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Stakes: CD, UD, WD and TD


Tracklayers: Caroline Woods (UD and TD), Jeff Poole and Miriam Lyons (WD), Miranda Moriarty (UD)

Stewards: Doug Tate (all searches), Fintan Doherty (all C/A)                   

My thanks to Nigel Tate and all at the WTC of Ireland for a very enjoyable trial. As always this was a well-organised, friendly and sociable event and the dry, sunny weather gave a bonus of some good results.

Thanks to all the terrific helpers, especially Caroline for acting as chauffeur from and to the airport, and to Miriam and Doug Tate for making me feel most welcome in their lovely home.


1st           Liam Ward and SUE SEPTEMBER, Lab, B.   What a cracking team - a yellow lab for a change, very biddable and worked in a lovely gentle manner; her enthusiastic handler got the best out of her.  97, Q.

2nd         John Wood and STAN BY YOUR MAN, Lab, X, D.   This was a bit like being at a football match, what with John’s vocal enthusiasm for each exercise, Stan’s attitude to get the job done and all the supporters at the side of the field. A good round, though work needed on the sendaway. 110% character, both of them.  86, Q.

3rd          Cathy McCormack and LADY FAINNE, X Breed, B.   Fainne worked consistently well throughout the test, the jumps being her downfall but she’s nearly there. Her handler works both her dogs in a lovely calm and encouraging manner and should go far. Just watch those extra commands during heelwork!    82.5, NQ.

4th          Cathy McCormack and Ch HA’PENNY SKYLARK, BC, B.   A good round by Cushla, a wee bit more work needed on the sendaway. However this team were the worthy winners of the fastest CD square trophy (40.03 Sec), a much sought after prize. Pressure was put on Liam and John the previous night (in the pub, naturally) but despite their best efforts, they were well and truly beaten. Well done Cathy.  78.5, NQ.


1st           Liam Ward and SUE SEPTEMBER, Lab, B.   What a great weekend this team had. Good track, square needs more work as she didn’t quite have the stamina for five minutes.  Excellent C/A, her jumps are not for the faint hearted. Well done.  (82+10+25; 34.5+17.5)  169, Q .

Best track went to Angela Higgins and her BC, LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT.


1st           Miranda Moriarty and HIGHFIELD CLYTEMNESTRA, GSD, B.   Tracked steadily till the second last corner, when Nessa seemed to hit a brick wall.  She retrieved 4 articles out of the square, but could do with more motivation when searching. An excellent C/A, especially the sendaway, meant a worthy qualification. Well done.  (75+10+31; 33.5+18) 167.5, Q.

Best track went to Caroline Woods and her GSD, CERYN, who sailed round despite the presence of two young cyclists in the middle of the track.


1st           Judith Owens-Poole and Ir WTCh FIRCROFT DOON, BC, D.   First of the trial to track and set a standard no-one else could better. A steady, accurate worker, Brodie also had the motivation and confidence to recover well in the sendaway and earn himself another Green Star. Well done. (91+30+33; 33+19.5)   206.5, Q.

2nd         Miriam Lyons and Ir WTCh TAMERRYE MARANELLO, BC, B.  An excellent round by Abby, a missed article on the track proving expensive.  Won the run off search with Jeff by finding all four articles to Kiri’s three. (90.5+20+35; 31+19) 195.5, Q.

3rd          Jeff Poole and MANPOL ROBYN, GSD, B.  Worked a steady track and keen search.  No redirect, but the rest of the C/A was excellent. (89.5+25; 34+28+19) 195.5, Q.

4th          Anne Collen and Ir WTCh TESSA OF TANTRUM CROSS, GWP, B.  Great track, but another that missed an article. The control was going very well till the sendaway, when hunting instinct overruled Tessa’s sense of direction. (90+20+31; 16+20) 177, NQ.

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