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Open Trial
Trial Held: 15 November 2003


Judge: Diana Collie

Tracklayers: Anne Collen and John Templeton. Squares: Michael  Robinson.    


C &A: Anne Collen. 

Thank you Six Counties WTS for the invitation to judge its open CD and UD.  We had a lovely sunny dry day with tracking on good grass hilly fields. All the dogs got around their track with both articles which was lovely to watch.


CD Stake 1 entry 

1st           Karen Milliken and Willowdale Fyre. Dax is a lovely happy dog that did all the exercises with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately had a bit of confusion on the sendaway today. 77


UD Stake 7 entries 

1st           Caroline Woods and Xandoas Dargo. Qualified 166.5.  Very good track by Dargo and  three out of square. Just held it together on control and agility. Well done - our only qualifier of the day.  127.5/25/14

2nd         Vicky Dixon and Elecampane Willow. Not qualified 175. Another good track and three out of the square. Good control but unfortunately Mollie had no  long jump so just missed out on the qualification. 132/29.5/13.5

3rd         Nigel Tate and Paravel Fellini. Not Qualified 156. Lovely track by Chico who is making good progress with Nigel, but unfortunately only one out of the square today. 116/22/18.

4th          Marjorie Briggs Trilite Private Ryan Not Qualified. Superb track dropping only one, followed by three out of the square. Awarded the best track rosette. 128.5/20/10

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