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Kennel Club Working Trial Championships

Hosted by:

Yorkshire Working Trials Society


13th - 15th October 2011

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Kennel Club Working Trial Championships

Hosted by:

Yorkshire Working Trials Society


13th - 15th October 2011

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When Yorkshire Working Trials Society was granted the 2011 Kennel Club Championships we decided that in order to produce, hopefully, a quality trial then it would be preferable to draw on not only at our own past experiences, but also study what other societies had done and learn from them. Fortunately the Society has plenty of experience to call on with Fred and Margaret Welham, Eric Carpenter, Damian Chadwick etc., all of whom have been there, done it and got the T-Shirt previously, so expert advice was readily available, and all of whom were keen to help.
The opportunity to further my education and get some insight and tips first hand came when Stan Ford and his staff ran the excellent KCC’s at Surrey in 2010.
With what we came away with, together with all the advice, we set off on the journey to run the KCC’s and I must say that it has been a brilliant journey, helped all the way by a host of fabulous people.
The number of people who have helped with the fundraising and who have made donations to this event has been staggering. I would like to thank you all on behalf of Yorkshire Working Trials Society for all your hard work and generosity. It really did make a huge difference.
Thank you also to Mark Skillin for the catalogues, photos and certificates. You did a great job for us.
It was delight to have Catherine Symns, Zoe Tharmasingam and Nigel Dear from the Kennel Club and Chris Mellor from Arden Grange in attendance. It was also nice to see former Vice Chairman Bill Hardaway and his wife, Heather, attend the trial.
I was very lucky that my Farmer, Bill Hartley, and his Farm Manager, Paul Saxon, were only too happy to help with staging the KCC’s and it was a bonus that they had some very large fields which they would let me have. This gave me a very rare opportunity in Working Trials that I could now involve spectators far more than is usually possible and an opportunity that I didn’t intend to let pass by.
The fields we were given were stubble. The only concern we had was the weather. It had been dry for a considerable length of time and the land was hard and dusty, but then with a week to go the rains came and we had heavy rain for 5 days which softened the ground and made the land ideal. The rain very kindly stopped on the Wednesday and dry, if a little overcast, weather settled in. I couldn’t have wished for better conditions to stage the trial, particularly with the sun coming out on the Saturday for the control. How lucky can you get?
As for the fields we had one of over 200 acres which we used for the 12 TD tracks and one of 130 acres which we used for the 6 PD tracks. Both fields were easily accessible for spectators. We divided up the field and were able to put two 20 metre walkways down the centre which allowed the spectators the opportunity to follow the competitors down the fields and witness all 12 tracks for TD and the same for all 6 tracks in the PD field.
I was particularly delighted with the large number of spectators who turned out to support the competitors, and what a privilege it was to watch the best handlers and dogs go head to head - and they certainly did not disappoint.
Our base was at Lotherton Hall, a country manor house standing in its own grounds and very dog friendly. They let us use some of their fields for both TD and PD Control, all of which gave excellent viewing for all spectators. Coupled with a café and toilets only a stone’s throw away and with ample parking this made it an ideal base. My grateful thanks go to Ann Marie and Dave Thorpe for all their help and to Leeds City Council.
As for my team of helpers, Tracklayers, Trackwatchers, Stewards, Criminals, Base staff, Escorts etc. - you did an absolutely brilliant job and ensured the high standards required for the KCC’s were maintained.
It really does go to show that running a trial is not down to the Trials Manager or 1 or 2 individuals but is down to a team, and I have to say I have a great team. To everyone who helped - congratulations, you gave the competitors the perfect platform to perform and you did a wonderful job.
My two judges were a delight. Both Jill Carruthers, the TD Judge, and Lorna Cottier, the PD Judge, (who also judged the KCC’s last year at Surrey as the TD Judge) knew exactly what they wanted. Thank you very much to you both. Also can I thank Colin Carruthers for keeping Jill under control - not an easy task.
The Saturday night presentation was held at The Holiday Inn at Garforth. It was a bonus that this hotel was very dog friendly and had ample places to walk the dogs for those late at night and early morning rituals. It was gratifying that nothing was too much trouble for the hotel. Anything we needed was instantly provided and on a positive note we have been invited back!!!
Our congratulations go not only to Suzanne Plumb, the TD winner, and to Graham Reaney, the PD winner, but also to all the rest of the competitors for providing us mere mortals which a chance to see how things should be done and for giving us a great competition. I hope you all enjoyed your experience in Yorkshire and look forward to seeing you back again in the near future.
Can I finish by thanking everyone who contributed to running the KCC’s in whatever capacity. Your help and advice was invaluable.



