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TD Stake

TD Stake

Judge : John Reynolds

John reynolds BW small

I would like to thank Surrey for putting my name forward and to all the Societies for nominating me, also to the Kennel Club for selecting me to judge this prestigious event. It is a great honour. To Trials Manager Maurice Cooke and all his helpers base stewards, ladies in the kitchen, escorts, track watchers, and everyone involved too many to name, you were all great and very helpful. Many, many thanks. Thank you Julie for all you have done for me. I have been up to Stoneleigh twice to look at the tracking land. Very lush grass, all the fields had a track and a square laid with a dog and a handler going round on the Wednesday.

kcc td track small

Tracking started Thursday in absolutely perfect conditions. Seven dogs worked; five qualified. On Friday six dogs worked and five qualified.
Results after the nosework:

158.5 Pat Parkinson
155 Mike Snow
153 Tony Lockyer
152 Sheila Tannart
149.5 Anne Bussey
149 Sheila Tannart
148.5 Val Upton
147.5 John Gray
145 Suzanne Plumb
136 Barry Gilbert
126 Nick Boyce
115 Pat Herbert

Saturday started with the speak while the dog was walking beside the handler, then heelwork to the sendaway point 120 yards to a clump of nettles close to a hedge then redirected 200 yards to the right to a gate, it looked easy. Heelwork from the recall to the clear jump then long and scale, heelwork around the jumps and then towards a crowd of people with some dogs and a wireless . Then through the crowd at normal pace then back through at slow pace, end of control. Down stay, at half time the crowd walked by in dribs and drabs. This caused no problems for the dogs. My stewards for the nosework were Jan Darby who laid the squares, very experienced. All squares laid exactly as requested. Lovely company as well. Many thanks.

Tom Darby and Roger Shrimpton, two very experienced tracklayers. Many thanks lads. They also laid the tracks on Wednesday. My control steward was Gary Atkins. Very efficient, put the competitors at ease and explained what was wanted. Many thanks Gary, a pleasure to work with you. Also many thanks to Jacqui Gibney and her helpers for the excellent dinner Friday night. Thank you.

Congratulations Leamington DTC for the presentation dinner and dance at Stoneleigh Park. Absolutely wonderful, I really loved it.

Picture Gallery

1st Anne Bussey with WTCH ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE (WSD) (D). 204.

anne bussy BHarevey bw small
2nd Sheila Tannart with WTCH STYPERSON TERN (LAB) (B) 202.

s tannert and s tern small
3rd Sheila Tannart with WTCH STYPERSON BRIAR (LAB) (D) 199.5.

Labrador WT Ch Styperson Briar BW small
4th Suzanne Plumb with WTCH MELNOLA SWINGTIME (X BREED) (D) 196.5.

Suzanne and Tempo by sue redshaw small

Also qualified :
Barry Gilbert with WTCH LAETARE DAY JAVU (BC) (D) 178.5

Barry Gilbert small

Congratulations to all the competitors. I hope you enjoyed the trial as much as I did. Again, many thanks to Leamington DTC for an extremely well organised Kennel Club Championship trial. I hope everyone enjoyed the trial. I had a wonderful four days and a time to remember. Best of luck to all the competitors in the future and most of all, enjoy your dogs.

PD Stake

PD Stake

Judge : Jean Cooke

jean cooke and team small small

I'd like to thank the Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the 2004 Kennel Club Championships and the societies who nominated me for the appointment. Leamington did a brilliant job of running the event, headed by Maurice Cooke and his great team of helpers namely Julie Atkins, Pat Herbert, Anne Thorpe, Jackie Gibney, Norma Ansell and David Barker. The accommodation was excellent with driving kept to a minimum. It was good having so much space to exercise our dogs first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Thank you, Jackie (Gibney, who else!) and all your helpers for putting on such a super meal on Friday night - I just don't know how you do it. The dinner and presentation on Saturday night was well organised and the dogs looked good in their coats made by Jane Hedges. My test was designed to enable teams to qualify and for the best to shine eg. nosework - one article for the dog to find; the other for the team not to miss. The square - two good sized articles and two a little smaller. Control - very straight forward with two different speaks and agility - one second attempt at the face of the scale. The patrol round had two quarters and two locations, two chases and two recalls, what's the saying "best laid plans etc, etc" as sadly we ended up with no qualifiers.

