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Kennel Club Working Trial Championships

Hosted by

Surrey Dog Training Society

14 – 16 October 2010
East Horsley



Kennel Club Working Trial Championships

Hosted by

Surrey Dog Training Society

14 – 16 October 2010
East Horsley




An excellent weekend witnessing the years leading dogs and handlers greeted those present for the 2010 Kennel Club Working Trial Championships, held on 14th to 16th October 2010, hosted by Surrey Dog Training Society at East Horsley, Surrey. The nosework for the Tracking Dog Stake was in previously sheep grazed grass fields high up on the chalk downland. The Patrol Dog Stake nosework was held lower down, in fields of grass and clover that had recently been silaged. The recent good weather ensured that conditions underfoot were ideal for good nosework.
Working Trials offers far too many obstacles to be classed as a spectator sport, not to mention moving spectators on a further ten acres after each track, but a good following was present, no doubt encouraged by the excellent weather with just a few light showers throughout the weekend. It was most pleasing to see Kennel Club Chairman, Ronnie Irving, his Vice Chairman, Mike Townsend, and former Vice Chairman, Bill Hardaway, present. Bill no doubt was being called upon by them for his expertise that he has gained over the years in this sport.
The judge for the Tracking Dog Stake was Lorna Cottier - an experienced trialist and serving Police Dog handler from Scotland. The judge for the Patrol Dog Stake was Mick Tustain - again an experienced trialist, and also a serving Police Dog handler with the Parks Police and living nearby in Epsom.
The trials base was The Ramada Hotel, just ten minutes from the M25. As well as accommodating competitors, judges, helpers, and spectators the hotel served as an excellent base, offering the opportunity to visit this delightful part of Southern England, with access to walks through the surrounding wooded areas of the Surrey Hills - at this time of the year with leaves beginning to fall it was a sight to behold.
Holding the Championships in this part of the country had been a challenge for the Society, for this must be one of the most expensive counties to stage such an event in. As a former resident of this village 27 years ago, I have seen it develop from a stockbroker belt to a home for Chelsea footballers (they have a training ground nearby). Not that I was a stockbroker - just the Police Officer looking after them! The Society is indebted to the financial assistance given by its main sponsor Arden Grange - both Wendy Stephens and her late husband Graham were former officers of this Working Trials Society - and also to the many others who had given up their time as well as raising funds to ensure that this competition went off as smoothly as it did. This event could not have taken place without the generous assistance given by local landowners, farm and polo park staff.
On the final day the Control and Agility and the Patrol Dog Stake was held in the large field that adjoins the hotel - indeed the resident polo ponies witnessed the start of the proceedings - no doubt wondering what this dog sport was all about and where was the ball!
On the Saturday evening the presentation dinner took place at the Ramada Hotel. My thanks to all concerned for ensuring that a most enjoyable weekend was had by all.
I will leave the results and comments to the Judges.

Working Trial Manager Sdts, Chairman Kc Activities Sub Committee, General Committee Member.


Tracking Dog Stake




Cottier Lorna TD Judge small

Tracklayers: Len Newman and Mark Lewindon
Search and C/A Steward: Sheila Tannert
Escorts: Sue Henderson (mobile), Caroline Ashford (foot), Beryl Kimberley (spectators)
Track Watchers: Liz de Unger, Mary Prentice, Judith Owen and Robert Willatts

