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Kennel Club Working Trial Championships

Hosted by

North East Counties Working Trials

18th – 20th October 2007



necwts crew small
From left to right: Pat and Dennis Nelson, Tom Darby, Penny Pritchard, Mary Hardacre, Jill Caruthers, Pete Hodgkins, Pat Hodgkins, Suzanne Plumb, Lol Campbell, Laura Bardwell, Tom Davies, Graham Reaney, Alan Hall, Sheila Margreaves, Julia Findeisen, Jeff Margreaves, Carole Hall, Malcom Snowdon and Nigel Hines



Kennel Club Working Trial Championships

Hosted by

North East Counties Working Trials

18th – 20th October 2007



necwts crew small
From left to right: Pat and Dennis Nelson, Tom Darby, Penny Pritchard, Mary Hardacre, Jill Caruthers, Pete Hodgkins, Pat Hodgkins, Suzanne Plumb, Lol Campbell, Laura Bardwell, Tom Davies, Graham Reaney, Alan Hall, Sheila Margreaves, Julia Findeisen, Jeff Margreaves, Carole Hall, Malcom Snowdon and Nigel Hines


Trial Manager’s report

Fund raising for the KCC’s was ongoing for more than two years prior to the event. We would like to thank ALL who gave their time, money, & lambs (live) for this event. We had a job to do, and hopefully we achieved what we set out to do. This was to put on a KCC for the competitors. I believe we achieved that task.
A fortnight before, I saw some grass land on a farm I had not used before. I thought this would be great for the TD. With a deep breath, I phoned him, “Yes,” was the reply, “when?” He was very busy (not listening). I had the PD land all sorted. Everything was looking good, WOW. On the Monday before the trial I phoned the farmer back to make sure it was still ok. I was very surprised at his reply, “Haven’t you been? I was going to put 600 hundred sheep on. Will you be able to work round them?” I explained politely that I would like him not to do that! I had already checked that the local HUNT was not meeting, they said no it’s cancelled because of foot & mouth. BUT... on the Wednesday night the caravan lady, Liz Wilkinson phoned’ “Carole do you know the hunt are meeting on Saturday on the land you are using? The restrictions have been lifted.”

Quite a few calls later, with the conversation going like; well we will be in and gone before you get there!!! I explained I would like them to meet elsewhere. They were very obliging and met at the next village. I think at this point I got christened ‘The DRILL SERGEANT.’

Thursday T.D only. I thought I would send the first competitor up to the tracking ground with the judge. The next three went with Andrea to a stubble field to relax with their dogs. Then they were brought to their track five minutes before starting. I think this worked well. Everything was going well, Sheila did a brilliant track and square. Dave, the next competitor, was standing at the pole when I saw a collie running round in the corner of the field. We let the judge know, and Julie carried on with the test. Little did we know the track watcher Pete Hodgkins (now known as the dog whisperer) had done all but strip off for the stray dog. Pete rolling around in the grass was more than the dog could cope with! Thankfully Dave did the track without a hitch where the dog had been. The rest of the dogs tracked well that day.

Friday: T.D & P.D All the tracks were on grass and all went well, in both stakes. However, after they had all finished, I spoke to the track watcher Penny Pritchard only to find the farmer’s wife had come looking for their dog. Not only had she escaped, but she was in season! This was in the area of Judith’s track. I was so pleased to see everyone had done well on the tracking side. The Scouts came on Friday night and put up their large tent. They also provided two toilet tents. All was ready for the Saturday, jumps up for control, two sets, even though there were only four in PD we could not use the same jumps as TD. This was pointed out to us. (Thanks Gary)

Saturday.Control and Patrol The scouts were at the ready. They were just brill. Whilst judging was in progress, I just thought to myself, ‘Eighteen months ago I nearly died. I never thought I would be standing watching the stays in TD.’ But as I said to the consultant when he told me I was lucky to be alive, “Only the good die young”.

Every night from the Wednesday to the Saturday was full of entertainment, thanks to the singing farmer and Alan my (ex) husband!! The food at the hotel was just spot on, nothing was too much trouble. The helpers at the trial were hand picked, and they did their jobs 100%. THANK YOU one and all.

