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Wow, what a fabulous team of people Leamington has to run their working trials. Thank you to all the people mentioned in the following paragraph.

Pat Herbert organised all the helpers; Pat, Sue Ashby, Gary Atkins and Roger Shrimpton marked out the tracking fields; Dot Levin organised all the catering and Di Assheton-Bowtle came to help Dot in the kitchen. Kate Peyton escorted the competitors to the tracking ground and the C/A field and then on the Sunday she came to the rescue and ran the base for Kate when we had a crisis at home; Jaff was taken ill and died at home with me by his side on Sunday morning. The team came into their own and the trial continued to run in my absence, for which I’m so very grateful.

At the beginning of the week we were still unsure if the trial would run due to the weather conditions. Despite all the rain Ken (the Farm Manager) said we could use the fields at Monks Kirby for tracking on if we tried not to make too much mess! The C/A field we were going to use was under water and Andrew Hannah came to our rescue at the beginning of the week of the trial to let us use his field for the C/A. We were unable to book our usual village hall due to a previous booking, but Chris Parsons (the caretaker) allowed us to use the Youth Club for the first time and it proved to be a success as a base.

Thank you to the competitors for entering and we hope to see you again at future trials.





Steward: Julie Skipp

Stay Stewards: Julie Skipp, Kate Peyton, Wendy Magyar.


Thank you to Leamington Training Dog Club for the invitation to judge the Control and Agility at their February Open Working Trial. Thanks to Trials Manager, John Wykes, and his team for organising a very well-run and happy trial which was a pleasure to be involved in.

Thanks to Kate Wykes for finding and running the trials base at Brinklow, and to Pat Herbert for organising the tracking and control fields. Thanks to Dot Levin and Di Assheton-Bowtle for doing such a great job with the catering, a very important job especially at this time of year.

Thanks to Stay Stewards Julie Skipp, Kate Peyton, and Wendy Magyar. An extra special thanks to Julie Skipp; if you ever get the chance to have Julie steward for you then you are very lucky - she is brilliant, very experienced, unflappable and a pleasure to be with. On behalf of the competitors and myself, thank you all once again.

The weather before the trial, as we all know, was very wet and at one point there was a real doubt that the trial would run. The weather during the trial was cold and very windy, but thankfully mostly dry during the day. The C/A field was on a slope and in places surprisingly well drained and dry for our needs. A tall bank of trees gave us shelter from, at times, very strong winds, for which we were grateful, and we felt for those out on the tracking fields.

The TD sendaway, which is pivotal to most control rounds, was straight down the field 120 paces to a hedge then redirect right 160 paces to the corner of the field. This exercise on the whole was very well done and I was most impressed by some of the redirects. The UD sendaway was 80 paces out to crossed poles and was no problem, with mostly full marks. The agility section caused a problem for more than I expected, surprisingly the clear jump.

I thought that the general standard of C/A was quite high, with some very promising young dogs coming through. Considering that so many competitors would have been disappointed by being unsuccessful with their tracks I was pleased by those that took part in the C/A; of the 34 TD entries 23 took part, and 19 of the UD 22 entries.



1st Mike Williams with TADMARTON ELEANOR, Lab, 195.5, Q. A very good all round performance by Mike and Tara, as you would expect. They make a very good team already and look to have a great future. Well done.

2nd Sheila Tannert with TARNEDGE WISP, Lab, 194 Q. Sheila has that special way with her dogs and it shows. A little distraction on the heelwork, otherwise a really nice all round performance. Well done and good luck for the future.

3rd Hazel Burton with HAZTONS QUEST, BC, 194, Q. A very good all round performance by Hazel and her young dog - lovely retrieve and sendaway. Well done and good luck.

4th Nick Brunner with NORDIC SPRUCE, Lab, 186, Q. Best control and agility of the stake, full marks all round. A pleasure to watch, very nice indeed, keep it up! And good luck for the future - well done.

