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UD, WD, TD Stakes


Trials Manager      Judith  Owens  


UD   Judith Owens and Jenny Hickey

WD  Steve Fearon and Jenny Hickey

TD   Rita Moloney

Searche Stewards: Friday  Julie Holmes

Sat and Sun   Mary Owens

C  and A  Stewards: Friday  Julie Holmes

Sat and Sun Riona Kilbride

UD Stake      4 entries

1st           D Collie  with COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE BC   Bitch   Qual. 191.5

An excellent nosework round only losing 3 marks winning the best track award.

This was the only dog to qualify

WD  Stake     7 entries

1st           Janet Mcgloughlin Minch  with DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL   Xbreed  Dog Qual     183.5

2nd         Miaim Lyons with TAMERRYE MARANELLO  BC  B  Qual     183

3rd          Vicky Dixon  with BLINK AND YOU'VE MISSED IT  X Breed B Qual    183

4th          Jeff Poole  with MANPOL ROBYN GSD B Qual   177.5

The award for the Best track in this stake went to Marjorie Briggs with her Wiemeramer Dog  TRILITE PRIVATE RYAN

There was no run off to decide second place as Vicky had worked on the previous day and was not available.

TD  Stake     8 entries

1st           Judith Owens with WTCH FIRCROFT DOON BC D  Qual 211.5

2nd         Miriam Lyons with  WTCH KAYLION SHEEFA WSD B Qual 211.5

3rd          Ann Collen with TESSA OF TANTRUM  Cross   GWP  B  Qual 206

4th            Jeff Poole with LATCHETS BOSS GSD D Qual 203.5

The run off for first place was a search square. The articles used were quite small being one of the original articles cut into four pieces. I was really pleased with the high standard of work from both the dogs each finding and retrieving three articles.

Judith worked first and obtained 26 marks . Miriams dog found three articles but lost marks by not cleanly retrieving them and obtained 24marks.

I would like to thank everybody who worked to make the trial a success especially

Rita Molony who laid all the TD tracks ensuring that every competitor had  equal opportunity to succeed .With eight competitors in the stake and two spares to lay I am still not sure how  she managed to lay 13.25 tracks over the two day other than to say that some were started and then started again and others had to be laid again when a friendly farmer walked into the field and joined her on the sixth leg to ask" how's it going ?"

My C and A Steward was the CD Judge Riona Kilbride who grew in confidence as the trial progressed . Day one saw her asking if she was "stewarding OK". Day two produced the statement "I wouldn't have given her that may". We agreed in the end to compromise and as it was my test she allowed me to mark it. Riona was a first class steward giving clear and concise instructions to each and every competitor which makes judging so much easier.

Thanks once again to everyone who worked so hard to make this such a successful and enjoyable weekend.  

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