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Kennel Club Working Trial Championships

Hosted by:

The Scottish Working Trials Society


18th - 20th October 2012

 Picture Gallery


Kennel Club Working Trial Championships

Hosted by:

The Scottish Working Trials Society


18th - 20th October 2012

 Picture Gallery

Trials Manager’s Report

After visiting all the local hotels, B&B’s and various places we hoped could accommodate an unknown number of people, the first cheque was written in payment toward the planned KCC’s - this was three years ago!! We started fund raising in earnest the following year - probably not the order of events that the auditor would approve of!
The next couple of years passed quite quickly, bringing the occasional panic over finances; however, the committee members rallied, dreaming up various ways to raise funds and finding ways to part friends and family from their hard earned cash. I am overwhelmed at the number of people from other Societies and Clubs who have run events solely to pass the proceeds on to us for this event. A huge Thank You to you all.
As with most trials the usual crew was enlisted, though in this case their numbers were doubled by a hardy band of volunteers who were willing to hang around the common for endless hours track watching, ready to rugby tackle any unsuspecting local who dared walk their dog in their ‘usual’ place!
There was only one last minute worry - the weather. Were the puddles outside the marquee much bigger than the ones inside the marquee? The day before everything kicked into action, the heavens opened and the word ‘rain’ just isn’t sufficient for what it threw at us that afternoon.
The common may not look its best in October but the good growth there certainly helped combat the amount of water that was underfoot generally. Although we never quite made bright sunshine, with the exception of some rain on the Thursday afternoon, the weather did stay reasonable for the nosework. Tracking on the whole went well, with most competitors qualifying the nosework section in TD and all in PD. The PD competitors also got a taste of the patrol section, as a location was done in the quarry area of the common.
Saturday started a little dull and gloomy but the sun did eventually show itself and showed the magnificent setting of Thirlstane Castle in all its glory. The day started with PD control, followed by TD control, and ended with the patrol section of PD. The ‘criminals’ played their part brilliantly, getting into the spirit of the event and location by turning out in orange wigs, tartan Tam O’Shanters and kilts (all five dogs and their handlers are probably scarred for life!!)
Both judges set fair tests that seemed to be enjoyed by the competitors.
I would like to thank everyone who turned out to support this event and I hope that Barrie James and his team are as well supported next year. Good luck to you all.
Many thanks to Mark Skillin for producing the catalogues and to Pat Parkinson for making the absolutely splendid winners’ coats.

Now for the roll call of folk who made this special event work so well…..
Although the judges ‘employed’ their own stewards, I would like to thank Judith Owens-Poole and Stevie Braithwaite for keeping both of the judges under control.
Track layers: the ladies and gents who turn up year after year to help us out. Thank you for being brave enough to strut your stuff on this occasion: Tom Darby, David McPhillips, Derek McAulay, Andrea Lynd and John Gray.
Track escorts: June McPhillips, Helen Jones and Mary Edgar. Thanks for getting everyone where they should be and on time.
Base staff: Lesley Drummer, Gwen Matear and June McPhillips. They kept competitors informed of everything they needed to know and, more importantly, sorted out the dreaded score board.
Catering: Lorraine Wilson, Liz Mills, Jan Darby and Annie Edwards. It never fails to amaze what these ladies can produce on a couple of camping stoves - absolutely fantastic. Thank you also to those who donated food. And well done June and David for cleaning all the equipment before we started.
Criminals: Tom Davies, Vic Snook, Anthony Snook, Iain Forrest, Chris Trevor and Brian Glasgow. These lads certainly entered into the spirit of it all, competitors and spectators both enjoying and appreciating the work that they put into this event. Bill Richardson was good enough to provide a dog to help with the run through.
Track watchers: Roy Drummer, Pam Wadsworth, Tom Mills, Ian Beaton, Pat Parkinson, Jackie Hilton, Shirley Windsor, Caroline Wright, Linda MacDonald, Jenny Holt, Diane Higgins, Heather Patrick, Steve Hirst and Cheryl Savage - these are the people who deserve an extra thank you. Because of the nature of the common, they weren’t out there for a couple of hours; they were out there for most of the day. And PR was required for the local dog walkers and hikers. A vital job, well done.
Derek McAulay: mover of jumps and catering equipment. Plus any other job if he didn’t move quick enough.
Tom Mills, Roy Drummer and David McPhillips: Car park attendants at the castle - beats NCP.
Caroline Wright expected to spend Saturday watching the control but ended up donning a yellow jacket and was ‘volunteered’ to gate steward all day.
Bob Russell designed and printed all the attendance and qualifying certificates.
Last but not least, Lorna Cottier. Trials secretary plus! She dealt with a mountain of paperwork, kept competitors informed of everything that was happening, sorted ever changing accommodation lists, sweet talked the local council, always available to discuss ‘things’ and bounce ideas off. Even managed to get herself an invite onto the PD patrol field.
Many thanks to all of the above; I’m glad you felt that you could be part of this event. We did it and we did it well!!

