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Hosted by ICENI Dog Training Club

21 - 23 October 2016 

Nosework base: Pete Tey Farm

Control and Agility base: Stratford Hills Farm


KCC winnersPhoto by Nick Dallimore

 TD Winner: Barry Gilbert with WT. Ch. Glenalpine Cosworth
PD Winner: Alan Bexon with WT.Ch. Fly by Night Lad

Photos by John Turtill

Photo's by Nick Dallimore


Trials Manager’s Report 

Firstly, to all at TEAM ICENI, I couldn’t have done it without you all – what a team we made!!!  I am proud to be called Boudicca!  Though I am not too sure about the Warrior Queen!

This has been a special year for Iceni - our 40th anniversary - and what a way to celebrate!

Our committee knows that this wasn’t a job that I wanted and I must admit that there were times that I felt rather overwhelmed.  Thank you, Colin, for keeping me calm when there were dangers of meltdowns.  Having said that, I was quite proud to do this in Iceni’s 40th year, especially as Colin and I are the Club’s only remaining founder members and my Dad, John Cree, judged the very first KCC’s in 1975.  As the Club’s President, he was very disappointed not to be at the KCC’s to celebrate with us, but he is now 91 and it is just a bit too much for him.  We are off to Dundee in a couple of weeks and I know that he is looking forward hearing all about this trial and looking at the photos.

This hasn’t been the easiest of trials to organise and there have many, many hiccups along the way, most of which I won’t bore you with now.  We couldn’t use our usual TD tracking land, but after lots of searching Sandra Wright came up trumps with grass fields owned by two farmer brothers she knew.  It would have been a bit tight had we had any more competitors, but our usual TD farmer found me three more spare fields in case of an emergency.

We were let down by Colchester Rugby Club, in spite of booking the Clubhouse and playing fields four years ago, hence the long drives from the hotel to the tracking in one direction and the C/A in the other!  It wasn’t till about six weeks ago I felt that our luck had finally turned (although there were two more minor hiccups after that!) when I managed to secure our new C/A and patrol fields, which were superb.  I have since been assured by judges and competitors that no-one minded the drive as both venues were so good – so I am grateful for that.

Now for some thanks you’s:

To the judges, Sheila Tannert and John Wykes, for being easy-going and fitting in with the venue changes and for setting fair tests.

To expert stewards, Sarah Burroughes, Kate Wykes and Karen Hamilton.

To conscientious tracklayers, Mark Lewindon, Steve Hirst, Sandra Lewindon, Gary Martin and Alan Sword, who all took every care to ensure a fair track for everyone.

To track watchers, Alan Wright, Sandra Wright, Graham Blake, Jill Kevis, Hilary Hirst, Sandra Lewindon, Belinda Spensley and Caroline Martin.  I am so glad the weather was favourable for them.

To my Jacks of all trades – the stalwarts of any trial -  Elaine Mills (sent by the Club on a Food Hygiene course, then told she would be catering in a field with no running water!), Julie Saunders, Jane Clarke, Mandy Dearsley, Jackie Blake, Carol Sexton, Jill Kevis, Elaine Coker, Alan Wright and Graham Blake, for covering shopping, cooking, car park, transporting stuff, painting jumps, painting and putting out signs and general help.

To Elaine Mills and Julie Saunders again, for the thankless task of begging, borrowing but not, I hope, stealing prizes for the Grand Draw.  What a tableful they managed to organise!

To Sandra Wright and Rowena Plumb for setting up the impressive presentation tables

To PD Steward Gary Martin for sorting out all of the PD for me.

To the protected stewards, Gary Martin, Nigel Hines, Malc Snowden, Paul Morling, Winston Cadogan, Belinda Spensley, Amanda Pollard and last minute addition, Charlie Taylor.

To track marshals, Dave Self and Nigel Hines, who kept the spectators in their place!

To escorts, Julie Saunders, Rowena Plumb, Malc Snowden and Paul Morling, who took everyone to their track on time.

To the scorers, our chairman, Katherine Herbert, Hilary Hirst and ‘runner’ Carol Sexton – all done very efficiently.

To Julie Atkins and Martine Taylor for writing the various certificates in their beautiful script at short notice

To photographers, Nick Dallimore, Jane Clarke’s brother-in-law, who came up from Wales especially for us to take the photographs and Jane, who stepped in to take PD nosework photos when her sister broke her shoulder.  Take a look at the photos – they are amazing.

To the musicians, my daughter and son-in-law, Elaine and Paul Coker, for coming all the way from Brackley to entertain us and give us the most amazing amount of help imaginable:  Elaine made and hand embroidered the beautiful presentation dog coats; when we were discussing catering in a field Paul came forward with the offer of generators: when the singer we had booked for Friday evening pulled out with a very serious illness, a couple of months ago, Paul stepped up and offered to play, MC and generally take over in addition to them both playing ‘dinner music’ on Saturday.  And for their general help in the fields over the past three days.  Paul also held the auction for ‘Bertie Bloomer’, a large toy knitted by Elaine, and a long jump.

