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Fingal Dog Club

Championship Working trial

9 – 10 January 2016




Stakes: UD, WD and TD


UD Tracklayers: Eilish Timoney, Sheila Maher (Saturday), Anne Collen, Sandra Meehan (Sunday)

WD Tracklayer: Anne Collen

TD Tracklayer: Diana Collie

UD/WD/TD Square Stewards: Mary Dolan (Saturday), Caroline Walsh (Sunday)

Trials Manager: Anne (I fall down, but I get up again) Collen

Al Fresco catering: Angela Higgins and Caroline Walsh et al

Many thanks to the club for the very kind invitation to judge; Anne Collen (and Purdey, Tiggy and Dottie) for putting me up in her lovely home; the farmers for allowing us to use their land; Diana and Marcus Collie for the wonderful repast on Friday night, Marjorie Briggs, Diana and Anne for the super meal out on Saturday, and Diane and Anne for the delicious dinner on Sunday.

Although the weather was “soft” overnight we were blessed with dry weather on both days, with some glorious sunshine on the Sunday.

UD Stake:

A simple “box within a box” track pattern with half a fabric swatch and a wooden plant tag as articles.  The square articles were half a perch cover, a long pipe cleaner twisted in half, a piece of spontex and green nylon mesh.

The C/A round commenced with the retrieve followed by a 100 yard sendaway to a pair of crossed poles, then fast, medium and slow paced heelwork to the jumps and the stays.

1st           Diana Collie and her BC B, WAGGERLAND TIP TOP, 189.5.  A lovely track with both articles and all 4 out of the square.  Just bits and pieces here and there on the C/A, with a lovely full mark sendaway.

2nd              Roberta Bolster and her GSD B, EILENBURG KUKI, 163.  All 4 articles and another full mark sendaway were crucial to this team’s success.  Roberta was thrilled with this qualification and I hope it is the first of many more.

3rd          Caroline Woods and her GSD B, PARAVEL JUNIPER, NQ.  A super track with both articles!  I am sure there is more to come.

Beryl and CACEY (X-breed) were making their tracking debut and I hope that they have gained a lot of confidence from this outing.  Karen was overjoyed that ZAK (BSD Groenandael) located both articles on their very accurate track followed up by all 4 articles out of the square.  Marjorie was towed round the track by MORRIGAN (Weimaraner) and Angela and MILLY (litter sister to the winner) completed another lovely track and a great square with all of the articles recovered.  Well done also to Samantha and JAZZ (BC) on the nosework section.

Best track went to Jack Gingell and his GSD D, MASCANI LUBO, losing only half a mark.  PB did you proud!

WD Stake:

The track was 11 legs; articles: scourer and pipe cleaner; square articles: pipe cleaner, perch cover, felt, nylon mesh.

Miriam and LAOISE (BC) got round in fine style with 2 and 4.

TD Stake:

The TD competitors had to wait for the hunt to pass before the C/A round could commence, and what a superb sight they were with their green coats, magnificent mounts and handsome hounds.  A field of about 40 plus their followers streamed past the field perimeter with one hound invading the pitch!

Unfortunately no qualifiers but everyone got round the track, which had 17 legs; articles: transparent disc, green foam, green mesh; square articles: green raffia knot, cocktail straw, perch cover and scourer.

Anne and PURDEY (SRHP), Caroline and LYRA (GSD), Samantha and SASSY (BC) all got round, with Anne and Purdey recovering all 7 articles and Samantha and Sassy being awarded the best track.

I had a lovely time; thank you to all who entered and accepted my decisions but my greatest appreciation to those brave first timers who laid tracks (100% success!).  You were brilliant!

Good luck for the future and enjoy your dogs!

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