Thank you to the Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the TD Stake. It has been a total privilege.
Many thanks and congratulations to Stan Ford, Christine Brooks and everyone at Surrey DTS for organising and running an extremely efficient, friendly and thoroughly enjoyable KCC’s - you did a brilliant job. Before and during the event I was so well looked after that it helped the nerves stay away and I was able to enjoy the occasion.
The hotel was super, staff very friendly and food very good. We also enjoyed a quiz on the Friday night, where the really rather outstanding “Team with No Name” won (thanks to Eddie Webb – we couldn’t have done it without you!).
So much hard work had obviously been put into the organisation as everything ran very smoothly - competitors were individually escorted; spectators knew where they were going and as far as I am aware, there were no hiccups for us at all.
Thanks to Len and Mark, who not only laid the tracks at the trial but also several times before the trial, ensuring the tracks were laid exactly as was on the pattern and thus giving each competitor the best possible chance.
Thanks to Sheila for agreeing to put up with me for the duration of the trial, for stewarding throughout so well and especially for setting the control round up when we were surrounded by polo ponies who thought they knew better as to where to put the poles.
My thanks to Sue, Caroline, Beryl, Liz, Mary, Judith and Robert for all their work; without them we would have been worrying about losing folk or losing land. Your assistance was much appreciated.
Finally to the competitors - what a great bunch of folk; we saw lots of lovely work by the teams. We did think of Jeny who so sadly had lost Kash prior to the competition; I think it made everyone realise how lucky they were just to be taking their dog home at the end of the day.
The tracking was on grass, ranging from short to lush; at the end of the day it was the luck of the draw as to which you had. All fields were clean, with local wildlife causing very few problems, and weather conditions were ideal. The track was long and the articles all good holding scent ones; pieces about 1” x 2” of underlay, carpet and wellie. All but two dogs completed the track and all articles were found.

The search contained cable, small plastic top, a metal bullet and a fabric dog lead with “KCC’s TD Stake 2010” embroidered on it, which the competitors kept at the end of the trial. Dogs either loved the lead and had great fun with the retrieve or took one look at it and ignored it. The best search was done by Ann Bedford and Abi.
After the nosework, we had three teams on 3 and 4, Tony, Pat Parkinson and Pat Herbert.
For the control round, we started with normal pace heelwork to the clear jump, then slow pace through a square of poles, after which the dog was left in the square by the handler who then walked away 20 paces. On their about turn to face the dog, they commanded “speak” and walked towards the dog. Following this it was fast pace to the long jump, after which it was more fast pace to the sendaway start pole.

KCC TD Track small
The sendaway was 120 paces up the middle of the field to a pole with a flag then a left redirect 170 paces towards a small wood, at which there was another pole with a flag. The grass in the field was of varying lengths and there were no real boundaries meaning the dogs did struggle somewhat with it.
Then it was normal pace heelwork back to the scale and the test thus completed.

Out of the 12 nosework qualifying dogs, 8 went on to gain a very worthy TDEx.


1st and CC Tony Lockyer and WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL,

TonyL small

WSD, D. A super track in a more difficult field; it was so relaxing just watching this team work. Very little to fault, all carried out in a consistent lovely positive manner. Many congratulations on winning for the second year in a row - a brilliant achievement for you and Gyp and well deserved. Track - 96/100 and 30/30, Search 33/35, C/A - 30.5/35 and 19.5/20: Total - 209/220

2nd and Reserve CC Pat Parkinson and WTCh CARISHILL HYACINTH,

PatP small

Golden Retriever, B. Full of enthusiasm, Poppy raced round the track with great precision giving her the best track mark. The enthusiasm got the better of her in the search; what fun she had with the articles! Kept it together nicely in the control for a well deserved reserve ticket. Track - 98 and 30, Search 29, C/A - 27.5 and 19.5: Total - 204


3rd Susanne Jaffa and ObCh AMBERSLADE BUCKANEER,

suzanneJ small

Australian Shepherd, D. A very good track on the sloping hill, Susanne did well to stay on her feet. The best C/A round with a very good sendaway, despite the deer wanting to join in the redirect. Very well done. Track - 90 and 30, Search 26, C/A - 32 and 20: Total - 198


janeW small
WSD, B. Super track and oh for that lead in the search square! The best sendaway in a super control round, all done with great style, well done to you both. Track - 95.5 and 30, Search 25, C/A - 31.5 and 15: Total - 197