My test started on Friday with tracking in the morning and a "lock-out" quarters in the afternoon. Tracking was on lush grass and as you would expect the dogs tracked well, but only two teams found the first article - a piece of black electric cable (I had used this article at a TD open trial in very long grass a fortnight before and 20 out of 23 dogs had no problems finding it!).
Thank you to my track layers - Norma Ansell, Anne Clarke and Jacqui Barron and my search steward Ellie Rushton. A big thank you also to all the track watchers for doing what must be the worst job of the trial! Thanks to Julie Skipp for stewarding the base and getting the competitors to their tracks on time and thanks to the ladies in the kitchen for our packed lunches. The best nosework went to Dave Marchant and Jake on 109.5/115. Rod Roberts and Bart failed to qualify by missing both articles on the track. In the afternoon Ellie wore her other hat and became an injured person for the quarter. She should have won an oscar for her performance! This part of the quarter was worth 32 marks and Rod and Bart gained the highest points with 29. Thanks to Charlie Taylor for overseeing the running of the PD stake and for getting the competitors down to the quarter area on the Friday, helped by Anne Clarke.

On Saturday the control and agility started at 9 am stewarded by Ellie. No dog failed the control round but we lost Tracy Park with Terry Mac and Celia Bowne and Kai in the agility. Wendy Beasley with Libby had the best C&A round with 53.5/55.

My team of "criminals" were brilliant and gave each dog exactly the same test. They were :-

Rod Dunn - main figure in the test of courage
Gary Atkins - test of courage
Gareth Hinds - recall
Jonathan Hinds - recall and hide and escort
Jackie Gibney - test of courage and hide and escort.
Colin Harrison - chase and test of courage
Charlie Taylor - chase and test of courage

All the criminals also joined in with a lot of banter and a game of football whilst the search and escort was being performed. Once again Ellie was my steward.

Before we started the patrol round in the afternoon there were four teams still in with a chance of qualifying, namely Manda McLennan and Jake, John Watts and Blue, Wendy Beasley and Libby and Dave Marchant with Jake. The best of these was Wendy who failed to qualify by four marks and Manda who failed by six marks. The best patrol round was worked by Tracy Park and Terry Mac on 126/150.

Julie Atkins did an excellent job of score board stewarding. She collected all the marks from me after each dog worked the patrol round so the result was known and announced to the winners as soon as I left the field.

1st Rod Roberts with LITTLE BART CDex - Tdex, PDex

Bart bite small

(x breed) (D). No articles on the track was the reason why this team failed to qualify. Bart did the best quarter on the first day but on the Saturday he went into send and redirect mode and ignored the two criminals and went towards umbrella instead! However, the rest of Bart's round was good. The only dog to gain 30 points for the two chases. Well done.
Nosework 86, C&A 52, patrol 122, total : 259 NQ.

2nd Tracy Park with WTCH TOP OF THE LEAGUE

T park bw small

(WSD) (D). This team worked so well together. Terry Mac tried to return over the scale and just couldn't make it. They made the patrol round look easy. Best quarter, equal best test of courage and best search and escort. Terry Mac's only fault was a bite on the second recall. I hope he has a good retirement. You must be very proud of him Tracy - a little dog with a big heart. Well done.
Nosework 89, C&A 40.5, patrol 126 Total : 255.5 NQ


Wendy Beasley Libby KC 04 bw small

(BC) (B). The ticket could so easily have been yours if only Libby hadn't been so quick off the mark to stop the decoy criminal on the attack on hander. Even after failing the first recall, she was still only 4 marks away from qualifying. Bad luck.
Nosework 95.5, C&A 53.5, patrol 101, total : 250 NQ.


Dave Marchant and Waggerland Mister Jake Mono small

(WSD) (D). Things just didn't go right for you at this years KCC's but at least you are already qualified for the next. 
Nosework 109.5, C&A 45.5, patrol 86, total 241 NQ.

A special mention for John Watts. You are a credit to our sport and a pleasure to judge. Whatever the result you always smile and thank me for my test.

A big thank you to Ellie for working so hard over the two days and for being such great company. She stewarded for me when I judged the 1999 Kennel Club Championship so it was lovely to have her back with me again for the PD stake.

Finally, my thanks to the Kennel Club for the photo frame and paperweight and to Leamington for the engraved glass decanter

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