Finally, to Colin, without whose help and support I couldn’t have managed.  He took on lots of bits and pieces too numerous to mention and was always there when I needed him.

To all the committee at Iceni for the flowers and presents, unnecessary, but much appreciated - thank you.

This is the first time Iceni has hosted this event.  We did our best and we hope that all concerned enjoyed themselves


Stake: TD 


Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Steve Hurst, Sandra Lewindon

Steward: Sarah Burroughes


I would like to thank the Kennel Club for the invitation to judge at the Kennel Club Working Trial Championships 2016.  Many thanks to all the societies who voted for me - it's such an honour to have been chosen.

Iceni Dog Training Club certainly pulled out all the stops to run an amazing event, with the Championships coinciding with their 40th Anniversary.  Thank you and congratulations to Frances Ball, all your helpers and Iceni Club members.  As hosts you left no stone unturned in finding some excellent grass tracking land and an amazing control field.  I could not have asked for anything better!  It was very much appreciated, not just by me but by all the competitors.

Thank you to the landowners for allowing us on to your properties and facilitating this prestigious event in our annual Working Trials calendar.

My tracklayers were Mark Lewindon, Sandra Lewindon (who I forgot to mention at the presentation, sorry Sandra!) and Steve Hurst.  Steve had travelled all the way from Scotland and has strong links with Iceni as a previous club member.  All tracklayers laid the track just as I had asked.  Thank you all very much for your time and skills and for being such good company over the weekend.

KCCs TD track pattern 900x873

Sarah Burroughes laid all the search squares and stewarded the control round.  She did an amazing job, looking after me all weekend, and also writing the wonderful poem I used for my speech at the presentation dinner.

Congratulations to all competitors at this event and thank you for accepting my decisions.


1st           WTCh GLENALPINE COSWORTH, Barry Gilbert, 207, Q.  Barry and Cossie were the last dog to track on the first day and the only team to recover all the articles off the track and from the search.  Barry’s quiet, calm handling really suits Cossie.  Track 96, Articles 30, Search 35.  Cossie did a very nice control round, gaining 31 points and 15 for agility.  Congratulations!

2nd         WTCh GLENALPINE PETE, Gary Atkins, 205.5, Q.  Gary and Pete recovered all the articles from the track and 3 from the search.  Track 94.5, Articles 30, Search 28.  Gary and Pete did a super control round, gaining 33 points and 20 points in the agility section.  Gary and Pete are such a consistent team and continued to push forward through the control round.  Well done!

3rd          GLENALPINE PEG, CDEx – TDEx, Julie Atkins, 196.5, Q.  First time at the KCCs and best track, with a super control round for Julie and Peg.  What a super little dog!  Well done, Julie, you must be so proud.  Track 97, articles 20, search 27, control 33, agility 19.5.

4th          WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, Diane Ling, 194.5, Q.  Well done, Diane and Tom, on your place; again, missed an article on the track but managed all 4 out of the search square.  Track 92, articles 20, search 34, control 28.5, agility 20.

Also qualified:

WTCh JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, Margaret Robinson, 193.5.  Arran did a very nice track but struggled on the search for some reason, which is unlike him.  We will never know why!  Again, a nice control round.  Well done on your qualification, Margaret.  Track 95, articles 30, search 18.5, control 31, agility 19.


Another person who must be very proud is Martine Taylor, who bred the top 3 dogs at this year’s Championship! 


PD Stake 

Judge: John Wykes

Tracklayers: Gary Martin & Alan Sword

Square Steward & Scribe: Kate Wykes

PD Steward: Karen Hamilton

Protected Stewards: Winston Cadogan (the fit one!), Nigel Hines, Gary Martin, Paul Morling, Amanda Pollard, Malcolm Snowden, Belinda Spensley & Charlie Taylor

Thank you to the Kennel Club for asking me to judge, also thank you to all the societies who nominated me and then voted for me.

Thank you to Iceni DTC for hosting the KCC’s this year and to Trials Manager, Frances Ball and all her helpers for putting on such a great event.  From the outside it appeared to all run smoothly, if there were any problems they were swiftly dealt with so no one noticed.  A great trial.  Well done.

I was honoured to accept this appointment and I hope that the test I set was enjoyed by both competitors and spectators alike.

The PD stake is not just about the patrol round, they still have to do a proper nosework test and control and agility round worthy of a championship stake, then the patrol round.

