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Stakes: UD, WD, TD


What a wonderful trial this was and I must thank Miriam Lyons, Marjorie Briggs and Ger Philpott for all their hard work and generous hospitality. A really friendly atmosphere, Irish trials come highly recommended.

After a downpour on Friday, the weather at the weekend was ideal. The stubble fields were of good quality and the excellent tracklaying gave everyone the opportunity to succeed.

My thanks to the tracklayers and to the first class stewards Bernie Digges (Saturday) and Jeff Poole (Sunday). There were Best Track rosettes in each tracking stake sponsored by Highfield Kennels. Well done to all the very worthy qualifiers, the standard was very high.

UD Stake

Tracklayers: Janet McGloughlin Minch, Bernie Digges

4 entries, 3 worked.

All dogs tracked well but unfortunately none of them completed the C&A. Best track rosette was awarded to Marjorie Briggs and O'Ryan for their full point track with both articles.

WD Stake

ireland wd track lorna cottier small

Tracklayers: Ger Philpott

7 entries, 6 worked.

1st           Miriam Lyons & TAMERRYE MARANELLO (BC) B A good track although Miriam needed a fair bit of persuasion to follow Abby at the diagonal. Excellent search and C&A, lots of potential here. Awarded Angel Lynch Memorial Trophy and Best Track Rosette. (Track 83/90, 20/20; Search 34.5/35; Control 31/35; Ag 20/20) 188.5/200

2nd         Bernie Digges & BAYLEY (WSD) D Tracked in a steady, confident manner but then Bayley hit a few problems in the arrow part of the track. However he persevered when others would have given up, and was rewarded with a well deserved qualification. (76, 20, 28, 25, 14.5) 163.5

TD Stake

Tracklayers: Donal Flynn, Caroline Woods

ireland td track lorna cottier small

7 entries, all worked

1st           Miriam Lyons & WT CH KALIYON SHEEFRA (WSD) B A smart little dog that always troubles the best, wherever she competes. A super track, though missed an article, followed by a near perfect search. Good C&A meant another Green Star for Sheefra, I believe making her the most successful WT dog in Irish history. Very well done.

(Track 97.5/100, 20/30; Search 34.5/35; Control 29/35; Ag 18/20) 199/220

2nd         Jeff Poole & LATCHETS BOSS (GSD) D Another super track with all the articles. Boss's concentration wasn't as good during the search, and he swallowed the cloth which cost him some expensive points. An excellent C&A round, a very bright future in trials for this young dog. Awarded Best Track rosette. (96, 30; 20; 32.5; 19) 197.5

3rd          Judith Owens & WT CH FIRCROFT DOON (BC) A good steady track by Brodie with all articles recovered. Not quite so committed in the search but went on to complete an excellent, near perfect C&A. (92, 30; 19; 33.5; 20) 194.5

4th          Jeff Poole & MANPOL ROBYN (GSD) B Kiri had to work hard to get round her track in a difficult field. Kept her enthusiasm in the search and completed a very good C&A round. (86, 20; 25.5; 32.5; 19) 183

Qualifying TD only

Miranda Moriarty & HIGHFIELD QUO VADIS (GSD) B 174.5

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