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Stakes: CD, UD, WD and TD


Tracklayers: Miriam Lyons WD and UD, Riona Kilbride WD and UD, Ger Philpott TD and WD

Search stewards: CD, Janet McGloughlin Minch: UD, WD and TD, Cathy McCormack: WD, Miriam Lyons

CandA stewards: Caroline Woods, Saturday and Miriam Lyons, Sunday

This was a lovely long weekend spent in beautiful countryside with superb weather and fantastic company.

I would like to say a sincere thank you to everyone who helped make this trial such a success. Riona was a tiny bit apprehensive to start with, only because she is so conscientious, but she has no worries with laying tracks, Ger is a very confident tracklayer and Miriam has laid quite a few tracks too! The dogs were all very successful with Cathy laying the searches, and Miriam, as were the CD dogs working Janet’s squares. Caroline and Miriam stewarding and scribing the C&A rounds made my job very easy, many thanks to you all for giving up your time.

The base was at Marjorie`s house; she opened up her lovely home and provided all the scrumptious food and drink, and produced a beautiful meal for us on Sunday evening (as well as competing both days).  I don’t know how you do it Marjorie, but many thanks.

Janet found all the land for this trial, along with a safe field to exercise the dogs and park vehicles adjoining the C&A field, it was ideal.

Miriam is so efficient as trials manager, she has one or two back ups for all eventualities, and she also provides first class accommodation.

Miriam collected me from the airport Friday morning and took me on an absolutely stunning walk/hike; the views were spectacular from the tops!  Friday evening we held a judges seminar at Miriam’s home and everyone passed the exam, a great start to the weekend.


1st 82 Q Ex,  HA’PENNY SKYLARK with Cathy McCormack. Cushla does everything at 100 miles per hour,  just wants to work, what a fantastic attitude she has, Cathy. Try to reduce the number of extra commands on the heelwork and she will go from strength to strength.  Congratulations on your win, which is even more impressive when you know you have been away from home for such a long time.

2nd 84 NQ,  HIGHYEWS JARO AT TAGNRYE with Julie Holmes. Jaro worked a beautiful round, just missed one in the search and very unfortunate on the scale jump, as we know he is more than capable. With Julie`s handling (when she remembers his name!) this partnership will quickly qualify. I know how thrilled you are with him Julie.

3rd 80.5 NQ,  HA’PENNY KINGFISHER with Jenny Hickey. Guinness is an extremely handsome boy, he produced a very professional round, just a  tiny lapse of concentration on the sit which lost it for him (the old rules still apply here in Ireland). He has a very bright future in WT in Jenny’s capable hands.

4th 76.5 NQ,  HA’PENNY LITTLE OWL with Jenny Hickey. Gabbie lasted longer than her brother in the sit, but was just short of the two minutes, otherwise it would have been a comfortable qualification; it can’t be far off with either of the dogs Jenny. No wonder you were delighted with their first outing.


1st   186 Ex,  NORSHEP SHADOW with Alan Bolton. Alan who?  Shadow found no problems at all with the test, just got on with it and what an attitude he has!  It was Alan’s fault he missed an article in the square and required a second attempt at the long jump.  Congratulations Alan he is a credit to you and Joan.

2nd 148.5,  TRILITE PRIVATE RYAN and Marjorie Briggs. Orion is a tracking machine, he won the best track with 100%; he just hauled Marjorie around the track and recovered both articles, lovely to watch.


1st 173.5 Ex,  BAYLEY with Bernadette Digges.  Bayley is a consistently good tracking dog, (winning the best track.)  He did not find the ground easy today, but recovered both track articles and three from the search, with sufficient marks in the C&A giving this partnership a well deserved qualification and  win. After so many near misses it must be so sweet for you Bernie, many congratulations.

2nd 122,  HIGHFIELD CLYTEMNESTRA with Miranda Moriarty.  Nessa is a beautiful girl; the tracking was hard, but she gave it a good go; her search was brilliant with all 4 articles for 34 marks, and with very good C & A she will soon qualify, Miranda.

3rd  91,  DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL with Janet McGloughlin Minch. Roger found the tracking difficult but bounced back in the search.  Another dog with good C&A, so with more favourable tracking he will qualify again Janet.

4th,  PARAVEL GABRIELLA with Caroline Woods. Caryn sorted out the tracking much to Caroline’s amazement, as previously mentioned it was tough! With super control, just a hiccup on the jumps at the moment, do persevere Caroline, she can and will do it. You are such a considerate sport, scratching from the stay for the benefit of Bernie and her dog, (not that there was a problem), thank you.


1st 202  Ex,  WTCh SHEEFRA with Miriam Lyons. Just when we thought the TD track and ground was too hard, Sheefra came along and worked her socks off with 92 for the track, 3 and 4.  It’s no wonder she is a WTCh, with determination and aptitude in abundance. Completing the round with very good C & A, winning yet another Green Star, with even more to follow, I have no doubt.

2nd 152,  WTCh TAMERRY MARANELLO with Miriam Lyons. Abbey gave her all on the track, managed to get 3/4 of the way round. She certainly showed us what she is made of!  Never looked like she would give up. She produced a superb C & A round.

3rd  65,   HIGHFIELD QUO VADIS with Miranda Moriarty.  Vardis found the tracking very hard and dry, but she qualified in the C&A; with better conditions she will succeed.   I know because I have seen her work on several occasions.

The tracking was very difficult due to the prolonged dry spell.  All handlers were pleased with their dogs attempting to track in such tough conditions. Congratulations to those who qualified here, you certainly deserved to and to those who found it DEAD HARD - fingers crossed for a decent judge and kind conditions on your next outing.

Thank you to the Northside for this judging appointment and my lovely gift.

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