Tracking Dog Stake




TD Judge Jill Carruthers small
Tracklayers: Tom Darby and Jeff Margreaves
Run off tracks: Tom Darby
Search and C/A Steward: Yvonne Carpenter

Trials Manager: Dave Stewart
Assistant Trials Manager and Presentation Dinner host: Eric Carpenter
Base Managers: Jan Darby and Liz Stewart
Track watchers: Dave Craven, Cath Chadwick, Sheila Margreaves, Fran Atkin and Liz Hulley (not Liz Hurley), and sorry Liz.
Escorts: Damian Chadwick and Fred Welham
Car parking director: John Atkin
Crowd control: Dave Craven
C/A gate steward: Damian Chadwick

Thank you to Surrey who nominated me to judge the KCC’S and the members of the Working Trials Council who voted in my favour. Also thank you to the Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the Tracking Dog Stake at this year’s event, which has been a totally memorable occasion and an honour to do so.
Congratulations must go to Dave and Liz Stewart, the YWTS committee and all the helpers for their hard work and dedication giving up so much of their leisure time to help make this event such a resounding success.
We had a magnificent base, Lotherton Hall, a very dog friendly venue, perfect for our needs! Many thanks to Jan, as ever a very welcoming person at the base sorting out times and scores, to Liz who can’t do enough to help anyone, a very calm and reassuring lady, not forgetting Jacqui Gibney for volunteering to write the certificates.
The weather was very kind to us; fine most of the time, with a keen breeze and a bit of rain which helped to soften the ground for the tracking which was held in one massive stubble field, clearly marked out with a very wide walkway for spectators to be able to watch all tracks from a safe distance.
Each competitor had a fresh section of the land, giving Damian several miles walking to escort competitors to their tracks over the two days, then acting as gate steward for the C/A on Saturday – thanks, Damian, I bet your legs ached after that lot.
The track was 20 legs long with 13 right angles and three acute angles; the first leg was 40 paces long, the 2nd leg 160 paces, 3rd leg 20 paces to the first article, another 20 paces to the 4th leg of 130 paces. My thoughts on the track design were that it would hopefully give the dogs the opportunity to get the measure of the ground before the pattern became a bit more interesting!
Our very able tracklayers, Tom and Jeff, had lots of success between them; thank you for laying the tracks just as requested. When competing I am always happy when either of these very experienced tracklayers have laid a track for my dogs.
Articles: 3 inch wooden coffee stirrer, 1 x 3.5 inch leather and 1.5 x 3 inch green wellie