Ann Bedford, Trials Manager


Tracking Dog Stake

Tracking Dog Stake


TD Judge John West WTM small

Tracklayers: Tom Darby, David McPhillips and Derek McAulay
Run off Tracks: Tom Darby
Search Squares and C/A Steward: Stevie Braithwaite

Trials Manager: Ann Bedford
Trials Secretary: Lorna Cottier
Base Staff: Lesley Drummer, June McPhillips, Gwen Matear
Caterers: Lorraine Wilson, Jan Darby, Liz Mills, Annie Edwards
14 Track Watchers, 3 Escorts and a number of people to do all the other jobs of which can be found in the KCC catalogue. THANK YOU!

My first thank you must go to Brian Riste and Wessex WTC for nominating me to judge this prestigious event and my gratitude to all who supported me and voted on the Working Trials Council list, also thank you to Kennel Club for the appointment to judge the Tracking Dog Stake. Such an honour for one soooo young (I wish!)
A very big thank you and congratulations go to Ann and Lorna for holding, on behalf of the Kennel Club, a superb Championship; until you work on both sides of the fence you cannot appreciate the hard work and number of people it takes to make it look easy as you and your team had made it seem. I think all of you did yourselves and the Scottish Working Trials Society proud.
Anyone who has tracked on heather knows it can vary from one yard to the next; however, Lauder common is pretty even. The weather was very similar for both days, thus making it a good test for all. My first article on the track was a weathered plastic oasis bottle, knowing full well that there are lots of discarded drinks bottles out there - but none was left by the handlers. My second article was a sprig of imitation heather; this caused quite a lot of close inspection as some handlers thought it was not the article. My last article was a piece of tartan ribbon. As you can see from the track pattern below the square was placed by the tracklayers; therefore the search, with the articles of a four inch long cotton bud, a two inch jubilee clip, a four inch pipe cleaner and a 2 inch piece of leather, was worked before the track.

An excellent job was done by Tom, David and Derek in laying the tracks and placing the square poles in advance; my main aim of this was to have all the articles on the track to line up with two of the four poles, thus, when required on a couple of occasions, it was easy to retrieve the missed article. Thanks to all three of you, not only for the 855 yard long track but also for walking the 100 yards round the square. On this occasion the search square steward did not walk further than the tracklayer. Thank you to Stevie for placing the articles in the square - only having to retrieve four articles over the two days must be a record. With some competitors I do agree that with track and square we should have given them a bin liner; they could have helped clear the common of rubbish as they picked up everything their dog sniffed. Thanks again not only for your expertise in track and square laying, but also for your good company.

kctdtrack small
On seeing the ground for C/A my first thoughts were that the viewing gallery from the Castle grounds had to be seen to be believed; the spectators were at least fifteen feet above the control field on a beautiful lawn. All aspects of control could be seen and assessed by all spectators. Stevie was again as excellent as were her squares; she did not lose anyone with her heelwork commands. The round started with a tied up speak whilst the handler followed heelwork commands, next was the heel free finishing at the sendaway point. The sendaway itself was a hundred and forty yards to the field fence, through the centre of two tree lines which were also individually fenced, then the redirect was to two cross poles which the dogs could not see around a corner. The round was finished with the obligatory agility and stays.
My final thank you in this section goes to Lesley Drummer and June McPhillips. I know that my fellow judge, Jeff, and I did not want to know the running scores; to this end the scores were taken back, totalled, checked and rechecked making the results a nice surprise to us as well as the competitors. Once again, thank you, ladies.

