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Open Trial
Trial Held: 14 September 2003


T.D. W.D. U.D.

Judge : Jean Cooke

I’d like to thank Northside Dog Training Club for the invitation to judge their trial in September 2003.

Their hospitality, as usual, was second to none and Jill Clewer and myself spent a wonderful four days in Ireland.

Tracking for all the stakes was on stubble.  It isn’t easy as it was still very dry.  It was particularly hard for the T.D. dogs, as they tracked in the middle part of the day when all the moisture had gone from the ground.  I saw some very good U.D. tracks on the Saturday and only had one team fail the track from the eight competitors.  The best track went to Vicky Dixon’s Lab ECLAMPANE WILLOW.

1st            CAROLINE WOODS XANADOAS  DARGO W.S.D. D. Both articles off the track and four out of the square.  Sadly the S.A. let you down today.  Otherwise Dargo worked well.  176.5 N.Q.

2nd           COLETTE GORMLEY K’LEYR crossbreed This little dog worked really well, but she was unable to do the jumps. 152.5 N.Q.

3rd           NIGEL TATE. PARAVEL FELLINI G.S.D. D.Chico went wrong part way round the track and then went on strike in the square.  However Nigel certainly deserved full marks for effort  112.5 N.Q.

Many thanks to Miriam Lyons and Jill Clewer for laying the tracks and Sandra Tierney for doing the search squares and Jill for stewarding the C and A rounds.

Marjorie Briggs was the only competitor in the W.D. stake and did a beautiful track and search with Orion (TRILITE PRIVATE RYAN WEIMARNER D.) but she pulled out of the C&A as Orion has jumping problems.  Anne Collen did the spare W.D. track with Tessa of Tantrum G.W.P. B., losing only two marks and then trained the square after getting two out.

The tracks were laid by Diane Collie and Vicky Dixon did the search squares.

T.D. (4 competitors)

1st            MIRIAM LYONS with W.T. CH. KALIYON SHEEFRA W.S.D. B. This was the only team to complete the track and they did it with style.  TRACK 95.5,  ART 15 and 33 search, 26.5 Control and 19 Agility.  A well deserved win 189 T.Dex.

2nd           MIRANDA MORIARTY HIGHFIELD QUO VADIS W.Dex. G.S.D. B. This team made an excellent attempt at the track and got 2 articles out of the square. TRACK 75.5, ART 10. Search 17. Control 20.5. Agility 17. 140 N.Q.


BEVERLEY COURTNEY kindly laid all of the T.D. tracks and Anne Collen stewarded the C&A rounds.

I’d like to thank Marjorie Briggs for providing the food for the trial and the lovely evening meal.  Many thanks to Anne Collen for inviting Jill and myself into her wonderful home for the duration of the trial and for the extra meals that she and Diane Collie provided for us.

I’m sorry there weren’t more qualifiers but everybody was a pleasure to judge


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