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2006 Kennel Club Championships

Hosted By

North West Working Trials Society

19th - 31st October 2006

Lower Withington, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire

2006 Kennel Club Championships

Hosted By

North West Working Trials Society

19th - 31st October 2006

Lower Withington, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire

Trial Manager’s Report


Trial Manager’s Report

The North West Working Trial Society were honoured to be asked to stage the 2006 Championships, especially as 2006 marks the 25th anniversary of the Society being given the Kennel Club seal of approval.
It was decided at the outset to try and make the event as special as possible for those taking part without loosing the informality and friendliness which is the flag ship of working trials.
The host County of Cheshire is however a livestock County and October is the month when cattle are still grazing outside. Tracking land of the right quantity, quality and location is somewhat of a headache. It was for that reason however that, at the outset, we opted for a large area of stewardship land which is never grazed but cut for silage twice a year. The remainder of the time it is left to wildlife. Perfect!!
Alas as September and October proved to be such a growing time it was decided to cut the area for a third time and the weekend which was chosen was that immediately before the Championships. Bales were still being led from the fields on the Tuesday!
No doubt the competitors would have coped with the difficult terrain and it would have certainly sorted the 'men from the boys' but was this really the purpose of the event?. We thought not.
It had been noticed as we drove the back lanes of Withington that two of our favourite tracking areas had no stock and each were reasonably accessible for cars. These were very quickly ear marked for the TD tracking with the switch from one to the other after a leisurely lunch. This had to work!! The land owners concerned, fortunately for us, had also decided not to graze this land but to take a third cut of silage from these fields but this was not going to happen until the following week. All we needed to do now was change the map, change the road signs, and move the buffet lunch originally planned for the tearoom at the original farm back to base.
The 'new' land worked like a dream. Sheila Tannert's Briar, the first dog to work, impressed all onlookers with a 99 for her track but the best was yet to come and a number of teams made the 100%. Although the searches were not always up to the same standard the marks at the end of the two nose work days were so close that the Saturday proved to be a real nail biter for spectators, many of whom had come along to support their favourite team.
The PD tracks were to be on grass being grown for turf for lawns. No stock problem there then. However, you’ve quessed it, the contractors decided to trim it the day before the Trial. They did however leave one field which was next to the base and could accommodate all five tracks required for the PD competition.
This field also proved invaluable as in the middle of it was a water splash which Ron was eager to incorporate into his patrol round.
The other trimmed turf fields made an excellent 'bowling green' area for the TD control avoiding the usual holes, thistles and uneven ground we know so well.
It was on the Thursday morning when everything was eventually in place for the second time and the rain miraculously gave way to sunshine that I realised that there was some thing or someone looking down on us lending a hand. I hoped that that someone would stay with us to see us through the frantic salad and pudding making necessary for Friday evening's Ceildh to accommodate the 110 present when at the outset we anticipated about 60. Competitors would not want to have a knees up the night before the Control day they said and the Committee would be too exhausted! Not so! Everyong got into the sprit of it and a great time was had by all.. Many thanks to all concerned for making the 2006 K.C.C.s such a success.
Jenny Holt


Tracking Dog Stake


Tracking Dog Stake




Steward: Chris Theobald
Tracklayers: Tom Darby & Pete Hodgkinson

It was a great honour to be invited by the Kennel Club to judge this event. Thank you to all the societies who voted for me.
Thanks to the North West Working Trials Society for hosting the event and to Jenny Holt with her willing band of helpers for all the hard work they put in to ensure the trial was such a success. Thanks to Tom and Pete who laid all the tracks exactly as I wanted them. Also many thanks to Chris, my wife, who stewarded for me, and also had to put up with me in the days before the trial, constantly asking for her opinion regarding the size of the articles and the track pattern.
The presentation dinner was excellent, and thanks to the Society for all the wonderful gifts to remind me of a very enjoyable few days.
Tracking was on grass up to about 4 inches high, in almost perfect conditions, and I set an open track pattern with the intention of allowing the handlers to show just how good their dogs were. This they all did, with the lowest track mark being 92.

KC TD Track small

Track Articles:
1st article 2 inch length of small diameter green wood
2nd article 2.5 inch by quarter inch piece of black rubber
3rd article 1.5inch by quarter inch piece of green carpet underlay
Search articles:
Half a cork
2 inch piece of lolly stick
2 inch piece of small link chain
10 inch length of green garden twine rolled up

Results after the nosework:
Anne Thorpe with IZZIE - 165 (perfection !!)
Sheila Tannert with BRIAR - 164
Jane Webb with ROBBIE - 162
Anne Bussey with GRAD - 162

The Control round started with the speak. The dog was left in a 4 yard square box marked by 4 poles, the handler then walked 20 paces away to face away from the dog. Positioned between the handler and the dog were 2 people facing the dog. Heel work then started with slow pace, fast and then normal to the sendaway point. The sendaway was about 200 yards straight out to a hedge, with a redirect left at an angle back towards the handler to the corner of two hedges, followed by a right redirect away from the hedge for about 150 yards to another hedge at right angles across the front of the handler. The agility completed the round. The down stay was completed once all dogs had worked.

