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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 25 January 2004


U.D. W.D. & T.D. Control and Agility

Judge: John West

Control Stewards

Day1      UD/WD Julie Holmes

Day2      UD/WD Steve Fearon

Day2      TD    Jeff Poole

A big Thank you to the Committee of  "The Border Collie Club of Ireland" for my first experience of Judging in Ireland. It really is an experience to see everybody work hard for each other whilst competing themselves in other stakes, with all my time in trials it is a pleasure to see such camaraderie. There is so much you would like to say about the Irish scene but I think it can be summed up in a paragraph taken from a book that was presented to me after Judging.

" In Ireland it is impossible not to be drawn in by the cheerfulness, the enjoyment of being alive, and by the warmth of the Irish, who gather in Pubs and streets to drink, sing, and dance. It is a "Sunny" country that never looses hope. A country where it often rains but where the sunshine always returns."

I think the above paragraph paints the picture perfectly even though I was told that the weather can be very wet, it was glorious sunshine from start to finish, I must also Thank Judith for managing a well run trial and for sorting out excellent accommodation.

UD Stake

1st           Liam Ward Ocean Star (Lab)         181.5   NQ, Liam and his dog were flying high and would have qualified but Liam became a Little anxious to finish in consequence a little more time to set  him up for the jumps would have been advantageous. 

Best Track in the U.D. Stake was won by; Miriam Lyons and Tamerrye Maranello. When this dog is old enough for the complete round it should do well.

WD Stake

1st           Jennifer Hickey, Beesting Wicca C.Dex-U.Dex (BC) 194.5 Q Jenny informed me that she had been having one or two problems, however On this performance she has definitely over come these and to put the icing On the cake she even got best track.

2nd         Janet McGloughlin Minch        Dubin City Special  (FDU) 175 Q               Well deserving of a qualification but some polishing on track is needed to                Compete with first.

TD Stake

1st           Judith Owens Fircroft Doon C.Dex-T.Dex (BC) 204 Q  A very closely fought contest with Judith entering the control round one point behind, however with only loosing one point in total Judith clinched the first place and Green Star. (Congratulations)

2nd         Anne Collen Tessa of Tantrum          (GWP)  200 Q  A superb track but just a tad more work on the control round and I am sure Your next green star will be just around the corner.

3rd         Diana Collie        Richta Rebel Rouser (BC) 194.5 Q  Won Best Track which was well deserved. The square and jumps cost you  dear.. Better Luck next time.

4th          Miriam Lyons W.T. Ch  Kallyon Sheefra (WSD) 194 Q Another excellent piece of nose work. A pleasure to watch. Miriam will know that her control round needs just a little more work. 

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