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Stakes: U.D., W.D., T.D.


Thanks Blanchardstown for the invitation to judge at your trial. I had a great time and the weather was ideal. The trial was very well organised by Steve and all his willing helpers. Thank you. Thanks Jenny for picking me up and chauffering me around, and staying with you and Steve. Had an enjoyable time thanks. Base was Judith and Jeff's caravan also the snack bar.

Had a great team of tracklayers, search stewards and control stewards. Everything done as requested, many thanks to all of you.

Stake: U.D. (run on grass)

Tracklayers: Judith Owens, Jenny Hickey.

Squares: Jenny Hickey, Mary Owens.

Control Stewards: Jenny Hickey, Mary Owens.

1st           Caroline Woods, PARAVEL GABRIELLA (GSD) B. Nice track 94 only one article. N.Q. 159 Congratulations.

2nd         Angela Higgans LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT (BC) B. joint best track. N.Q.

3rd          Nigel Tates PARAVEL FELLINI (GSD) D. N.Q.

Stake: W.D. (run on winter corn)

Tracklayers: Jeff Poole, Judith Owens.

Squares: Jenny Hickey, Mary Owens.

Control Stewards: Mary Owens, Jenny Hickey.

1st           Diana Collie's COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE (BC) B. Tracked very well, full mark square. Nice control round, also best track. Young dog will do very well. Q.Ex. 190.5 congratulations.

2nd         Miriam Lyons TAMERRYE MARANELLO (BC) B. casting cost a few marks, nice square and a good control round. Another young dog should do very well. Q.Ex. 176 Well done.

3rd          Vicky Dixon's BLINK AND YOU MISS IT (X.B.) B. Casting cost the marks, dropping the square articles, nice control. Q.Ex. 171.5 Good luck.

Stake: T.D. (run on winter corn)

Tracklayers: Rita Malony, Caroline Woods.

Squares: Mary Owens.

Control Steward: Riona Kilbride.

1st           Miriam Lyons W.T. Ch. KALIYON SHEEFRA (W.S.D.) B. Good track, 3 articles, full mark square, sendaway cost a few marks. Still a nice round. Q. Ex. 208 congratulations.

2nd         Judith Owens' W.T. Ch. FIRCROFT DOON (B.C.) D. Very good track 3 articles. 3 articles from the square, very good control. Nice to watch. Q.Ex. 205.5 and best track award. Well done.

3rd          Jeff Poole's LATCHET'S BOSS (GSD) D. Worked very hard on track. Full mark track, only lost1 on control, half on the scale. Very promising young dog. Should do very well. Best of luck. Q.Ex. 193.5

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