1st and CC Andy Baker with WTCh SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, 206.5, Q.

andybaker small
Sid started his control round being half a point in front of the field. After deciding to stay quiet on the speak all seemed lost, however Sid then pulled everything out of the bag, including one of the highest point sendaways, making Andy and Sid very worthy winners. Once again, congratulations and good luck for the future trials and your next KCC’S.

2nd and Reserve CC Diane Ling with DEBEN LITTLE TOM, CDEx – TDEx, 206, Q.

 diane small

Tom was lying in 5th place after the nose work but with an excellent control round, including a good speak, was always in contention, and was only beaten by the narrowest margin of half a point. I’m sure based on this performance you will be back again competing at the KCC’s. Good luck to you both in future trials.

3rd Sue Ashby with WTCh THE TITAN, 205.5, Q.

sueash small

Titan still acts with the exuberance of a two year old, so willing to please mum that occasionally he’s not quite listening to his commands, but wants to be first to commit to the exercises. I’m sure he will still want to be doing this in another 5 years and still will be at the top. I look forward to seeing your name in lights in the near future.

4th Tony Lockyer with WTCh LAWINICK COME’N’GET IT AT HARTSHILL, 203.5, Q.

 tonyisla small

Isla was an absolute star on her control round, with only one other dog beating her. It was just unfortunate that she left an article out on the track. However, with Tony by her side it will not be too long before this team will be clocking up more TDEx’s. Good luck in future trials. 

5th Margo Brothwell with WTCh TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx, 201.5, Q.

 margo small

Related to Tom in 2nd place and what an excellent round. Ryan would have tied with first but shied away from the long jump; this was after a mis-timed long jump when competing in the PD. I think his confidence was knocked; however, I’m confident that Margo and Ryan will soon have this sorted and will be back competing for first place again.

6th Wendy Beasley with STARDELL LUNAR, CDEx – TDEx, 200, Q.

 wendy small

Lunar is one of our younger dogs and in her first year competing at TDEx; this was a very good performance with only one hiccup of leaving one article in the square. With a favorable wind I can see you back again next year.

7th Tony Lockyer with WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, 198, NQ.

tonygyp small 

Gyp now is one of our most decorated dogs in TDEx, but unfortunately every dog can make a small mistake, which Gyp obliged with on the agility. Other than this it was an excellent round to be proud of.

8th Elizabeth de Unger with WTCh STYPERSON ROYCE, 186.5, NQ.

 Liz small

Up to the control round Sohrab had 3 and 3 from the nosework with a good qualification mark, but then without a speak he got a little confused. But with his general performance it won’t be the last we see of this team.

9th Jill Carruthers with WTCh VOMKYNA DARCA, 141.5, NQ.

 jill small

Darcy gave an excellent performance in the control round with only one hiccup in the agility; however after losing very few marks on two thirds of the track Darcy then scented something in a different direction. This team will certainly be back again.

10th Dave Olley with WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, 133, NQ.

 daveolley small

Ray gained the highest mark in the control round. Nosework started with a full mark square but unfortunately he took a wrong turn early on in the track. No doubt he will be a contender in the future.

11th Jean Cooke with WAGGERLAND TOPIC, 118.5, NQ.

jeancooke small
Topic found the ground a little difficult, although I know he can do better as I laid his track for his qualification to the KCC’S at Wessex; quite a good control round, with just the agility to sort out.

12th Kathy Ingram with WTCh/OBCh RUSKATH OTHENTIC IMAGE, CDEx – TDEx, 104, NQ.

 cathy small

Oddi had a superb control round, full mark agility, a full mark square, but unfortunately she took an early wrong turn on the track - such a pity!

