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UD WD & TD Control & Agility


I had a very enjoyable visit to Ireland and I was certainly well looked after by the Six Counties Team. The weather was fairly constant and dry.

Vicky and Alan provided me with very comfortable accommodation and thought of my every need. Thank you so much.

Tracks and squares were impeccably laid by all involved and I must thank:- UD Track, Karen Milken, square, Roseleen Garrett. WD Tracks Vicky Dixon, squares, Roseleen Garrett. TD. Tracks, Anne Colleen, squares, Michael Robinson - who was also my very able control Steward.

Tracking was on grass and almost without exception of a high standard.  Some squares were very well done, others a bit half hearted and a bit more motivation is needed. The control was mixed - with sendaways and the scale being the main problems.

Stake: UD

1st           NQ Marjorie Briggs & TRILITE PRIVATE RYAN (Weim.) D. A very accurate track dropping only 3 on the nosework 142/25/0 unfortunately withdrawing from the jumps

Stake: WD

1st           Q Judith Owens & FIRCROFT DALWINNIE (BC) B A very nice track with both articles, the square was costly but the C/A was sound. A lively little collie well handled.

2nd         NQ. Karen Milken with WILLOWDALE FYRE (GSD) D. Another good track, 2 from the track 3 from the square. Just get the scale right and the COM will be yours Karen.

3rd          NQ. Bernadette Digges & BRAVE BAYLEY (Xbreed) D. A really good all round performance was spoilt by an uncharacteristic broken stay, really bad luck Bernadette.

Stake: TD.

1st           Q 204.5 Diane Collie & COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE (WSD) B. What a lovely trials attitude by this lass, she never cast once on a corner but took all corners in her stride, only lost on funny little squiggly casts mid line - probably to breathe.  A convincing win.

2nd         Q 203.5. Vicky Dixon & BLINK AND YOU'VE MISSED IT (XB) B. A coiled spring waiting to erupt, everything done at the double with zest and energy - yet still controlled - very nice work.

3rd          Q 201.5 Miriam Lyons & TAMERRYE MARANELLO. (BC) B. Another collie with the right attitude she worked really well quietly handled by Miriam.

4th          NQ 184 Janet Mcgloughlin-Minch & DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL XD. If you trust him a little more Janet he will track on his own, only one from the track lost you both the qualification, an excellent square. Next time!

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