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Kennel Club Working Trial Championships

Hosted by:

Midland Border Collie Club


18th - 20th October 2012



Kennel Club Working Trial Championships

Hosted by:

Midland Border Collie Club


18th - 20th October 2012


Trials Manager’s Report

The Kennel Club Working Trial Championships were held near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, from Thursday 17th October 2013 to Saturday 19th October 2013. The hosting society this year was the Midlands Border Collie Club. The base for the event was Scalford Hall Hotel, which is just a few miles outside of the town, set in rural countryside.
Many thanks to all my army of supporters, helpers, track layers, track watchers, stewards and marshalls. Without you all it would never have happened.
The Tracking and Search elements of the championships were held on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th. The land the dogs worked on is owned by the Friars Wells Estate and permission to use these fields was provided by the Estate Manager, Mr Geoff Johnson. All the tracking plots were very much the same, being on fairly new wheat growth in two adjacent fields. We were lucky that there was no rain on either tracking day, although Thursday was a slightly better day being somewhat brighter.
Fourteen Tracking Dog Stake (TD) dogs and handlers had qualified for the Championships during the previous twelve months and with one dog retired prior to the event thirteen dogs worked over the two days (TD Judge was Mrs Jean Howells). Seven dogs worked on Thursday and six on Friday. At the end of this nose-work group for the Tracking Stake dogs there were seven dogs within qualifying marks going into the final day. Also competing on Friday in their nose-work group were two qualifying Patrol Dog Stake (PD) dogs and handlers (PD Judge was Mr Eric Roberts). Again, the tracking plots were very much the same being on fairly new wheat growth and again being in adjacent fields. Both these teams were qualifying going into the final day.
Saturday’s final day competition was to consist of the Control and Agility sections for the Tracking Dog Stake (TD) teams and both Control and Agility and Patrol for the Patrol Dog Stake (PD) teams. The venue for this event was held at the Defence Animal Centre in Melton Mowbray, by kind permission of the Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Richard Pope. We were able to use their superb outdoor grassed equestrian arena, which had adjacent car parking and excellent spectator viewing areas. The day’s proceedings began with the Patrol Dog Stake (PD) Control and Agility, followed by the Tracking Dog Stake (TD) Control and Agility, and then finishing with the Patrol Dog Stake (PD) Patrol round.
The winner of the Tracking Dog Stake (TD) was Mr Tony Lockyer with his German Shepherd bitch WTCh LAWINICK COME ‘N’ GET IT AT HARTSHILL and the Patrol Dog Stake (PD) winner was Mr Lee Payne with his Border Collie / German Shepherd cross dog WTCh LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE.



Tracking Dog Stake





Jean Howells WTM small
Track Layers: Andy Magyar and Anne Bedford
Search and C/A Steward: Vana Moody

My thanks to The Kennel Club for inviting me to judge the Kennel Club Championships and to all the societies who voted for me. It has been a great honour and an experience I shall never forget.
My thanks to Midland Border Collie Club for hosting this event. It takes a lot of time and effort to put on the Kennel Club Championships and I would like to thank Barrie, Sue and their team for running the Championships. I would also like to thank you for looking after us so well; I really enjoyed my 4 days with you.
The land had been ploughed and sown 3 weeks before the trial and had 2 - 3 inches of growth. This looked green from a distance but close up was a little bare. Many thanks to the farmers for allowing use to use their land. I would also like to thank the Defence Animal Centre for the wonderful control field, which was brilliant for competitors and spectators.
The weather was very kind to us and all our work was done in the dry; it only rained at night or after we had finished working.
I set an uncomplicated track pattern with reasonable sized articles, as the land could prove to be difficult and unfortunately I did lose 6 competitors on the nosework. Two of these were hard luck stories, as they both did good tracks but only found one article. Thanks to Andy and Anne for laying all the tracks between them exactly as I had asked for them to be laid, and to Andy for laying the runoff tracks.
Many thanks to Vana for laying all the squares and stewarding the control and agility, as well as getting me from A to B and being a general dogsbody. The squares were very well done - Vana only had to find one article.
I set a straightforward control round. I started off with the speak at heel, followed by a second speak with the dog by the handler’s side. This was followed by heelwork finishing at the sendaway. The sendaway consisted of a diagonal outrun of 160 yds and a left redirect down a hedge of 180 yds.
I unfortunately lost some competitors after the control round, but only one dog failed to get enough marks on the jumps, so I ended the control with four qualifiers overall.

