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Stakes: UD, WD and TD 


Tracklayers: UD, Karen Millken and Anne Collen; WD, Vicky Dixon and Anne Collen; TD, John Templeton

Square Stewards: Michael Robinson and Alan Dixon

C/A Steward: Michael Robinson

Trials Manager: Alan Dixon 

A very big thank you to Vicky and the Society for inviting me to judge. It was a brilliant, weekend, very enjoyable, in fact, just great. My thanks to you all.

Special thanks to Vicky & Alan for their hospitality and for accommodating me in their beautiful home. Thanks to my tracklayers who laid each and every track to perfection and also to Michael and Alan for laying the squares exactly as required.

The sandwiches supplied by Marjorie Briggs, Karen & Vicky were very nice but not quite as mouthwatering as Karen Murray's fantastic cakes.

It appeared to me that just about everybody at the trial pitched in and helped. No whinging, no complaints just hard work and a trial that ran like clockwork. Thank You.

Even the weather was kind to us (I expect Alan arranged that).  Quite windy most of the time, but no rain on Saturday, and only one shower on Sunday, and not even particularly cold. Was this really Belfast???????  Must be, after all my memories are all of blue skies and sunshine.

The tracking was on well grown grass but not quite as nice as it looked, as the fields were poached and a little waterlogged in places.

UD Stake 

1st           Miranda Moriarty with HIGHFIELD CLYTEMNESTRA, GSD.               Struggled on occasions on the track but kept at it, right to the end, retrieving both articles.  Well done Miranda, who maintained her confidence and composure throughout, gaining 70 for the track. This was followed by a very competent square getting all 4 articles, and a total nosework mark of 114.  A good control round, with an excellent sendaway and full mark agility, resulted in a well earned qualification.  Total 166, COM.  Good luck in WD

2nd         Jenny Hickey with HA'PENNY LITTLE OWL, BC.  Brilliant track, losing only 2.5.  Sympathetically and confidently handled by Jenny, followed by an equally nice square.   Nosework  141.5.  A nice control round but unfortunately failed the jumps today.  Gabby will be a real little winner once the jumps are sorted.  Good Luck, and well done on obtaining the Highfields Best Track Rosette and the Breeze Memorial Award for the best UD track.  Total 182.5

3rd          Karen Murray with WILLOWDALE XAUL, GSD.  Unfortunately Boss found the conditions a little beyond his experience today, but nothing that a little more time and confidence won't rectify.  Excellent sendaway and agility showed the promise of things to come.  Total 97.  Good Luck.

Also competed in the nosework section, Marjorie Briggs with IR.SH. Ch. Trilite Private Ryan, Weim.  Did a lovely track losing only 6, got 1 article and 4 out of the square. Total 128, but did not compete in the C/A sections.



1st           Karen Millken with WILLOWDALE FYRE, GSD.  Dax tracked with total commitment and Karen's handling left little to be desired.  A few very minor errors in water logged and windy conditions can easily be forgiven, especially when he obtained 86 plus both articles, and 2 out of the square.  Well done.  A nice control round well within qualifying, then absolute disappointment when he failed the jumps.   Total  162.  However, he did get the Lacey trophy for the best WD (With a name like that it must be a trophy well worth having) and the Highfield Best Track Rosette.  Very well deserved, especially as Karen took this severe disappointment calmly, quietly and gracefully.  Dax can and will do the jumps. Keep trying.

2nd         Steve Fearon with HA'PENNY KINGFISHER, BC.  Started the track quite well but got himself confused on the cutback.  Handler and dog worked hard to try and recover but unfortunately it wasn't to be.  Guinness appeared to be quite tense and anxious in the control and agility sections, and needs to gain more confidence in himself. He's young yet and is sure to improve with a bit more time and maturity.  Keep training. Total 82.5



1st           Vicky Dixon with BLINK AND YOU'VE MISSED IT, UDEx, WDEx, Crossbreed.  Benna gave us palpitations at the start of the track, but you handled her so well. She then got her brain in gear and proceeded to do an excellent track, but kind of forgot the articles until the very end when she got the last one.  4 out of the square in three blinks demonstrated her enthusiasm and love of nosework. Nosework 137.  Another excellent control round with a brilliant sendaway and redirect, losing only 2, then she failed the long jump and did not return over the scale.  Despite the set backs today, the calibre of Benna's work is definitely  Ticket standard, and with your kind and gentle handling she has a great future. Awarded the Highfield Best Track Rosette.  Well done and good luck in 2007.

2nd         Janet McGloughlin-Minch with DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL, Crossbreed.  Roger appeared to be a little worried and distracted by something today, and therefore found it difficult to concentrate on his tracking.   He did soldier down the first couple of legs and got the first article and 3 out of the square.  His control round was within qualifying points, 28.5, and he just skipped over the jumps for full mark agility. Total 106.5


Thank you all for competing under me and accepting my decisions. I really hope that you all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did,  and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best of luck for future trials.

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