KCC TD Track small

Thank you to our track watchers, Dave, Cath, Sheila, Fran and Liz; not the most exciting of tasks but very much appreciated by the competitors and myself. Dave doubled up as crowd control giving each competitor the best chance to work their dogs without all the potential extra scent blowing onto the tracks.
Thank you to Yvonne who is obviously very smelly (or hot stuff) because 9 out of the 12 dogs recovered four search articles and the rest got three.
Search articles: 1 x 2.5 inch beer mat, 1 x 3 inch wool material, 1 x 1.5 inch cotton roll, 2 x 2 inch film slide
After the nosework we had 9 out of twelve competitors on qualifying marks.
We had a beautiful sunny day on Saturday for the C/A - I don’t know how Dave managed to organise that! This was held in the lawn grounds of Lotherton Hall.
I set out the C/A round so that the spectators who were positioned along the outside of the boundary fence would be able to have a full view of the whole round.
Yvonne did a brilliant job stewarding the C/A round; she is so efficient and very precise, giving clear instructions to the competitors and checking that they fully understood what was required – thanks, Yvonne.
The control commenced with heelwork working quite close to the spectators, then speak at heel followed taking the competitors towards the start of the sendaway.
The S/A was straight out 120 paces towards a small peg just short of the boundary fence; depending on which side of the peg the dog arrived at they were given a left redirect to the tree 100 paces, or right redirect to the bottom gate 120 paces, after which they had a second redirect to the opposite point. This ensured that the dogs were nicely warmed up for the agility - clear jump, long jump and scale; second attempts were given if required on all jumps.
All nine dogs managed to keep it together for their handlers gaining TDEx, after which I was informed there would be a run off for the CC. Tom had very kindly put out three run off tracks, two of which were worked that afternoon, which turned out to be rather warm with a drying breeze, making the tracking tough going.


1st and CC WTCh COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO with Suzanne Plumb, 210.suzanne small

Bandit came up trumps for you, Suzanne - what a way to end his trials career, right at the top where he belongs. I know this is a dream come true for you; it can’t get any better, and may he enjoy a long and very happy retirement. Many congratulations to you both.


2nd and Reserve CC WTCh GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL, with Wendy Beasley, 210.

wendy small
Phoebe certainly is a star - God bless her, she gave her all for you, Wendy. I know how proud you are of all her successes, another brilliant dog retiring at the top of our sport, having the highest control and agility marks. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement

3rd WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL with Tony Lockyer, 202.5.

tony gyp small
This was the first partnership to work the test; when Tony and Gyp came off with 3 and 4 I was delighted (even though it wasn’t his GSD). Gyp is such a consistently good nosework and C/A dog - he now holds the record for the highest number of TD tickets won. Congratulations

4th WTCh STYPERSON CLEO with Sheila Tannert, 201.5.

sheila small

Sheila was dreading tracking on stubble, but Teal had other ideas, making it look easy, gaining the highest track mark with 3 and 4 articles. With the usual lovely control and agility round a well deserved qualification. Congratulations.


5th JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY with Margaret Robinson, 198.5.

 Margaret small

Frankie produced a super nosework round with 3 and 4, a good control round, but had a hiccup with the agility. The dog must be sent from a stationary position to go over the scale, but I am sure you will get it sorted, Margaret.


6th OBCh RUSKATH OTHENTIC IMAGE with Kathy Ingham, 195.

kathy small
A good all round performance by Oddi; left an article in the square which was expensive. It would be lovely to make her a double champion, and I hope that’s your goal, Kathy.


7th LAWINICK COME N GET IT AT HARTSHILL with Tony Lockyer, 190.

 tony isla small

Isla had a bit of a wait for her track time to start and with good GSD vocals she let us know; it sounded like “Just let me get on with it”. Lovely track, missed the leather article but she appeared to indicate it. In Tony’s capable hands it won’t be long before she is a WTCh.

8th WTCh and OBCh AMBERSLADE BUCKANEER with Suzanne Jaffa, 189.5.

 Susanne small

Buck didn’t find the tracking easy but he worked his socks off to get Suzanne round - you must be delighted with his commitment to the job in hand; he recovered 3 and 4. Good control, but just a blip with the clear jump and a white pole!


9th WTCh COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE with Diana Collie, 187.

 diane small

Crystal proved her worth yet again by working a lovely track, gaining equally the highest track mark; missed one article on the track but recovered four from the search. She is a very clever and versatile dog enjoying life to the full - you must be immensely proud of all her achievements Diana.


10th SUNSHINE PIP with Pat Williams, NQ.

 pat williams small

Pip managed to get almost 2/3 of the way around the track; she didn’t find it easy going, but worked a good search. She worked a super C/A round - it won’t be long before your second ticket, Pat.