KCC 2013 TD Track pattern main small

Thanks to all the base staff especially Wendy for doing all the scores. Thanks to Arthur for looking after my dogs for three days. Last, but not least, thanks to all the competitors, who had already proved their worth by being at the Kennel Club Championships.


TD Tony track small

GSD, 14/10/2007, winning the Kennel Club Championships 2013, 206 / 220, Q TDEx. A well-deserved win. A steady track and square followed by a good control round. Isla pulled out all the stops on the sendaway! All your hard work paid off. Very well done, Tony.

2nd Andy Baker with WTCh SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER,

TD Andy track small

Border Collie, 22/08/2006, winning the Reserve Ticket, 203.5 / 220, Q TDEx. A very nice track but the second article was costly. A full mark search square followed by a good control round. Well done, Andy.

3rd Diane Ling with WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM,

TD Diane track small

Crossbreed, 01/06/2009, 200.5 / 220, Q TDEx. A good track with 3 articles. Tom certainly had us all entertained while doing the square! Unfortunately it was rather costly. A good control round. Well done, Diane

4th Sheila Tannert with WTCh STYPERSON CLEO,

TD Sheila track small

Labrador, 22/12/2007, 190.5 / 220, Q TDEx. A good track but leaving an article was costly. A good square followed by a good control round, but knocking the clear jump down was also costly. Well done, Sheila.

I am only sorry you didn’t all qualify. To those that did qualify, very well done, and to all of you the very best of luck for the future. Good luck to Tony Lockyer and Paul Morling and the Wessex team for the 2014 Kennel Club Championships.


Patrol Dog Stake




eric small
Tracklayer: Malcolm Snowden
Steward: Danny Roberts
Patrol Helpers: Malcolm Snowden (hidden person), Danny Roberts (test of courage), Tom Davies (chase criminal) and Vic Snook (recall criminal).

My thanks to the Kennel Club for sanctioning this appointment and to the Midland Border Collie Club for accepting me as the judge for this prestigious event. Congratulations to the MBCC for organising and running such a successful Championships.

Only three teams qualified for the event this year, Lee Payne with his dog Diesel and Dave Olley with two dogs, namely Ray and Nell. However Dave decided to retire Nell before the event. I found the standard achieved and the quality of work from both teams very impressive.

Judging started on Friday with the nosework phase. The area for tracking was perfect, with both teams having identical fields. The first team to take part was Lee with his dog Diesel, showing excellent tracking ability and recovering both articles; a full point search gave them a total of 111 points for the nosework section. Dave with Ray followed and again showed an excellent standard of tracking ability, but unfortunately ran out of time for the fourth article to be recovered from the search square, giving them a total of 104 points for the nosework section.
The Control and Agility started early on Saturday morning, with both teams showing excellent control throughout, with Lee and Diesel having a clear round and Dave and Ray having just half a point deducted in heelwork. In agility it was Dave and Ray with a clear round with Lee and Diesel incurring a two point penalty on the clear jump.

The Patrol phase took place after a lunch break and here I would like to congratulate the four helpers (loosely referred to as criminals), as it is they who make the test a success.
Patrol work started with quartering the area for a hidden injured person. Dave and Ray were first on followed by Lee and Diesel, both dogs showing excellent searching ability, with Ray demonstrating a little more diligence in his work and responding immediately to commands. Locating and indicating the injured person was without fault by both dogs and showed good control during the physical help given by his handler in escorting the injured person. The test of courage came next, with an aggressive assailant refusing to conform to the handler’s request. Ray was released to show good speed and true pronounced courage, with Diesel having to readjust before the bite but still taking the pressure from the criminal and stopping the assault. The chase and detention of the next criminal came next, with both dogs doing an excellent job and achieving maximum points. Diesel also gained maximum points in the recall test with Ray having an extra whistle to effect the recall. The total result in the Patrol phase was Dave and Ray achieving 143 points out of 150 and Lee with Diesel 140 points. My congratulations to both teams on an excellent performance. Total for the trial: Lee and Diesel 304 points out of 320 and Dave with Ray 301.5 points. Well done to both teams and my very best wishes.

Many thanks to my tracklayer, Malcolm Snowden, my search steward, Danny Roberts, and my patrol field helpers, Malcolm Snowden (hidden person), Danny Roberts (test of courage), Tom Davies (chase criminal) and Vic Snook (recall criminal).


Crossbreed,, 304. Q

PD Lee track Sue James small

2nd Dave Olley with WTCH LITTLE RAYMOND

crossbreed, 301.5, Q

PD Dave CA small

In conclusion, may I once again thank the Society for an excellent weekend and my best wishes to you all.




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