Thanks also to Arden Grange and The Kennel Club, thank you for coming to our neck of the woods. Many thanks to WTM for being our official photographer. Congratulations to Judith and Dave on winning the KCC’s

P.S. Good luck to Rod in hospital, sorry you could not make the KCC’s.
To Suzanne Jaffa, good luck in breed, try to go to their championship, as you did not come to ours.

Carole Hall
Trials Manager.


Tracking Dog Stake

Tracking Dog Stake


TD Judge and Steward small

Trials Manager: Carole Hall
Base Steward: Julz Findieson
Scores and Certificates: Mary Hardacre
Trackwatchers: Pat and Pete Hodgkins, Penny Pritchard, Sheila Margreaves and Lol Campbell
Escort: Andrea Lynd
Tracklayer: Tom Darby
Square and Control and Agility Steward: Gary Atkins

I have to say a big thank you first of all to Hampshire WTS who persuaded me to be nominated for this appointment and to the Kennel Club for the invitation because unexpectedly, I had a fantastic time. I expected to be a little too stressed to actually enjoy it but this was not the case at all.
Carole and Alan Hall, Julz Findieson and the rest of team at NEC were brilliant and seemed to have thought of everything to make the competitors, spectators and judges have a brilliant time, so I would like to say a huge thanks to them.

kcc TD Track small
Thanks to NEC I was able to set exactly the test I wanted with no compromises. All the fields were super and the bonus was that they enabled the many spectators to see everything too. My helpers were great - the track watchers, Pat, Pete, Penny, Sheila and Lol who had such a boring but important job; Andrea who didn’t get to see much of the tracking but was invaluable allowing the competitors to exercise their dogs and be escorted to their tracks on time; Mary who kept a neat scoreboard and produced beautiful certificates; Julz who did so much and Carol who held it all together, you were both so fantastic and made us feel so welcome. Tom laid all the tracks perfectly as always and along with Jan gave me such wonderful support as well as being great company during the days and evenings, thanks very much. Gary is a brilliant steward and knows exactly what I want because we both feel the same about trials, and I was so lucky to have him by my side for the KCC’s and always – thanks, honey.
The competitors were brilliant and I felt very proud to be judging such fantastic teams; the standard in TD just keeps getting better. I wish it could have been 8/8 qualifiers instead of 7/8 but as Johnny Grantham always said “that’s trials” and I know Glenys is already looking forward to Wessex 2008!

1st Judith Owens-Poole, WTCh FIRCROFT DOON

(Subject to KC confirmation),

judith track small

 209, Q. A superb round from a fantastic team. In the lead at the KCC’s needing your second win to make your dog up with a judge who makes you work the control and agility last creates a lot of pressure, but Judith looked so calm and handled Brody so well to a very deserved win. Congratulations! (Marks 98/30/31 and 31/19)

2nd Sheila Tannert, WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR

tannert track small


204.5, Q. Unbelievable, with an uncharacteristic loss of marks in the square and control and still gets second, what a brilliant team! Always a pleasure to judge, a very honest and skilful handler. Very well done, but Gary said you must improve your track mark for next year! (99/30/29 and 26.5/20)



robinson small

200.5, Q. Super round Margaret and Lace, with a very costly article left on the track. One of only 2 teams (Sheila and Briar were the other one) to get 7 for style in the square. Lovely to watch, well done. (98.5/20/33 and 29/20)



mar TD small

196, Q. Another great round from Dave and Murphy, the only team to get 7 for all 4 articles in the square, but missing an article on the track and heelwork costly. Fourth in TD and first in PD, can’t be bad! (95.5/20/33 and 27.5/20)

5th Barry Gilbert, WTCh LAETARE DAY JAVU

gilbert small

189, Q. Super team doing a good track and one of the best control rounds. (96/30/17 and 31/15)



plumb Track small

188.5, Q. Another good team who deserved their qualification. (95/25/26 and 27.5/15)


webb small

187.5, Q. Bought a tear to my eye to see Robbie on his last outing, and what a super way to retire, qualifying at the KCC’s with the best control round. (94/30/18 and 31.5/14)


8th Glenys Page, WTCh BRIGLEN NUTMEG

page track small

195, NQ. The award to the most nervous competitor goes to Glenys. Bad luck, but already qualified for next year so good luck for that. (97.5/30/29 and 23.5/15)


Patrol Dog Stake


Patrol Dog Stake


PD Judge and Comp small


From left to right: John Watts, Jeff Poole, Mick Tustain, Graham Reaney, Wendy Beasley, Dave Marchant

Tracklayers: Pete Hodgkins and Jeff Margreaves
Steward: John Watts
Scribe: Laura Bardwell
Criminals: Tom Davies, Iain Forrest, Nigel Hines, Malcolm Snowden. And last, but not least, Steve (Mr Fixit) Lancashire.