11th GEMWELL STORM DRAGON with Barbara Riste, NQ.

 barbara small

Barbara was thrilled to bits with Bennett’s tracking; he also got 2/3 round the track, with full agility but a bit if a blip on control, but he enjoyed himself.

You must be so proud, Barbara, to own, train and work the first ever Gordon Setter to win a TD ticket. I hope a second one will soon be his - you deserve it.


12th STYPERSON ROYCE with Liz de Unger, NQ.

 liz small

Unfortunately Liz was beaten by her nerves on the track. Sohrab recovered three from the search, had full agility and a good control round

Thank you to all the competitors - I thoroughly enjoyed watching your dogs work the test, and good luck for your future trials.
Mary Prentice and MOUNTLOCHAN LAIRD O’LEYS were unable to compete, due to Kiltie having sustained an injury; I hope he continues to improve.
Janet Parker and NEDLO TOP OF THE POPS were unable to attend this year due to Janet’s ill health. We all wish you a speedy recovery and best wishes for next years KCC’s
Many thanks for the beautiful gifts from the Kennel Club and Yorkshire Working Trials Society
Finally, thanks to YWTS; all your hard work and fund raising over the past two years paid off beautifully in a faultless “very” special event that was the 2011 KCC’s.




Patrol Dog Stake




PD Judge Lorna Cottier small
Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd and Richard Musgrave
Track watchers: Teresa Musgrave, Liz Stewart, Pete Turner
Search, C/A Steward and PD Scribe: Ann Bedford
Patrol Steward: Moira Rogerson
Patrol Helpers: Iain Forest, Tom Davies, Vic Snook, Steve Lancashire, Jordan Bamber, Anthony Snook, Bill Richardson and Paul Morling.

Escorts: Fred Welham and Damian Chadwick

Thank you to the Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the PD Stake. It has been a total privilege.
Many thanks and congratulations to Dave and Liz Stewart, Eric Carpenter, the Committee at Yorkshire WTS and all their marvellous helpers for organising and running a well organised, friendly and thoroughly enjoyable KCC’s – you did a terrific job.
The hotel, especially with that much appreciated swimming pool, was ideal, the base at Lotherton Hall outstanding. The huge stubble nosework field meant that all competitors had the same chance. The control and patrol fields were ideal in size, flatness and location - the patrol field even offered some trees as natural hides.
So many workers to thank, there would have been many doing jobs that we weren’t aware of so to all, a huge thank you. We did see Jan Darby at the Base and Jacqui Gibney writing the certificates so beautifully, whilst at all the fields John and Fran Atkins seemed to be everywhere, keeping it all running smoothly. Damian was gate steward, proudly (I think) wearing his SWTS tie from a long time ago, ably assisted by Dave Craven in ensuring the competitors knew where and when they were going. Thank you all.
To all my nosework helpers, you were terrific, Andrea and Richard laying the tracks so precisely and Teresa, Liz and Pete ensuring we didn’t lose any land.
Thanks to Ann for putting up with me throughout the trial and stewarding and scribing so well and to Moira, who stewarded the patrol round, gave clear instructions to the competitors throughout and was a great help in setting up the round; both your assistance and company was much appreciated.
To the patrol round helpers – what would we do without you? Not get very far I think. We had Tom who had a rush to get here from being admitted to hospital after a disagreement over a grape (or something..), Paul and Bill who lent me Nip and Kali to work out the timings, Jordan who will never look at a metal spoon the same again, Iain, Steve and Vic who for once were the best behaved at night and Anthony, who at the start was horrified at having to be associated with Peppa Pig but by the end of the trial was really quite possessive over that tent.
Finally, to the competitors – you all deserved to be there and we saw some super work. Thanks to those who accepted my decisions and made the whole experience a great one to remember. You’ve all got brilliant dogs and I wish you all the very best with them.
Weather conditions throughout the trial were quite amazing – slight breeze, no rain and often a lot of sunshine.
The track articles were a 2” piece of cable and square piece of underlay. In the search square were a plastic tea spoon, Halloween straw, carpet and a small torch with PD Stake KCCs 2011 inscribed on it, which the competitors kept at the end of the trial.
After the nosework, all teams were still qualifying well. A special mention for Lee and Diesel; when Andrea laid the track she met a hare crouching down, which she had to walk round to continue with the diagonal leg. Two hours later and along come Lee and Diesel, which the hare obviously didn’t feel safe with and off he bounded all over the track. A great recovery by Lee who managed to persuade Diesel that he was here to track, not do some coursing. Best nosework was Dave and Murphy.

