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Kennel Club Working Trial Championships

Hosted by

Leamington DTC

15th – 17th October 2015



Kennel Club Working Trial Championships

Hosted by

Leamington DTC

15th – 17th October 2015



There was not a lot of notice to organise the 2015 KCC’s. The Welsh Kennel stepped down and as John is chairman of the WT Liaison Council he was asked to try and sort something out. Leamington’s main committee came on board as soon as they were asked. It’s been several years since the club last ran the KCC’s, which is a prestigious event for any club / society to run. It also takes commitment and that’s what the subcommittee, Gary and Julie Atkins, Eric and Yvonne Carpenter, Pat Herbert, Kate Peyton, Roger Shrimpton, John Turtill, John and Kate Wykes, put into the event, with everyone working as hard as the next person.
The Kennel Club and Arden Grange continue to support this yearly event, which is much appreciated by the organisers and competitors alike. There were several people, training groups and clubs / societies who have also supported monetarily or with expertise. There was also extra support from local companies with some great raffle and tombola prizes; Tuffies, Gray’s of Shenstone, Kong, Vicky Knapp and Hatton Country World
Alan Hunt, the Farm Manager from Stoneleigh Park, provided us with the tracking land at Stoneleigh crossroads and Car Park 1, opposite the main entrance, and the C/A and manwork fields, also in Car Park 1. The TD was tracking on relatively newly sown rape seed. The spectators were under strict instructions to stand on the grass headlands to reduce the foot fall on the crop. The PD was tracking on grass and some of the spectators were Alan’s White Park cattle, who’d been ousted from their grazing fields.
The base was in the meeting rooms of the Kennel Club Building at Stoneleigh Park and Paul Gardner made sure we had everything we needed. So everything was in reasonable distance from each other.
The accommodation and the evening meals were at The Honiley Court Hotel near Kenilworth. The staff were very helpful and went above and beyond to make sure our event was a success. There were a few admin issues to iron out, but hopefully the competitors and spectators didn’t notice.
I would like to thank the following people:- John Wykes, the Trials Manager; Eric Carpenter, the assistant Trials Manager; Kate Peyton, the liaison officer. Wendy Magyar, Le Newman and Kate Peyton were the escorts; Zoe Finlay designed and produced all the certificates; Rachel Bradley designed all the rosettes; Pat Herbert organised all the helpers; John Turtill took lots of photos for the production of the DVDs; Julie Atkins was the quiz master on the Thursday evening; Andy Magyar designed and produced the raffle tickets; Julie Atkins and Yvonne Carpenter co-ordinated the sponsorship; Ruth Barbour, Rachel Bradley, Dot Levin, Kaye Littlehayes, Claire Price, Debbie Toby and Hilary Wilson were the catering team; Sarah Bartlett, Di Assheton-Bowtle, Zoe Finlay, Claire Lush, Maurice Millington and Lesley Turtill were the track watchers. Last but not least, Gary and Julie Atkins, Eric and Yvonne Carpenter, Pat Herbert, Kate Peyton, Roger Shrimpton, John Turtill, John and Kate Wykes were on the KCC subcommittee.
Also thank you to the TD team. Lol Campbell was the judge, Linda Newbold and Anne Bussey were the stewards, and Andy Magyar and Len Newman were the tracklayers.
And the PD team. Moira Rogerson was the judge, Bill Richardson was the steward, Sue Ashby and Charlie Taylor were the tracklayers, Tom Davis, Dave Raybould, Anthony Snook, Vic Snook and Mike Wilson were the protected stewards, and Charlie Taylor was the PD Manager.
Congratulations to Tony and Isla on winning the TD and Alan and Fly on winning the PD.

On behalf of Leamington Dog Training Club

Tracking Dog STAKE



TD Score Sheet

Tracklayers: Andy Magyar and Len Newman
Stewards: Linda Newbold and Anne Bussey

I’d like to thank Leamington Dog Training Club for hosting the 2015 Kennel Club Championships. This is not an easy task, but the whole team who put in so much work prior to and during the event can be very proud of themselves - they did a fantastic job.
It was a great pleasure to be asked to judge the TD Stake and an honour to see such great teams working. They say ‘Dreams don’t very often come true’ but mine did when I watched the Best of the Best completing my test.
Thank you to my tracklayers, Andy Magyar and Len Newman, who did a brilliant professional job and gave each team the chance to shine. We had the pleasure of watching some of the best tracking dogs in the country.
My stewards, Linda Newbold and Anne Bussey, thank you both for your help and your company. Linda stewarded the squares on both days and the Control and Agility on the Saturday, with Anne assisting with the ‘speak’ and the ‘gun’ tests. It was a pleasure to work with them.

The track consisted of 25 legs laid on very dry ground of sparse rape. The articles were a 0.5 x 3-inch piece of black rubber, a 4-inch green garden cane and 3 x 2-inch piece of artificial turf. All the teams worked well, with 10 completing the track; sadly 1 of these only retrieved 1 article from the track, so there were 9 teams on qualifying marks at the end of the nosework section.

2015 KCCs TD

The Control and Agility commenced with the down stay and then the 4 non-qualifiers worked the test, followed by the remaining 9 qualifiers, going in the order as drawn on the previous evening. The test commenced with the speak, with the handler and dog moving forward accompanied by 2 stewards, one of whom asked a question of the handler, who had to respond. The sendaway and redirect followed, which was 175 yards to an obvious tree on the boundary, a left redirect along the hedge to a tree and then a right redirect of 160 yards, past the sendaway point to another tree. Only 3 dogs managed the sendaway with one command, but most coped well with the double redirect. The heelwork followed, with handlers being asked to complete a ‘figure of eight’ around poles towards the jumps. The clear jump was first, then the scale and then the long jump; 2 dogs didn’t complete the agility. A small section of heelwork took the teams to a pole where the handlers were asked to leave their dogs and walk forward with a steward; the other steward, placed 25 yards to the left of the dog, then fired the gun.


