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Stakes: TD, WD, UD


Track Layers: TD; Ruth Payton and Caroline Woods; WD, Diana Collie; UD, Anne Collin, Riona Kilbride, Caroline Woods.   

Search Stewards: TD, Ger Philpot, Sandra Meenan; WD, Mary Dolan, Sandra Meenan; Mary, Sandra and Ruth Payton.


My thanks to Fingal Dog Club for inviting me to judge. I have never been to Dublin before and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. What a great crowd, you all made Ruth and me very welcome - thank you.

A big thank you to all my tracklayers, they all went off and worked their dogs either the same day or later in another stake, as did my search stewards!!  Ruth was the only one with no dog, but boy did she work! Every one mucked in, helped, worked their dogs, and seemed to really enjoy themselves.  It was a great atmosphere.

Listed above are all my helpers, I hope I haven't missed anyone.



9 Entries, 8 worked.

The tracking on Friday was excellent.  It was blowing a gale, we could hardly stand up, yet dogs in both UD and WD made it look easy. It was great to watch.  Saturday was still blowing a gale, with rain as well, 1 out of 2 got round.  Sunday, 4 worked and all got round, in SUNSHINE, and hardly any wind.


1st           SUE SEPTEMBER CDx and Liam Ward.  A yellow Lab!!  Good track, 87 with 1 article, and 3 out of search. Control and Agility was good, 33/19.  Qualified UDEx, 176.  Under Irish K.C rules, this being their 2nd UDEx, they can now put UDEx after Storm's name. Well Done.

2nd         ShCh. HA'PENNY KINGFISHER and Jenny Hickey, BC.  Brilliant track on Friday, 90 plus 20, search 34, really good nose work, sadly jumps let her down. C/A, 30/5. NQ

3rd          ELECAMPANE WILLOW and Vicky Dixon, Lab.  Another good track on Sunday, 83, and 20. Just back from a break in Trials and did very well. C/A, 24.5/8.  Good Luck, keep working on those jumps and Control. NQ.

4th          Ir.ShCh. TRILITE PRIVATE RYAN, handled by Ger Philpot, Weim.  This was my first track on Friday in all the gales. Ger had never handled the dog before; they came on the field and ran round the track, made it look easy. 87, 2 articles for 20. I was very impressed; when they build up more of a bond and get the jumps right, they will qualify. Well Done.

LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT and Angela Higgins, BC.  88/20 and 34 another good track.

BATTERSEA'S BEST TO PELE and Samantha Rawson, WSD, from Battersea.  Their first trial, they did very well on the track 85/20 and 31. Good Luck for the future.

And last but not least, DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL CDx UDx WDx and Janet McGloughlin-Minch. What can I say; Roger had tracked WD in gales on Friday, then came and did his UD with the same gusto. 88/20 and 35. Well done, Janet, a lovely competitor. She withdrew from the rest, as he's already qualified - Irish rules are very different to ours; as they have so few trials, they can enter all stakes if wish. (Very confusing!!!).



4 Entries, 4 worked.

1st           DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL and Janet McGoughlin-Minch.  Roger is a crossbred found in Dublin City. He and Janet are a great team; it was a pleasure to watch them track in the strongest winds of the day. The dog never gave up, just battled on, with myself and Janet almost blown off our feet. 87/20 and 26.  Control was good 31, and 15 for Agility. Qualified WDEx, 179. Very Well Done.

2nd         HIGHFIELD CLYTEMNESTRA, CDEx, UDEx, and Miranda Moriarty, GSD.  This team tracked on Saturday, had problems on the corners. 79/20 and 33. C/A, 27.5/17. Well Done. WDEx, 176.5.

Ir.ShCh. TRILITE PRIVATE RYAN, this time with his Mum, Marjorie Briggs.  Again, this dog did an excellent track, still fast on Saturday; 86/20 and 19. They withdrew from C/A.



10 entered, 7 worked. All tacking was on Fri/Sat. with C/A on Sunday pm.

1st           COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE and Diana Collie, BC.  Another excellent track on Friday in gales, on spring corn. Track 89/20 and 35. Shame they missed the end article. C/A, 26.5/19.5. Qualified TDEx,  190. This is Crystal and Diana's second TDEx and win, so she is now an Irish Working Trials Champion (subject to IKC conformation). Very Well Done.

2nd         TESSA OF TANTRUM CROSS, CDEx-TDEx. and Anne Collen, GWP.  Again tracked on Friday, again made it look easy, shame you didn't get the first article. 83/20 and 34. C/A 30/20. Good round, qualified TDEx 187, very close to winner. Well Done and Good Luck for future.

3rd          MANPOL ROBYN, CDEx-TDEx, and Jeff Poole, GSD.  This team tracked Saturday, 88/30 and 16. C/A, 21.5/19. NQ, 174.5.


I had set my Control round up on Thursday, thinking I would have more dogs, but as it was only 3 worked the round, My thanks to BEENA and Vicky Dixon who did the first C/A round for me.

It was an inspiring 3 days.  Despite the weather, the atmosphere was great and thoroughly good fun. Thanks to Anne and Diana for running an excellent trial, to all the helpers, and Angela for catering in the horsebox, to Marjorie and Ger for rescuing Ruth from the TD fields and giving her breakfast. And to EVERYONE for making us feel so welcome, you certainly have some super pubs and restaurants!!

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