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TD, WD, UD  Stakes


Tracklayers :TD - Sandra Meenan

WD - Sandra Meenan, Donal Flynn, Miriam Lyons

UD - Ger Philpott, Diana Collie

Search Stewards: TD -Mary Dolan

WD - Samantha Rawson, Alan Dixon

UD - Mary Dolan

C & A Stewardw: TD & UD - Diana Collie

WD - Anne Collen

Scribes: Samantha Rawson, Sandra Meenan

Many thanks to Fingal Club for the invitation to judge in Ireland. I would also like to thank Anne Collen for managing the trial, and for the wonderful hospitality throughout the 4 days I was in Ireland.  Everybody made me feel so welcome, both at the trial, and at the Judging Seminar that followed (all who took it passed the exam - well done!)  All the competitors also helped in some way, and everybody enjoyed themselves, getting great pleasure from their dogs' achievements.  Many thanks to all tracklayers and stewards, who did a superb job.

Tracking for all stakes was on grass, which had a reasonable amount of growth.  The weather was kind, and stayed dry but cold, with quite a strong breeze at times.

UD.  4 Entries, 3 ran.

Unfortunately, there were no qualifiers, mainly because handlers chose, for various reasons, not to complete all the exercises.  All dogs, though, showed great potential, and will do great things in the future.

1st           Miranda Moriarty with HIGHFIELD CLYTEMNESTRA, GSD, B.  Nessa tracked very well, got full marks for the jumps, and would have qualified but for a glitch on the sendaway.  Well done Miranda. 184

Also competed:-

Marjorie Briggs and IR.SH.CH. TRILITE PRIVATE RYAN, Weimaraner, D.  O'Ryan tracked brilliantly, and then got all 4 articles from the square.  Superb nosework round, well done on winning the Best Track award!

Angela Higgins and LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT, BC, B.  Libby also tracked superbly, and only dropped one mark in the square.  Very impressive, I'm sure she'll qualify very soon.

WD. 7 entries, all ran.

Again, no qualifiers, but all dogs worked very well, and I'm sure will be qualifying soon.

1st           Caroline Woods and PARAVEL GABRIELLA, GSD, B.  Ceryn tracked enthusiastically and well, with both articles recovered, and then got 3 articles from the square.  How wonderful to see a Shepherd with such a great attitude to her work.  Well done!

2nd         Diana Collie with COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE, BC, B.  Crystal tracked brilliantly for about 2/3 of the track, and then, in spite of unbelievably hard work, couldn't find any more scent, so Diana very sensibly took the harness off.  She then turned in a superb control and agility round.

3rd          Bernie Digges and BAYLEY, WSD, D.  Bayley tracked almost faultlessly until he got stuck on the track in exactly the same place as Crystal, and although he tried really hard, he couldn't find the track again.

4th          Janet McGloughlan-Minch with DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL, Cross, D.  Unfortunately, Roger wasn't really focussed on the track today, but redeemed himself with an excellent control and agility round.

Best Track.           Vicky Dixon with BLINK AND YOU'VE MISSED IT!, Cross, D.  Beena only lost 1 mark on the nosework - very well done!  (I'm sure there's some Springer in there!)

TD. 5 entries, 4 ran.

The standard was generally very good, with committed dogs working determinedly and with enthusiasm.

1st           Anne Collen and TESSA OF TANTRUM CROSS, GWP, B.  Tessa worked really hard on the track, finding some areas difficult, but with determination and excellent handling completed the track with all 3 articles, and then recovered 3 articles from the square.  A good control and agility round gave her first place by 1 mark, and the coveted second Green Star, making Tessa a Working Trials Champion.  Very well done.  Also won the Best Track award.   Qual 189.5

2nd         Miriam Lyons with TAMERRYE MARANELLO, BC, B.  Abbey also found the track difficult, but also worked really hard, and with very good handling from Miriam, finished with all 3 articles.  She also retrieved 3 from the square, and produced an excellent control and agility round.  I'm sure it won't be long before she wins her second Green Star.  Well done.                                         Qual 188.5

3rd          Miriam Lyons and WTCH KALIYON SHEEFRA, WSD, B.  Sheefra worked a superb track, but unfortunately only got the end article.  She then found all 4 in the square, and worked a nice control and agility round.

4th          Miranda Moriarty and HIGHFIELD QUO VADIS, GSD, D.  Vadis struggled on the track, but worked well in the control round.

I would like to say "Thank you" all the competitors for accepting my judgement so graciously, and for making my visit to Ireland such a pleasure.  I particularly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere - and the hot port, most welcome after a cold day out!  It was a privilege to meet you all, and I hope to see you again soon.

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