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Kennel Club Championship
Hosted by A.S.P.A.D.S

20th - 22nd October 2005

Greetham, Rutland.

Kennel Club Championship
Hosted by A.S.P.A.D.S

20th - 22nd October 2005

Greetham, Rutland.

Trial Manager's Report

Trial Manager's Report

It was with some trepidation that I approached my landowners at Rutland this year, as I wanted to use their land for both Stamford Championship Trial and the KCCs. Whilst I only needed half the land for the KCCs, I needed it in one tranche, and as similar as possible. I need not have worried, as we have built up excellent relationships over the years and they were happy to help. We walked the TD land on Wednesday, and as I looked over to my planned PD land I saw 700 sheep. (Nothing like 'cold calling' at the KCC's!! ) A local landowner said I could use his stubble field, fortunately it was big enough for 6 tracks, and with another two fields in reserve, I had my PD ground. Phew!
I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped in the run up to the Trial, and all those who played their part so ably at the Trial. I know the judges will thank their respective teams, and I would like to add my thanks to theirs, and to Paula and Lynne for being so easy to work with. I know your tests were carefully thought out, challenging and enjoyable to work and watch.
Once I had handed over the base to an extremely efficient and welcoming Jan Darby, and the 'calorie free'(!) catering to Sue and Bob Carter, my job was easy. Thanks to Judy Meekings who made an excellent job of producing the catalogue, she input all the scores at the Trial on her lap top, and printed copies of scores were available for everyone. Although Sue Ashby and Vana Moody were involved in the working teams, both were helpful and supportive in the run up to, and throughout the Trial, doing all those goforing jobs that need to be done, Thank you both .
Thanks too, to all the Trials people who donated prizes for the raffle, which raised £131 for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.
Having had a good Trial with two very happy and popular winners, the weekend culminated in an excellent Presentation Dinner at Greetham Valley Golf Club. It was a fitting end to a really enjoyable Trial, good fun in good company.
Just one sour note…. If the person who bought £12 worth of drinks at 3am and signed my name on the bill would be honest enough to contact me and pay up, I should be grateful.
Jacqui Gibney




Paula Harvey small

Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Barry Harvey, Barry Gilbert
Search Steward: Sue Ashby
Control Steward: Barry Harvey

It was a great honour to be invited by the Kennel Club to judge this event. Thank
you to ASPADS for putting my name forward and also for hosting the trial.
Jacqui Gibney was Trials Manager and with her team did a wonderful job. Bob and Sue Carter ran the kitchen and introduced me to something called a Panini, they are delicious!
Jan Darby ran the base very efficiently and kindly arranged for Terry Austin to bring my tracking bag up to the tracking ground when I left it at the base. Well it did have Tom's bacon buttie in it!
Thank you to all those who sent me cards, e-mails or verbally wished me good luck. I really appreciated it as there were times when I felt so nervous that I felt quite ill, but now it is all over I really did enjoy it. I was overwhelmed by all the gifts I received at the presentation from the Kennel Club, ASPADS and Sue Ashby who had done a wood carving of a Labrador tracking.

The presentation dinner was held at Greetham Valley Golf Club, and was excellent.

Tracking was on set aside over two days. Thursday was dry and breezy. Friday started very wet but cleared after the second track and stayed dry. My tracklayers that are named above were brilliant as they always are and did everything I asked.

The track was 1000 yds with 19 legs. My articles were a cocktail stick, flat piece of cork 1.5" X 0.5" and 3" square piece of bark.
All articles were well scented.

TDtrack small
Sue was meticulous in laying the square.
My instructions were that the articles - which were a spark plug, pheasant tail feather ,8"piece of string and an inch square piece of rubber-were to be held in a gloved hand for 10 mins prior to the start of each track so they were well scented. The square was laid when the competitor was half way up 150 yd leg.
After the two days I had six nosework qualifiers but only one on 3 and 4.
Control day was dry although the field was very soggy which limited the choice of where I could have the jumps. Hence all the heelwork to get the competitor from one exercise to another. The speak was with the dog tied up and the handler went behind the scale - about 15 paces - 15 barks with me counting! Sendaway was 150 yrd out on a diagonal to a yellow post in a hedge. The redirection was approximately 200 yrds across in front of the handler.
Well done to all the competitors, it was a privilege to judge you.
Congratulations to Anne Fowler what a year! You have a lovely baby daughter and have won the Kennel Club Championships. Fantastic!


