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Thank you Fingal Dog Club for the invitation to judge the UD, WD and TD stakes at your Championship Trial and to Anne Coleen for the excellent hospitality and transport. In addition all the helpers, far too many to mention, caterers, stewards and tracklayers did an excellent job and along with the competitors created a smashing atmosphere at this trial.

The weather on Friday and Sunday was OK for the tracking but unfortunately the continuous rain on Saturday made it extremely difficult for the TD dogs.

Stake: UD

Tracklayers: Anne Coleen, Sandra Meenan

Search Stewards: Anne Coleen, Mary Dolan

Control Steward: Anne Coleen

1st           Diana Collie with COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE. BC. A keen young dog well handled, should do well in the higher stakes. Well done.

2nd         160 NQ. A. Briggs with Ir. Sh. Ch. TRIALITE PRIVATE RAYAN, Weimaraner. Lovely nosework, what a pity about the agility. Better luck next time.

3rd          145 NQ. Angela Higgins with LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT BC. A nice young nosework dog winning the best nosework trophy.


Tracklayers: Sandra Meenan. Donal Flyn

Search Stewards: Diana Collie, Mary Dolan

Control Steward: Anne Coleen

1st           187 Janet McGloughlin with MINCH X Breed. A steady all round performance with a full mark square. Well done Janet.

2nd         181.5 NQ Vicky Dixon with BLINK AND YOU’VE MISSED IT Xbreed. Another good all round performance with this very keen dog. Well done.

3rd          180 NQ Miriam Lyons with TAMERRYE MARANELLO BC. A very good track winning the Best Track trophy.

4th          165.5 NQ Riona Kilbride with CURION CONOR BC. Yet another good nosework round recovering all articles.


Tracklayers: Sandra Meenan, Vicky Dixon

Search Stewards: Vicky Dixon

Control Steward: Sandra Meenan

1st           166 Miriam Lyons with WT Ch.KALIYON SHEEFRA WSD. This experienced dog made a gallant effort at completing the track in the allotted time, but the continual rain proved too much. Well done. Also won the Best Nosework award.

2nd         130.5 NQ. Diana Collie with RICHTA REBEL ROUSER BC. Another terrific effort on the track in the waterlogged conditions. Well done.

3rd          95.5 NQ. Judith Owens with WT Ch FREECROFT DOON BC. The continuing rain made the tracking conditions too difficult today although this dog went on to do a lovely control round.

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