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Thank you to Border Collie Club for inviting me to judge. Thank you to Steve and Jenny for all the organising which ensured the day ran smoothly. Also thanks for my breakfast, it kept me going all day!

CD Stake

Steward: Jenny Hickey, thanks Jenny

1st           BLINK AND YOU’VE MISSED IT, Xbreed, with Vicky Dixon. 93.5 Q. beena is so focused and enjoys every moment that she is working. Only marks lost were for over exuberance. Well done Vicky.

2nd         HA’PENNY SKYLARK, BC with Cathy McCormack. 88.5 Q. Another happy, well motivated dog, well handled by Cathy. A first qualification for this youngster. Well done.

U.D. Stake:

Only one entry and no qualifier

 Best track rosette: LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT, BC with Angela Higgins. Didn’t find it easy but worked it out well. Looking good for next season!

Thanks to Jenny for laying the track.

W.D. Stake

1st           and only qualifier, PARAVEL GABRIELLA, GSD with Carol Woods. 154.5 Q. lovely track but unfortunately missed the last article and with only two out of the square, if left Caroline short of marks for the Ex.. Well done on qualifying her first time out in W.D. 

2nd         TAMERRYE MARANELLO BC, with Miriam Lyons; 158 NQ. Not ABBEY’S day today, went out on the control.

Best track Rosette went to DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL, Xbreed, with Janet McGloughlin  - MINCH. Roger did a lovely track. Well done Janet.

Thank you to Judith Owens & Jeff Poole for tracklaying and Julie Holmes who layed all the squares as well as stewarding the C&A.

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