crowd small

Also qualifying TDEx:
Julie Atkins and WTCh OUR DUG, BC, D. Persevered on the track, which was in a very undulating field, going in and out of small treesm and must have been very difficult to figure out. Very good control round; always a consistently good team that’s so enjoyable to watch. Track - 84.5 and 30, Search 27.5, C/A - 31 and 20: Total - 192.5
Nick Williams and SUNSHINE ANTIC, WSD, B. Good steady track, lost a few marks for Antic grazing whilst working it. Great recovery in the sendaway with the best redirect of the day. Very well done. Track - 86 and 30, Search 25, C/A - 28.5 and 19: Total - 188.5
Gary Haim and WTCh WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, WSD, D. A super dog this, a great tribute to his dad Rob. Calmly handled by Gary, though nerves got a bit in the way at the search square, but together they performed well throughout the test to ensure a worthy qualification. Track - 87 and 30, Search 25, C/A - 26 and 20: Total - 188
Diana Collie and Ir WTCh COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE, WSD, B. Great track - after the nerves settled at the start they hardly put a foot wrong. Crystal did love that lead! A very stylish team throughout, well done. Track - 93 and 30, Search 22, C/A - 27 and 15: Total - 187

Finally my thanks to both the Kennel Club and Surrey DTS for the lovely presents I took home with me.

Patrol Dog Stake



Tustain Mick PD Judge small

Tracklayers: Val Upton, Tess Shoolbred
Steward: Lauren Marlow
PD Helpers: Dave Clark, Andy Wooster, Steve Banfather, Rita Banfather, Allyson Tohme, Paul Morling, Craig Ogilvie, Mark Lewindon.

I would like to thank the Kennel Club for inviting me to judge, Stan Ford and the members of Surrey DTS for their hard work in organising the event, and the friends who helped on the day and in practicing the PD round beforehand. Thank you to all those listed above.

The 12-leg track was on grass, with a set of keys on the 6th leg and a plastic tube as the end article. The search square articles were a metal tent-peg, a champagne cork, 3’’ square of cloth, and a small plastic bag.
All the dogs did well on the nosework. The speak and steadiness to gunshot were tested after the search square, with the handlers leaving their dogs in the centre of the square and standing behind myself and my steward with their backs to the dogs.
We started the C/A with the stays, which were held on a grassy area behind the car park.
After the stays, everything was a lock-out. Heelwork was past spectators and through a group of helpers, leading to fast pace past the jumps. The sendaway was to a marker in the centre of the field, with a left redirect.
The PD test was a ‘lock-out’, meaning that none of the handlers knew in advance what was about to happen. There was no scenario; handlers were instructed through the tests by the steward. The round started with the quarter, taking in a gazebo and 4 hides over a large area. I was looking for dogs that were committed to finding the hidden person, not just doing sendaways - two innocent people were in the last hide. After questioning these people, the handler sent the dog towards the gazebo to find two more people who were then part of the search, escort, and defence of handler.
The recall was set next; the handlers were not told that they would be recalling their dogs before they sent them, and then came the long chase. Both tests required a long challenge to the helper, while the dog remained under control. I was looking for dogs that chased with commitment.
Lastly came the test of courage: a screaming woman broke away from a helper who fired a gun in the gazebo entrance; the dog was sent into the gazebo, where empty boxes were pushed over and kicked towards the dog by two more helpers.
What I hoped to see were dogs that worked with determination and enthusiasm, but under control. All dogs qualified the nosework, but unfortunately after the control and PD rounds there were no qualifiers overall.

KCC PD Track small


1st Gary Martin with WTCh TYTRI ROY,

Martin 5 small
Collie, D. Congratulations on winning the KCC’s. Roy was the best PD dog on the day, a very good round by this courageous collie.

2nd Andy Baker with WTCh SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER,

Baker 8 small
Collie, D. Very good work all round, but the test of courage proved too much for this young dog.


3rd Dave Marchant with WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY,

Marchant 2 small
Collie, D. Qualified on nosework and control, but again the test of courage was too much on this occasion.



Beasley 4 small
Collie, B. Excellent control and agility round, again mainly the test of courage was the stumbling block.


5th Jeff Poole with WTCh LATCHETS BOSS,

Poole 3 small


The Patrol Team

crims small

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