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Stakes: C.D., U.D., W.D. & T.D.


Thanks to the club for your invitation to judge.  I had a brilliant time, weather was very kind to us, only rained when we had finished on the Sunday.  Thanks also to Judith and Jeff for their hospitality and use of your home.  To my helpers, you all did a brilliant job for me, thanks a bunch (very professional)

CD Steward - Jennifer Hickey

UD Tracklayer - Jeff Poole

WD Tracklayers - Jeff Poole & Steve Fearon

TD Tracklayer - Rita Maloney who did all the tracks, Thank you.

Square and C&A Steward in all tracking stakes - Riona Kilbride, I really enjoyed your company, Thank you.

C.D. Stake.

1st           Judith Owens  FIRCROFT DALWINNIE  BC  82pts NQ.

Good all round test, well done.

2nd         Miranda Moriarty  HIGHFIELD CLYTEM NESTRA  GSD  81pts NQ.

Very nice to watch, you will qualify soon, well done.

Both dogs worked very well, you need to change the stay rules.  You both were worth your qualification under the new rules.

U.D. Stake.

1st           Judith Owens  FIRCROFT DALWINNIE  BC 189.5 pts  Q ex. Best Track

Watch this little dog go, she will be a champion.  Well done.

2nd         Miranda Moriarty  HIGHFIELD CLYTEM NESTRA  GSD  177 Q ex.

Brilliant control round, just needs experience on the track.  Good Luck.

W.D. Stake.

1st           Diana Collie  COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE  BC  184 NQ.    Best Track

Pity about the Down.  Good luck in future.

2nd         Bernadette Digges  BAYLEY  WSD  175 pts.  NQ

3rd          Caroline Woods  XANDOA'S DARGO CDex UDex  WSD  165.5 pts.  NQ.

4th          Caroline Woods  PARAVEL GABRIELLA CDex UDex  GSD  144 pts. NQ.

All dogs qualified in the tracking, with above 80 marks, just need to sort control out.  I am sure you will all qualify soon.

T.D. Stake.

1st           & Green Star  Judith Owens  W.T. Ch. FIRCROFT DOON CDex-TDex   BC  201 pts. Qex.   Best Track    Made the track look simple 96/100.  Well done, you had to be at your best today.

2nd         & Res. Green Star   Anne Collen TESSA OF TANTRUM CROSS CDex-TDex  GWP  200.5 pts. Qex Half marks for last article was the difference.  Well done.  Had me worried on the sendaway.

3rd          Miriam Lyons  W.T.Ch. KALIYON SHEEFRA  CDex-TDex  WSD  199.5 pts.  Qex. Brilliant little dog to watch, well done.

4th          Miriam Lyons  TAMERRYE MARANELLO  CDex-WDex  BC  196 pts.  Qex. Best control round.  Well done.

Also TDex - Jeff Poole  MANPOL ROBYN CDex-WDex  GSD  190.5 pts. Qex.

Qual. TD - Steve Fearon  FIRCROFT IDAHO CDex-WDex  GSD  175.5 pts.

Finally I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and good luck with your dogs.

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