KCC PD Track small

For the control round, we started with heelwork (around the scale) followed by the speak at heel then the sendaway, which was 130 yards at a diagonal to the corner gate then a 120 yard left redirect to a trough.
Various teams lost marks for extra commands and dogs eating grass, however all qualified the control section. Unfortunately we lost Roy on the jumps. Best C/A was Dave and Nell.
The patrol round was a lock out, however prior to working the patrol round, the competitors were given the order of the exercises, plus the specific instruction to continue with the escort once they were satisfied they had completed the quarter.
The round commenced with the recall. For this and also the chase, the warning from the handler was given whilst they walked the dog at heel between two poles, at the pace of the steward.
The quarter followed – to a gate on the right boundary, across the field via a small tent, to a tree, behind a copse of trees to then locate, by a stack of branches, two persons. Near them was a large tent. Having dealt with the two criminals, the handler was then expected to use the dog to check the large tent. When the dog did indicate at it, the criminal did not acknowledge, forcing the handler to open the tent and send the dog in. The criminal was within a further hidden (Peppa Pig!) tent to ensure the handler couldn’t see him. Those that did this part of the test all did it really well. Two handlers didn’t search the tent.
Following the quarter was the escort of the 3 criminals, during which there was an attack on handler followed by another criminal running away. The chase was next, finishing with the test of courage - a group, some of whom were crouched down, throwing bricks at the dog and handler. When the dog was sent, the group all stood up and the noise and intimidation towards the dog was quite intense. All dogs did really well and won the sleeve at the end of the test.


1st and CC Graham Reaney and TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND,

Lab, D, 285.5, PDEx.

Graham small

Well done, Graham. Up to the patrol round, this team gave few marks away. A good quarter - Charlie maintains that enthusiasm and confidence well; good attentive location of the criminals at the tree, we’ll not dwell on the tent you escorted smartly past! A very focused dog that can move with great speed and determination; also took joint best patrol round. A worthy winner of the KCC’s PD Stake and WTCh title. N/w, 110/115; C/A, 31/35 and 19.5/20; Patrol, 125/150.

2nd and Reserve CC Manda McLellan and ASTRA STORM,

BC, D, 266, PDEx.

manda small

A good strong dog is Storm; his attentiveness to the criminals is first class. Good quarter, great location at the trees and the tent, even though he chose to do the more difficult one first. Really well worked by Manda throughout the patrol round. Lost a bit on the escort and chase but a well-deserved reserve ticket, I hope he gets that elusive second ticket soon. 97, 32, 15, 122

3rd Dave Olley and WTCh STARDELL ALULA,

BC, B, 261.5, PDEx.

dOlley small

A really lovely neat little bitch, Nell puts 100% into everything she does and is of great credit to you, Dave. Good nosework and excellent C/A. In the patrol she worked a lovely quarter up till the moment Dave escorted past the tent; I’ll not repeat his reaction when he realised what he’d missed! Also lost a few marks in the escort and chase but a gutsy performance; well done on a well-deserved qualification. 96, 32, 20, 113.5.

4th Gary Martin and WTCh TYTRI ROY,

BC, D, 261, NQ.

gary small
This was Roy’s retiring trial in PD and how fitting it was that he had joint best patrol round with the winner. So well handled by Gary as always, Roy worked with his usual great enthusiasm, sometimes on his own terms but always with the best of intentions. Happy retirement Roy, enjoy a sleeve by the fireside. 97, 28.5, 10, 125

Finally, my thanks to both the Kennel Club and Yorkshire WTS for the lovely presents I took home with me.

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