The first dog to work and set the standard with a lovely track and square. Nosework 161, Control 27.5, Agility 19.5. Congratulations and well done.

2nd After a run off, Gary Atkins with WTCh GLENALPINE PETE, BC, 204.5.


Tracked like a dream, but left an article in the square. Great dog. 154, 31, 19.5. Well done.

3rd Dave Olley with WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, Crossbreed, 204.5.


Missed a box out on the track which was costly! Brilliant square. 154.5, 30, 20. Well done.

4th Tony Lockyer with WTCh TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, 199.5.


Nice steady track, coped well with the wind, but left an article in the square. 151.5, 28, 20. Well done.

5th Barry Gilbert with WTCh GLENALPINE COSWORTH, BC, 196.5.


Brilliant track, but another to leave an article in the square. 153.5, 28, 15. Well done.

6th Mike Williams with WTCh TADMARTON ELEANOR, Lab, 191.5.


Well done. 141, 30.5, 20.

Sheila Tannert retired her dog after doing a lovely control round with a superb sendaway and redirect. Enjoy a long and happy retirement, Teal.

Patrol Dog STAKE



PD Score Sheet


Tracklayers: Sue Ashby and Charlie Taylor
Steward: Bill Richardson
Protected Stewards: Tom Davis, Dave Raybould, Anthony Snook, Vic Snook and Mike Wilson
PD Manager: Charlie Taylor

I would firstly like to thank the Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the Patrol Dog Stake at the Championships. Special thanks to Kate and John Wykes and all their team who helped in any way and made the event first class. Thanks to my team - Tracklayers Charlie and Sue, Track Watchers, Search Steward, Control and Patrol Steward, Bill, and last but not least, Protected Stewards who are happy to run at speed and be chased and bitten by dogs, Tom Davis, Vic Snook, Anthony Snook, Dave Raybould and Mike Wilson.
The first day started with the nosework. The track was 880 yards long, with 13 legs; the first article, after 220 yards, was green plastic, 5 inches x 0.5 inch, the second article green carpet, 2 inches x 2.5 inches. The search square articles were a grey curtain ring, a knotted piece of cord, a piece of leather and a flat piece of rubber.
Next came the speak exercise. The handler left the dog at one pole of the search square, and walked to the next one; as they passed the second pole they told their dog to speak, on reaching the third they were told quiet and the fourth to bark again until the exercise was over. Then it was steadiness to gun. The handler left their dog and stepped two paces away from the dog, 10 paces away from me.
First day complete.

The second day - in the morning we did the rest of the control and agility, starting with heelwork weaving in and out of poles at normal pace. Sendaway was 150 yards outrun to a boundary then left redirect along the boundary 130 yards, then more heelwork at slow pace and fast pace bringing them up to the agility - clear jump, scale jump, long jump. Finally, all dogs came in to do a 10 minute down stay. Manwork came later, in the afternoon.
The manwork was a lock out - no competitor had the chance to watch another work so no advantages could be gleaned. I tried to set a test that showed the excellent control Patrol Dogs are under, but also their bravery and determination. First exercise was about control; a man came across towards dog and handler waving his arms around and shouting. He had been attacked, pointing at another man who came out of the crowd and proceeded to run off. This was a short chase for the dog to detain the aggressor. As the handler walked up to control his dog and protected steward they were attacked from behind; their dogs were to be called off and come to their rescue. This was followed by a short escort of the two men.
Next was a double recall - handlers were told this would happen. The dog was sent on one man and recalled to be sent on another fleeing man and recalled. Next, quarter an area, dog hopefully to find the hidden people, one in hedgeback, one laid down by a dead tree, both covered in camouflage. Next the long chase followed by an escort and attack on handler. As the escort resumed, unknown to handlers the test of courage stewards gathered behind them. It was a Halloween theme and they wore masks and pretend hatchets. A steward in the crowd on a loudhailer said, “Look behind you!”; as they looked behind there was a lot of shouting and aggression. The dog was to defend the handler while they all continued to shout and threaten till they were told to stand still and drop their weapons. The dog was then called off. This was the end of their test.
I ended up with a very worthy winner.

1st Mr Alan Bexon, WTCh FLY BY NIGHT LAD, BC, Dog, 293, Q.


Superb, Fly did little wrong over the 2 days.

2nd Mr Dave Olley’s WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, Cross, Dog, 289.5, Q.


Last year’s winner and another excellent performance. A sad day, though, as Ray retires from PD at this trial.

3rd Mrs Diane Ling’s WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM,

di ling

Cross, Dog, 263, NQ. Sorry things did not go to according to plan in your round. A super dog who is already qualified for next year’s KCC’s.

4th Manda McLellan’s WTCh LITTLE TIGER, Cross, Dog, 237.5, NQ.


Not one of Tiger’s best trials; another dog who is already qualified for next year.

Also competing: Mr Lee Payne’s WTCh LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE,


Cross, Dog. Unfortunately, Diesel could not do many of the exercises due to an injury he had a few weeks earlier. I hope he makes a full recovery.

Thanks to the competitors for accepting my decisions and for being a sporting bunch.


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