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CD Stake

Judge: Frances Ball

Steward: Anne Collen

Thank you Java Trials Society for the invitation to judge the CD Stake at your trials. Thanks also to Caroline Woods for picking us up from Dublin airport and taking us to Annagh and to Miranda Moriarty, Trials manager, for her wonderful hospitality and hard work. Michael Waters very kindly dropped us off in Dublin again on Monday morning on his way to work.  Miriam Tate provided (with help from Marie Waters) all the trial's daytime catering. It was superb, thank you.

The weather for CD was cold but dry and the fields were rough grass, uneven and/or boggy in parts. Anne Collen made a very efficient job of stewarding for me.

Thank you all.

Two competitors completed the tests and I'm pleased to say that both qualified.

1st           Judith Owens with BC FIRCROFT DALWINNIE. A nice round with no major problems. Well done on your qualification. 87.5/100.

2nd         Miranda Moriarty with GSD HIGHFIELD CLYTEMNESTRA. What a good weekend you had - CDEx and UDEx Well done! 84.5/ 100

Thank you all for a smashing weekend and the nice present!


Stakes UD, WD, TD


Tracklayers: Judith Owens (UD), Miranda Moriarty, Jeff Poole, Steve Fearon (WD), Caroline Woods and Ethne O'Kelly (TD)

Stewards: Doug Tate (Searches), Frances Ball (C&A)

My thanks to Java Trials Society for inviting me to judge and a special 'thank you' to Miranda for her hospitality, Trials Manager and all the work before and after the trial - and tracklaying for WD. 'Meals on wheels', Miriam and Marie kept us all well nourished - especially my own personal box.

Thank you to Caroline and Michael for chauffeuring us from and to Dublin.

All my tracklayers did a very good job, with Judith laying all the UD tracks, Miranda, Jeff and Steve the WD tracks and Caroline and Ethne the TDs both days. Thank you very much. I also a very good search steward, Doug, who put the poles exactly in the corners and the articles where I wanted them - and was also good company. Thank you also to Frances for stewarding the C&A and for putting the competitors at ease.

Tracking was on grass with a bit of sun on Saturday. I was privileged to see some good tracking and searching.


1st           Miranda Moriarty with GSD HIGHFIED CLYTEMNESTRA. First place, qualifying, best track, best C & A, (that's four glasses of wine) went to Miranda. Nessa worked well today and well deserved the above. 179.5/200


1st           Judith Owens with BC FIRCROFT DALWINNIE. Lovely track and search recovering all articles. Bit tight on the C & A. Awarded Best Track in WD. Well done. 187/200

2nd         Diana Collie with BC COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE. Another good track but Crystal let Dianna recover the end article. Full mark search with very good indications. Hand signals cost in the heelwork. 182/200

3rd          Caroline Woods WSD XANDOAS DARGO. Well done Caroline, Dargo worked well and enjoyed himself. Three articles from the square is enough and no long jump today - he already had fifteen marks! A happy retirement for him??!! 172/200

4th          Bernadette Diggs with WSD BAILEY. A very good recovery on the track having got into difficulties on one corner. Unfortunately no sendaway today. 156/200 NQ.


1st           and Green Star Miriam Lyons with BC TAMERRYE MARANELLO. Abi worked well recovering all the articles. A good control round but a little misunderstanding on the return over the scale. Congratulations. I understand this makes her up to a W T Champion, subject to confirmation. Very well done. 204/220.

2nd         Judith Owens BC FIRCROFT DOON. Good track, full mark search and very good C & A. Unfortunately15/30 for track articles cost dearly today. Well done. 199/200.

3rd          Jeff Poole with GSD MANPOL ROBYN Kiri left an article on the track and one in the square, and didn't want to redirect in the sendaway. Otherwise a nice round. Good demonstration in line handling! 181.5/200

4th          Miriam Lyons WSD W T Ch KALIYON SHEEFRA Sheefra was awarded the Best TD Track, but unfortunately not a good speak or sendaway today cost a qualification. 194.5 NQ

Thank you all for making my stay in Ireland so pleasurable. It was great to see so many dogs working well with good handlers. Thank you, Java, for the lovely present.

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