1st Shelia Tannert with WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR,

TD1 small

(Lab), 218. Losing 1 on the track, a half on the heelwork and a half on the sendaway. Congratulations, a fantastic round.


2nd Anne Bussey with WTCh ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE, (WSD), 213

TD2 small

3rd Jane Webb with WTCh FLYNNTASTIC WININ VENTURE, (WSD), 211.

TD3 small

4th Sue Redshaw with ELOWOOD DILL OF SHAWDOWN, (Lab), 207.

TD4 small

Also Qualified TDEx:
Anne Fowler with WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS, (BC), 206.5
Julie Atkins with OUR DUG, (BC), 205
Judy Meekings with WITHYLINCH MURR AT WINDLEBROOK, (Lab), 203
Gary Atkins with WTCh CAFCOLL RON, (BC), 196.5
Rod Roberts with WTCh LITTLE BART, (Cross), 196
Margaret Robinson with WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, (BC), 194
Stevi Boyall with STYPERSON LOMOND, (Lab), 194

Once again many thanks to everybody who worked so hard to ensure the event went so smoothly and many thanks to all the competitors, who I hope enjoyed it as much as we did.



Patrol Dog Stake


Patrol Dog Stake




Steward:Paula Jaques
Scribe: Janet Sewell
Tracklayers: Ray Lea and Chris Greenhaugh
Criminals: Steve Lancashire, Tom Davies, Jim Sewell, Simon Bainbridge, Iain Forrester, Lee Payne, Manda McLellan, and last minute stand-in Malcolm Snowden.

Thank you to Jenny Holt and North West Working Trials Society for putting on a fabulously well-organised KC Championships. Jenny has a super band of helpers, and nothing was too much for them. Thanks for looking after us, with food and drink all weekend, and for the Ceilidh and Hog Roast on Friday night - brilliant fun - and for a super presentation dinner on Saturday night, with thanks to Tom, Iain and Lee for the after-dinner entertainment!!!!!
We were blessed with superb weather in the main, and the land was ideal for nosework, C&A and Patrol.
Thanks to Ray Lea and Kim Astbury for helping me sort out the land weeks before, and to Kim for track-watching. My tracklayers, Ray Lea and Chris Greenhaugh, did a fantastic job of fitting my 5 tracks into one field, due to loss of land, giving everyone the same conditions. The nosework was pretty even, with just the odd article taking its toll.

KC PD Track small
We lost one dog on the C&A, but saw some very nice rounds, with all dogs qualifying on the jumps.

Patrol Round - my thanks go to the usual brilliant team which Steve helped organise. Thanks also to Steve and Lee for helping to set up the round, with Sasco and Buzz.
The Patrol round was set up so that spectators could see the whole round, and there were some super rounds for them to see. The round started with a short first quarter to Jim in a hide, a search of Jim, the hide and a bag. The second part of the quarter was two boundaries across open ground, to a second hide containing Malcolm. An escort followed, which ended in a three man attack on the handler by Simon, Jim and Lee. A further escort led to the recall by Tom, and the chase by Iain. For the test of courage, the dogs crossed a patch of tall rough ground to the two main criminals, Tom and Iain, with all the other criminals behind the hide, throwing wet sponges.
All dogs handled the Patrol round well, with some super attacks on handler, and a stunning round by Wendy Beasley and Libby, on Libby's last outing.
Thanks to Janet Sewell for scribing C&A and Patrol, and special thanks to Paula for helping me set up and work out Tracking, C & A and Patrol, and for stewarding the squares, the C&A and the Patrol, doing an excellent job for all the competitors, as always. I hope everybody enjoyed the test as much as I did.

1st Wendy Beasley with WTCh BRIDGEALPINE LIBRA OF STARDELL (Libby),

pd1 small

Total 290.5. Nosework 111.5, C&A 32.5 & 19, Patrol 127.5. A stunning performance by an excellent team. What a way to retire, a fantastically consistent dog. Happy retirement, Libby, you deserve it.

2nd Graham Brumpton and WTCh JUST WILLIAM (Billy),

pd2 small

Total 273.5. Nosework 111, C&A 31.5 & 19.5, Patrol 111. Another excellent performance. Superb quarter, just missing out with no recall. Well done.

3rd Rod Roberts with WTCh LITTLE BART (Bart).

pd 3 small

Total 268.5. Nosework 95.5, C&A 31.5 & 18.5, patrol 123. Super all round performance, especially the test of courage, and attack on handler. Well done.


4th Dave Marchant with WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY (Murphy),

pd 4 small

Total 243 NQ. Nosework 110, C&A 29.5 & 20, patrol 83.5. Very nice round; excellent jumps. Just the recall let him down. Well done.

Also ran,

Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MISTER JAKE (Jake), Total 242 NQ. Nosework 111, C & A 22.5 & 20, Patrol 88.5. Well done.

Special thanks to David Bell who supplied most of this months KCC photos. Ed

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