Finally I would like to wish Midland Border Collie Club and Barrie James good luck for the 2013 KCC’s, and I hope Jean Howells enjoys the TD as much as I did. Best wishes to you all.

Patrol Dog Stake

Patrol Dog Stake


PD Judge Jeff Poole WTM small
Tracklayers: John Gray and Andrea Lynd
Search Steward: Judith Owens-Poole
Patrol Steward: Lorna Cottier
Criminals: Tom Davis, Vic and Anthony Snook, Iain Forrest, Brian Glasgow and Chris Trevor

This year’s Championships were hosted by Scottish Working Trials Society at Lauder, Berwickshire, from Thursday 18th to 20th October. The venues that we were provided with for this trial were exceptional; the setting for the Control and Patrol rounds was second to none.
There was a large team of helpers involved, and to a person, were cheerful and helpful throughout. It would take too many pages to thank them all for what they did, so to ALL of you, thank you for all that you did; whether seen or not, you all played your part, and it was very much appreciated.
I must make special mention to two people who were at the forefront of the team, Ann Bedford and Lorna Cottier; they were there at everybody’s beck and call and never failed to get whatever needed doing, done, and always with a smile (or was it grimace?) on their faces. It must be something about living in Scotland!
My team of helpers are all experienced people, and what a joy it is, as a judge, to have all this knowledge there to feed from, if you need it, and to be able to set a test that you know will be carried out as envisaged.
Thanks to my two track layers, John Gray and Andrea Lynd, who had to work in some quite wet parts of the common at times, but were still able to follow my pattern with their usual accuracy. Judith was my search, C/A and score steward, and, as usual, did a great job of the squares and was always there to lend support and advice when needed.

Judging the Patrol Dog stake obviously has the added requirement of the patrol round itself and without a doubt this is the one area that one is so reliant on good quality helpers. I had better than a good team of helpers, I had the best! These folks give of their time and help the length and breadth of the country and I do not know where we would be without them. So huge thanks to Tom Davis, Vic and Anthony Snook, Iain Forrest, Brian Glasgow and Chris Trevor, for doing a brilliant job, as well as providing a bit of comic relief to the proceedings. Finally, thanks to Lorna for stewarding; she did a great job of keeping the competitors calm and in the right place at the right time, and, on occasion reminding me the order of exercise – the brains going!
Throughout my time in PD I have been, and remain, a firm believer that it is very much about the whole test. So, as usual, I set a nosework test that was challenging, but without any gimmicks. The overall standard of the nosework was very good, the searches being the one area that seemed to cause the greatest loss of marks on the day. The C/A round was also testing, and resulted in odd marks being lost here and there, but nothing major.
I was delighted that we went into the patrol round with all five teams still in contention. I did not know (nor, indeed did anyone else) how the score situation was, so it was there for all to compete to the very end.

PD Track small
The teams had already undertaken a quartering exercise in an old quarry area on the Common on Friday afternoon. This was set up as a more ‘practical’ type of search and required the teams to locate two ‘bodies’ and conduct thorough searches of them and the area that they were found in. There were a number of items to be located. None of the handlers found all of these items, with an obvious loss of marks accordingly.
The patrol round itself consisted of eight elements that were not directly connected but, due to the way I had set the test, flowed from one to the other. The handlers had been briefed to the effect that they could have time to settle their dogs between exercises, if they so wished. The overall standard of work from all the teams was very good, resulting in three ‘Excellent’ qualifications.
Congratulations to all who competed and especially to Lee and Diesel, my deserved winner, and good luck for your continued success next year.


leepayne small

59.5/60, 20/20. 20/35, 29.5/35, 20/20, 129/150 (Best Patrol Round). Total 283/320. Qualified Excellent

2nd and Reserve CC Dave Olley with WTCh STARDELL ALULA.

davePD small

56.5/60, 20/20, 34/35, 32.5/35, 20/20, 119/150. Total 282/320. Qualified Excellent.


3rd Graham Reaney with WTCh TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND.

Graham small

57/60, 20/20, 20/35, 32.5/35, 20/20, 112.5/150. Total 262.5/320. Qualified Excellent


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