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Firstly, I would like to thank our farmers, without whom we would have no land for the trial to run on; Ken Grimsdell, the Farm Manager for R & T Ensor Farms, for the tracking land, which was on winter wheat, and Andrew Hannah for the control field.

Thanks also to Sue for organising all the helpers, Julie for running the base, Dot for doing all the catering and to Di for helping her. And thanks to Jacqui for writing the certificates, Zoe for printing the prize cards, and Kate for doing the admin work. I will let the judges thank their own track layers and stewards. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, but thanks to everyone for all their help. Trials wouldn’t run without you either.

To those who qualified - well done; to those who didn’t, keep trying and working hard at it and you’ll get there in the end.





Veteran Tracklayers: Julie and Gary Atkins

Steward: Anne Thorpe

I would like to thank Leamington for the invitation to judge the CD and Veteran. My thanks go to John Wykes, Working Trials Manager, Kate Wykes for organising everything, Julie Skipp at base, Dot Levin in the kitchen, and everybody else who helped.

I would like to say a big thank you to Anne Thorpe for laying the squares, and stewarding the CD control. It made my job of judging a lot easier knowing that you had everything under control. And I have to thank Leamington for giving me a very experienced team of helpers for Veteran, with Julie and Gary laying all the tracks, and Annie again laying the squares. Thank you all very much for giving up your time – it was much appreciated.


We had six entries, and five worked, with no qualifiers.

1st Mrs S Gordon, ABBIGALE OF THE VALLEY, Lab, B. A very good C/A round, with good heelwork and sendaway, and one of only two dogs to do both stays. Three articles out of the square, followed by a good retrieve. Unfortunately went out on the agility.

2nd Ms J Sutherland, CANDLEWIND LA VENEZIANA, BC, B. An excellent C/A round, losing only one mark on the sendaway. Three articles from the square, followed by a very good retrieve, but went out on the down stays and the jumps.

3rd Ms A Fileds, JUST RED ROBIN, Lab, D. Another very good C/A round, losing only five marks, with ten for the sendaway. Full mark stays, only to go out with a poor square and retrieve. The only dog to qualify all the jumps.

4th Mrs J Henton, BLACKBERRY FOLLY, Lab, D. A good attempt at every exercise, but not enough marks overall.

Thank you for entering under me and letting me judge your dogs. I hope you enjoyed the test, and keep up training.


After having the newcomers on the Saturday, we had the oldies to sort out on the Sunday – and that’s not referring to the four-legged ones! The field was very wet, making it very heavy and hard going to walk, let alone lay tracks and squares.

1st Gail Gewsyn-Pryce, ROCKSPRAY WALLIS AT CONCENN, GSD, B. A steady track, finding all five articles, plus retrieved all six articles from the square.

2nd John West, FULMAY FIRST CHALLENGER AT SHEPALIAN, ASD, D. Set off at a good pace, followed by John, who had to stop to get his breath. Missed the first article on the track, but retrieved all six from the square.

3rd Lynne Davies, KANE SYRUS, X, D. Not the best of starts and first leg, but after the first corner did a very steady and accurate track, finding all five articles. Retrieved five articles from the square.

4th Zoe Finlay, TRIJEM REBEL IN RED WITH OVERDRIVE, ASD, D. Up to the corner where he decided to go walkabout he had done a very steady and accurate track. Only recovered three articles from the track and four from the square.




Steward Kate Wykes

Thank you to Leamington for the invitation to judge the control; I had a really great four days. I would also like to thank John for being Trials manager, Julie Skipp for running the base, Dot and Diane for keeping me fed and watered, Jacqui for doing the certificates, my steward Kate for keeping me company and doing a superb job putting the competitors at their ease - not an easy task - and the competitors themselves for not keeping us waiting at all


1st Mrs E Hickman, WOLFHART TOUCH OF GOLD, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, GSD, 199.5, Q. Well done, Liz, you really did a nice solid control round and deserve your qualification.

2nd Mrs S Royle, POLLGINA MICHELLE SO GENTLE, CDEx, UDEx, Lab, 192.5, Q. Your little dog did you proud to-day; she really worked well for you. Congratulations on your qualification

3rd Mrs R Banfather, STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSWAY, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, GSD, 180.5, Q. Well done, Rita, on your qualification

4th Mrs J Miller, FOXFOLD CO-ALITION, OW, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, Crossbreed, NQ.