Steve was involved in every aspect of my test; he supplied equipment, organised people, and even, on the day, set out the area and explained the test in detail to Iain Forrest and Malcolm Snowden, who were unable to attend my practice sessions. For all your efforts, Steve, along with the rest of my team, Thanks. You made my job much easier and more enjoyable.

It was an honour and a privilege to be selected to judge the 2007 KCC’s, plus a very enjoyable experience.
Along with the people named above, sincere thanks for this also goes to Carole Hall and her team of helpers, including the local scout troop, who did a sterling job on Saturday with catering duties. What more could we ask for? Excellent land, helpers, accommodation, food, company, weather, and, of course, competitors.
So to my test.

kcc pD Track small
I set a nosework, control and jumps test that, while it was not a gift, I felt would take us through to the patrol round with four potential qualifiers. However, we lost one team in the control section, so unfortunately had only three.
The patrol round was a lockout, with the competitors being kept about a mile away, and only called to the patrol field as their turn to work came. We started with the lowest mark first, and the highest last. The only information given was me reading the accompanying sheet once; I was not prepared to answer any questions – fortunately there was none.
The patrol field covered an area of about 250 by 175 yards, with a central area of 27 yards square, giving the spectators the opportunity to see the whole round, seeing as much as the handler and me. The handlers were led through the round by the steward. The only thing they were not aware of was that there would be a second attack on the handler. The first came from the hide criminal as they neared the end of the escort, the second from the spectator area once the dog was biting the first criminal; this one was a verbally loud, fast and determined attack, catching the handlers totally off guard. This criminal also had a gun hidden on his person. Three teams coped very well with the second attack, however only one handler found the gun.
The handler had no idea what to expect as the dog approached the two tables in the test of courage. In fact, as the dog was about 10 yards away from them the criminals threw the tables forward, tipping steel food bowls, tin cans and enamel plates into the dog’s path – as expected, the dogs veered away. I marked how the dog reacted to the situation – in all cases they showed no fear, and dealt with the four criminals in a courageous manner.

To you all, it was a pleasure to judge you and to watch your dogs work. Well done, and all the best in the future.

Information sheet, read out to the competitors:

1st. Chase.
As the handler and dog approach the start area, two men will threaten them in a normal conversational manner. On instruction from the steward, the handler should send the dog. Both criminals need to be stopped for full points. Once both have been stopped only a cursory search is required, and the two escorted back to the start area.

2nd. Quarter
Once back at the start, the handler is required to send the dog to quarter the field in search of the other criminal/criminals. As the dog reaches the hide area the handler will be told that no other commands should be given. Once again on the steward’s instruction the handler should join the dog and take control of the situation. Once the situation is under control the search and escort should follow without interruption.

3rd. Search and Escort
Search/searches in this section should be thorough but not intrusive. The criminal/criminals need to be escorted back to the start area. They will know what direction to take. At some point an attack on handler will occur.

4th. Recall
As the escort ends, two men will threaten the handler. On instruction from the steward, the handler should send the dog, and also on the steward’s instruction, recall the dog.

5th. Test of Courage
An individual will again threaten the handler, and then sit at a table. His sitting is the signal to send the dog; however, if necessary, the steward will instruct the handler to do so. The handler may join the dog on the steward’s instruction.

The final results were as follows:

1st Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx.

mar PD small

Nosework 112, Control 29.5, Jumps 15, Patrol 128. Total 284.5, Qual PDEx


2nd Mick Tustain and JOTUNHEIM VIP, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx.

tus PD small

Nosework 105, Control 34.5, Jumps 18.5, Patrol 113.5. Total 271.5, Qual PDEx.


beasPD small

Nosework 101, Control 34.5, Jumps 18.5, Patrol 90. Total 244, NQ


4th Jeff Poole and LATCHETTS BOSS, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx.

poole pd small

Nosework 92, Control 23, Jumps 19.5, Patrol 89. Total 223.5, NQ

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