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Stakes: CD, UD and WD



Tracklayers: Jeff Poole, Caroline Woods and Anne Collen

Search Stewards: Doug Tate, Anne Collen and Marjorie Briggs

C/A Stewards: Nigel Tate, Caroline Woods and Angela Higgins


I was delighted to have been asked to judge the WTCI Working Trial at the beginning of November.  It was held at Annagh, Gorey, Co. Wexford, where we were blessed with three days of sunshine – most unusual for trials. Yes, there was one very brief shower on the Saturday, which lasted all of 10 minutes or so, but other than that it was cold but sunny, which we all appreciated.

The organisation was excellent, and sincere thanks must go to Nigel Tate, Trials Manager, for all his work and for letting competitors take over his house for the three days.  Many thanks also to the Trials Secretary, Caroline Woods, who was involved in organising every aspect of the trial, and a huge thank you to Miriam Tate and Marie Waters, who catered for everybody over the three days; your catering is legendary – and much appreciated.

The tracklayers for the weekend were Jeff Poole, Caroline Woods and Anne Collen; squares were laid by Doug Tate, Anne Collen and Marjorie Briggs; C/A Stewards were Nigel, Caroline and Angela Higgins.  Many thanks to you all.  The tracks were on land which had just been ploughed and sown, and was very dry indeed, which did not make it easy for the dogs to get around.


CD Stake:

1st           Judith Owens Poole and Morse, 84.5, NQ, unfortunately went out on the jumps.

2nd         Caroline Woods and Dekah, 81.5, NQ, also going out on the jumps.

3rd          Barbara Murray and Sallie, 66, NQ, some very nice work but again the jumps proved to be a problem.


UD Stake

1st           K. Whitely and Zak, Belgian Shepherd, 196, Q UDEx.  This was a beautiful round to watch, lovely track and search, followed by a near perfect control round.  Zak also won the UD Best Track award.  Well done to you both!

2nd         B. Sharkey and Belle, German Shepherd, 189, Q UDEx.  Another lovely track, search, and control round, but just edged into second place by Zak.  Well done!

3rd          R. Bolster and Kay, German Shepherd, NQ.  Unfortunately went astray on the track, which lost them a lot of marks, but some of Kay’s other work was excellent, especially the search.


Other competitors included Judith Owens Poole with Morse, Border Collie; Marjorie Briggs with Morrigan, Weimaraner; Angela Higgins with Millie, Border Collie; and Ed Dunne with AJ, German Shepherd.


WD Stake:

There were just two competitors here, Miriam Lyons and Laoise, Border Collie, and Caroline Woods and

Dekah, German Shepherd.  The older track on the dry ground proved to be just too much for both dogs, who

struggled valiantly but were defeated by the conditions, so sadly there were no qualifiers.  Miriam and Laoise

won the WD Best Track award.  Well done to both competitors and their dogs for trying so hard

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