1st Mr G Reaney, TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND, Lab, 194, Q. Well done, Graham, this dog is full of enthusiasm and a pleasure to watch

2nd Mrs C Gregory, CASSOP DANNY, GSD, 193.5, Q Well done, Chris, a nice round.

3rd Mrs M Bothwell, TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, Crossbreed, 190, Q. Congratulations, Margo, a very worthy qualification.

4th Mrs P Jaques, EMM OF EMLEY, BC, 186.5, Q. Well done Paula; Emm did it for you despite your nerves.

Also Qualifying:

Mr G Padgett, BEN THE BLADESMAN, BC, D, 183.5

Miss R Abbott, SQWUFFEE FENSTER, WSD, B, 179

Miss V Royle, MASTER MURPHY, GSD, D, 176




Tracklayers: Len Newman and Sue Ashby

Steward: Diana Stephens

First of all, thank you to Leamington DTC for the invitation to judge the UD nosework. It was a thoroughly enjoyable three days. Congratulations to John Wykes on the smooth running of the trial; he was ably assisted by Julie and Kate at the base, and Dot and Di kept us well supplied with food. Even the weather behaved itself - bucketing rain by night but dry and with some gleams of sunshine by day, though conditions underfoot were mud, mud, and more mud. The crop had a few inches of growth but was quite sparse (making the articles a bit of a gift), while the breeze varied from moderate to brisk on all three days. There was nothing in the conditions to trouble any dog that applied itself to the track, and we saw some excellent performances. At the other end of the spectrum, dogs that did not apply themselves or teams that lacked experience really struggled. There were very few “in-betweens” or genuine hard-luck stories. Tracklayers Len and Sue did a brilliant job dodging the rivers that sprang up in the fields overnight. Thanks for your work and your excellent company. We had 100% success with the squares; no dog got fewer than three articles out. Thank you, Diana. Finally, thanks to the competitors; you were a great bunch, and I hope you enjoyed your day.

1st Mr G. Reaney with TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND, Lab, D. Fast and accurate, Charlie powered around the track. 194, COM (track 89, square 33)

2nd Mrs C. Gregory with CASSOP DANNY, GSD, D. A very competent all-round performance from Freddie. 193.5, COM (track 87, square 33.5)

3rd Mrs M. Brothwell with TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, Cross, D. A highly impressive team, new to competition. 190, COM (track 86, square 35)

4th Mrs P. Jaques with EMM OF EMLEY, BC, B. A steady and accurate track. 186.5, COM (89 track, 34 square)

Also gaining COM

Mr G. Padgett with BEN THE BLADESMAN, BC, D, 183.5

Miss R. Abbott with SQWUFFEE FENSTER, WSD, B, 179

Miss V. Royle with MASTER MURPHY, GSD, D, 176




Steward: Jacqui Gibney

Tracklayers: David Barker, Roger Shrimpton, Norma Ansell, Le Newman and John Wykes.

Thank you, Leamington, for the invitation to judge, I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 days. It’s a pleasure to help at such a well run and friendly trial. Thank you, John and Kate, for all your hard work, prior to and during the trial. Thank you, Julie, for running the base so ably and for all the food provided by Dot and Di. To my team, tracklayers as above and Jacqui, my steward, for being great company and laying every track and square as requested – thank you. I witnessed some lovely teams with great potential, but unfortunately conditions at this time of year made it very tough and we ended the trial with only 3 qualifiers. 9 teams qualified the nose work and you should all be very proud.

1st Liz Hickman and JAY. The only team to get 3 and 4, Lovely track and near perfect square, Very Well Done, Liz. 199.5

2nd Sarah Royle and EYLA. Best track but unfortunately missed the cork! Eyla has wonderful drive and attitude to her work. Well Done. 192.5

3rd Rita Banfather and FINNIGAN. Well Done Lovely Team. 180.5

4th Jenny Miller and KASH. Just needing one more article off the track to qualify, I’m gutted for you, his work is superb. NQ

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