(BC) (B) 203

TD 1st small


(WSD) (D) 198

TD 2nd small

Pat Herbert with WT.CH. JOLLY JILL

(WSD) (B) 190.5

TD 3rd small


(WSD) (D) 185.5

TD 4th small

Tony Lockyer with WTCH HARTSHILL ROB
(WSD) (D) 183.5

TD 5th small


PD Stake

PD Stake

Judge: Lynn Baker

Lynne Baker small

Tracklayers: Vana Moody,Charlie Taylor
Square & C&A: Paul Morling
Patrol: Charlie Taylor
Criminals: Steve Lancashire, Tom Davis, Ian Forrest, Simon Bainbridge, Chris Maddon

First of all, I would like to say a very big thank you to all those people who put my name forward to judge the 2007 Kennel Club Championships - PD stake. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Peter Carroll, who should have judged this year's KCC's was unable to do so. At the end of August or thereabouts I was asked if I would step in. I agreed a bit hesitantly and had a few panic attacks when I realised just how little time I had to organise it, but all in all, it seems everybody enjoyed my test and had a good time. Thanks also to ASPADS for hosting this prestigious event and to Jacqui Gibney and her band of merry helpers, without whom trials would not exist. To all my helpers listed above, thank you so much. You did a great job and did exactly as I asked. To the criminals thank you for coming all the way down to the base on Friday night in order that I could carry out the test of courage in the dark. Well done and thanks. Also a big thank you to Nick Quinn at the Greetham Valley Golf Club, not only for putting us all up but also for allowing us the use of some excellent land to do the Patrol round on.

Now on to my test. We started with 7 competitors but, unfortunately, due to very bad weather conditions when the tracks were laid, we lost the first three handlers. Then, we lost 1 handler on the agility. So going into the patrol round we had 3 qualifiers.

Having competed in PD with two of my old dogs, obviously, I am very aware that advantages can be gained from watching others work and I, therefore, decided the fairest way and giving no competitor either disadvantages or advantages was to do a lockout. This was readily accepted by the competitors, who agreed wholeheartedly with me.

The first exercise was the quarter, they were asked to send their dog up the field to a shed and car then across to the barrier and right down the field. In the middle of this strip of land there was a telegraph pole with very high thistles around it and this was where the first two criminals were standing just talking quietly to each other. Once the dog located and gave 10 barks the handler walked with Charlie and dealt with the situation, searching criminals and hides. Just as the handler finished searching the hide a gun was fired in the distance and the handler was told to deal with that noise. This was the second part of the quarter. They also had to keep charge of one of the hide criminals. Once the second hide criminal was located the search and escort took place. Then came the recall, which was uphill and out of handler's sight but in good view of the spectators. Then came the chase as per the recall. Once the dog had bitten the chase criminal the handler walked with Charlie up the field. This criminal was searched and then escorted. As this criminal was being escorted, two criminals came out from behind and did the attack on handler. The patrol round was then complete. The test of courage was carried out on the Friday night in the dark. 5 criminals were in a dip with dustbin lid, symbols, horn and padded sticks. The dog and handler were about 75yds away. Handler was instructed to send their dog once one criminal had come out and shouted a bit of verbal. 5 dogs carried this exercise out without problems. Unfortunately, 2 dogs decided they didn't like being out there in the dark with all these strange blokes. I suppose we can't blame them really, can we! Only joking.

My test was pretty straight-forward with no gimmicks but I did have a rather sharp pencil!

Graham Brumpton and WT. Ch Just William (Billy).

PD 1st small

Very well done Graham and Billy. You get so nervous but I'm sure you know Billy pulls out all the stops for you. Brilliant round. Did well in all groups. Congratulations on winning the Kennel Club Championships 2005, which makes Billy, subject to Kennel Club confirmation a W.T.Ch. Good luck for your future trials. I will be watching. 276/320 Q

Rod Roberts and Little Bart (Bart).

PD 2nd small
Well done Rod and Bart. Unfortunately, after having done an excellent nosework and C & A round, which was a real pleasure to judge, he didn't quite make it on the patrol round. I'm sure it won't be long and the creases will be ironed out. Good luck for your future trials. NQ

John Watts and WT. Ch. Starlight Blue

PD 3rd small
Well done John and Blue. He did his best but couldn't quite make the jumps this time. I'm sure he enjoyed his last outing and I'm sure he will now enjoyed his well deserved retirement. You were the funniest one on the test of courage. Talk about spark the dog in the dark, John did quite well too! Well done and good luck with Timba. NQ

Dave Marchant and W.T.Ch. Waggerland Mister Jake

PD 4th small

Well done Dave and Jake. It wasn't Jake's weekend this time but I'm sure he enjoyed himself. He certainly did in the patrol round. What a confident little dog. Only losing 6 in the patrol gained Jake the best manwork round. Well done and good luck at your future trials with Jake and young Murphy. NQ

I would also like to mention Lorna Cottier and Hamish. This was Hamish's last outing as Lorna has decided to retire him. Well done Lorna he's owes you nothing and happy retirement Hamish. I'm sure he will have a great time. Hopefully, we will see a youngster coming on soon.
To all the competitors thank you for a lovely weekend and for accepting my decisions. To all the helpers well done and thanks and to Jacqui Gibney - Trials Manager, Jan Darby - Base, Judy Meekings - Scores, Bob and Sue - food and Barry Harvey for being my chaperone on the Friday morning, just in case …. Thanks again, I had a great time and I hope everybody involved did too.
I would also like to say thank you to the Kennel Club and ASPADS for the lovely gifts, to Jacqui Gibney for the beautiful bouquet of flowers and to Sue Ashby for the brilliant carving and good luck wishes for Coda. Thank you all.
Lynn Baker

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