!!! On that one we have no control.

WD Stake

1st           190 COM BLINK & YOU'VE MISSED IT with Vicky Dixon. What a cracking little dog she is Vicky, aptly named! Bena found all the articles, lovely search only lost 1 mark for a drop. Fantastic send away & retrieve & full jumps, just a tiny hic-cup on the HW, on today's performance there will be no holding her Vicky, many congratulations.

2nd         187.5 COM COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE with Diana Collie. A good solid performance from Crystal in all sections, recovered all the articles. She just loves to work, & is so willing, what more can you ask for? Especially in your very capable hands Diana, congratulations to you both.

3rd          158.5 NQ BRAVE BAYLEY & Bernie Digges. How Bernie kept her footing in a waterlogged steep sloping field with Bayley tracking at a pace I do not know. He recovered 1 off the track & 3 from the search. Good control, but for the scale he was there! Best of luck to you Bernie & Bayley.

4th          156.5 WILLOWDALE FYRE with Karen Milliken. Dax worked his track well & recovered one article & three from the search, lovely send away, a very happy dog. Another dog who would have qualified but for the jumps, keep going Karen he can & will do it for you.

TD Stake

1st           207.5 COM TAMERRY MARANELLO with Miriam Lyons. Abbey worked a very confident track 95, recovered 3 & 4 articles Producing good control & agility, this qualification is testimony to Abbey's ability to apply herself in such difficult weather conditions. A well deserved qualification, congratulations to you both.

2nd         190.5 NQ HIGHFIELD QUO VADIS with Mirander Moriarty. Another good track from Vadis in very strong winds, Miranda just let her work the track which was great to see, gaining 93 track & another 3 & 4, full jumps & I am afraid this is the "if only" of the trial, the dastardly stay. Miranda I know how thrilled you were with Vardis work, she will get it.

3rd          DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL with Janet McLoughlin-Minch. This was not to be Roger's day, but he enjoyed his day out Janet.

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