Thank you to Gary & Alan for laying the tracks.  They were all well laid on grass giving all the competitors the same chance, 4 of the 5 completed the track with just the 1 getting about ¾ of the way round, with everybody getting all 4 articles out of the square they were all still qualifying after the nosework.

As we were given 40 minutes between tracks I made the most of the time by doing the steadiness to gunshot, the speak and the heelwork on the tracking field, this just left the downs, send away and the agility to do on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning 09.30 we started with the downs, 4 dogs clear, 1 dog lost ½ for minor movement.  In tracking order they then did the sendaways and jumps, with varying degrees of success.  Only one dog messed up the sendaway completely, unfortunately this knocked them out on the control, one dog had a jump down, but we went into the patrol round with 4 still qualifying.

Setting a test at the KCC’s brings its own problems as you have to set a test that can be seen and enjoyed by the spectators as well as testing the competitors.  Thank you to the protected stewards for all their hard work.

I set a round that I considered to be worthy of a championship stake, this meant that the round wasn’t set out in individual little pockets, the handlers had to think for themselves as the round progressed before them and it would appear that some were not used to having to do this.  However, we did still manage to keep 3 of our 4 qualifiers, so well done to them.

We started with the chase, 2 protected stewards (PSs) came from behind the competitors passing one each side of them and walked up the field, with the competitors challenging them as they went.  They then started jogging and broke into a run as they went round a corner of the field out of sight of the competitors, at this point the 2 PSs split, 1 hugging the hedge and the other 1 running across the field, at the same time as this happened the competitors were told to send their dogs, once the dogs had rounded the corner and were committed to chasing the PS I signalled for the steward and competitor to come forward. Once they reached the PS and called their dog off, the 2nd PS shouted and started running, it was up to the competitor to then challenge the 2nd PS and send their dog after him, once the dog was committed to the chase they could then start off after their dog, not forgetting to take the PS they’d already got with them, once they got there they took control of the situation, end of exercise.

The next exercise was the quartering. They had to send their dog around quite a large part of a field.  There were hides situated around the field to help draw the dogs.  Once the dog located the 2 PSs, (hiding in a gateway) and had barked to let us know they’d found them the handlers went over and dealt with the situation, which meant getting the PSs out from where they were, searching them, (they were carrying weapons,) and searching the hide, (nothing hidden in it).  They now had to escort the PSs (they knew where they were going) after a reasonable amount of escorting another PS approached, challenging them and going towards them, they challenged back and sent their dog when the PS refused to stop, they now had 3 PSs to escort.

Test of courage: As they continued escorting down the field a PS came out of a gateway challenging them, they challenged back and the PS went back into the gateway, at this point they sent their dog and as the dog went into the gateway there were 5 PSs who as soon as the dog arrived made as much noise as they could by shouting and banging tin trays.  The handlers then followed up bringing the 3 PSs they’d already collected and dealt with the situation before them by bringing the PSs out of the gateway, getting their weapons off them and sorting them out.

The recall was the final exercise, the set up was exactly the same as before for the chase, only this time once the PSs had turned the corner and gone out of sight the handler sent their dog once the dog went round the corner out of sight of their handlers I signalled and at the same time the steward told them to recall their dog.  So with the dog are out of sight, does the handler trust them to come back on one command, or are they going to throw away some marks by given them a 2nd command.  Well some did, some didn’t, but actually all the dogs turned on the 1st command, and that finished the test.

All the competitors completed the patrol round with varying degrees of success, nobody disgraced themselves whilst competing.  Some got bits of it wrong and some didn’t, one managed to do it better than the rest.  In the end we finished up with 3 qualifiers.


1st & CC – Alan Bexon with WT CH Fly By Night Lad TDex, PDex - WSD (D) - 294 Qex.  Well done Alan and Fly, winning 2 years running can’t be bad.  A good all round performance from this pair to take the win.  Also, awarded the Best Patrol Round.  Good Luck next year.

2nd & Res CC – Emma Baker with Jesszaks Ricochet Rik TDex, PDex - BC (D) - 283 Qex.  Another good all round performance, not far behind the winners.  Well done Emma and Rik.

3rd – Dave Olley with WT CH Little Raymond TDex, PDex - X (D) - 252 PD only.

I also understand from Dave that this was Ray’s last time out.  Happy retirement Ray, you too deserve it.

4th – Wendy Beasley with WT CH Stardell Lunar TDex, PDex - BC (B) - 263.5 NQ.

I understand from Wendy that this was Lunar’s last time out.  Happy retirement Lunar, you deserve it.

5th – Manda McLellan with WT CH Little Tiger TDex, PDex - X (D) - 239.5 NQ.

Well done to all the teams, it’s a great achievement to even get to the KCCs, so be proud of what you’ve achieved and good luck in the future.

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