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Stakes: CD, UD, WD TD 


Tracklayers: TD, Donal; WD, Anne and Ger; UD, Sandra and Ger in,

Stewards: Mary, Sandra and Diana. 

Many thanks to the society for the invitation to judge all 4 stakes at their trial.

Diana’s hospitality was wonderful and Anne’s organisation of the small band of helpers was excellent.  Everything ran to time, all the competitors were very pleasant and polite, in spite of the usual nerves, and gave their dogs a good chance to succeed.  The base at Marjorie’s, and the catering, was really good and friendly

The weather varied from day to day; Friday was wet and windy and challenging for the dogs in UD and WD; Saturday was sunny and dry, but windy, and this caused problems for the TD runners; Sunday was a much better day and we did some tracking in the morning followed by CD in the afternoon.  The combination of a small entry in each stake, and the weather conspired to leave us with no qualifiers.  However there were several really good performances, only prevented from qualifying by things like a jump failure.

Thanks to everyone who helped, especially the tracklayers: Donal in TD, Anne and Ger in WD and Sandra and Ger in UD, and stewards: Mary, Sandra and Diana. 

CD Stake 

1st           SUE SEPTEMBER, Liam Ward, Lab, 87.5.  A very lively, happy dog with a lot of potential.  Only the jumps caused any problems.  Well done.

2nd         Ch HA’PENNYKINGFISHER, Steve Fearon, BC, 84.  Good work all round, again just the jumps stopping them from qualifying.

3rd          STAN BY YOUR MAN, John Ward, LabX,  77.5.  Solid work in all the groups.  Unfortunately Stan didn’t seem to want to fetch the large piece of cloth out of the square, which would have made all the difference.

4th          HA’PENNY LITTLE OWL, Jenny Hickey, BC, 64.  Another dog with everything to a good standard except for the jumps.

UD Stake 

1st           SUE SEPTEMBER, Liam Ward, Lab, 170.  So very close to qualifying, they are bound to do it soon. 

Best Track  Ir ShCh TRILITE PRIVATE RYAN, Marjorie Briggs, Weim.  A very strong tracking dog who can be such a character on the control field. 

WD Stake 

1st           BLINK AND YOU’VE MISSED IT, Vicky Dixon, X Breed 165.5.  A super keen little dog again jinxed in the agility section. Best Track.

2nd         DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL, Janet Mcgoughlin-Minch, X Breed, 147.  Unlucky to have the very worst of the weather on Friday for their nosework.  Battled to get 2/3 of the way round the track, and then did a brilliant search which was very impressive.

3rd          HIGHFIELD CLYTEMNESTRA, Miranda Moriarty, GSD, 78. 

TD Stake 

1st           WTCh KALIYON SHEEFRA, Miriam Lyons, WSD, 174.  The only TD dog to get round the track. All the tracks were in the same field and she showed the experience and concentration that was required on such a windy day. Unfortunately, Sheefra didn’t mange the clear or long jump and therefore couldn’t qualify.

2nd         HIGHFIELD QUO VARDIS, Miranda Moriarty, GSD, 59.5. 

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