 Also qualified:

John Fitzpatrick with THREE NINES ACE OF CLUBS, BSD, 185



1st Andy Laws with LAWS LITTLE FRANKIE, XB, 192, Q. A nice steady round by this team with no problems, and very well handled. Full marks for agility and a good sendaway. Well done.

2nd Maurice Millington with GLENALPINE JUD, BC, 184, Q. You have worked hard with Jud; it was nice to see you successful. Well done, Maurice, and good luck in the future.

3rd Vic Snook with WOOLSHAN INKSPOT, GSD, 105, NQ. Very good speak and sendaway, but did not like the clear jump today; otherwise a nice round. Well done.

4th Steph Gordon with TADMARTON DAYDREAMER TILLY, Lab, 82, NQ. Not a bad round at all by this team, a good speak and agility. Well done.



Steward: Wendy Magyar

 I would like to thank the Committee of Leamington DTC for the invitation to judge at their open trial, and for giving me my first judging appointment. Also, many thanks to Wendy for being an excellent steward, and for putting the competitors at ease. To the teams in the base, Kate’s Wykes and Peyton who sorted out the paperwork, and Dot and Di in the kitchen, thank you all for looking after us.

There were four entries and all ran, but unfortunately no qualifiers, mainly due to the dogs and/or handlers inexperience, but all showed promise for the future. The articles were: a Black shotgun cartridge, 4" x 1.5" carpet, and 2" x 3" green wellie.

 1st Nick Dunn with YUCOFARM AEGELIS, BSD, 82. A good square and heelwork, plus a full point scale and solid stays, gave an enthusiastic ‘Max’ this place. Well done on this result.

2nd Natalie Jayes with CRUYFF DUBBO, GSD, 58.5. The best square went to ‘Harley’ who took less than 45 secs to collect and present all square articles! A great demonstration of teamwork.

3rd Jenefer le Mesurier with BRYNFFRWD ANGEL GABRIELLE, HWHV, 52.5. A very good retrieve but only two articles today as ‘Angel’ was apparently distracted by the wet cow pats, but well done.

4th Graham Taylor with TEELUN BATES, WSD, 45. According to Graham his dog is ‘work in progress’, but ‘Teelun’ went on to work a very tidy square. Well done.

 Thank you for letting me judge you, and good luck at your next trial.




Tracklayers: Sue Ashby and Andy Magyar

Steward: Gary Gibbard

 Thanks to Leamington Dog Training Club for the appointment to judge the UD stake. Thanks to the Leamington team for all the organisation, John and Kate Wykes, Pat Herbert, and the rest of the Committee. Thanks to Dottie Levin and Di Assheton-Bowtle in the kitchen for keeping us well fed, Kate Wykes and Kate Peyton on the base, and last but not least my steward, Gary Gibbard, and tracklayers, Sue Ashby and Andy Magyar. I was honoured to have such a super team. Thanks all, you did a great job, and we had a bit of fun. I must mention the farmers for the use of the land; there are many that would not have allowed us to use the land given the weather that we have had recently, we are very grateful. Thank you to the competitors for entering under me; I saw some great work and I thoroughly enjoyed my two days.

We were lucky with the weather; although very windy both days, the rain that was supposed to come with it blew over. We had 22 entries, 18 ran, 11 qualified on the nosework with 7 qualifiers overall. The wind didn’t seem to cause too many problems, resulting in some superb tracking and very tidy search squares. I set a straightforward test and used generous articles with the "first trial" dog in mind; a 3" x 2" scourer and 5" roll of green fabric as the end article. The square had similar sized articles of soft leather, cord fabric, underlay and shotgun cartridge.

 1st Mike Williams with TADMARTON ELEANOR, CDEx, Lab, 195.5, Q. Tara completed a near faultless track with no apparent regard for the relentless wind. Very efficient square retrieving all four articles in 1 minute 27 seconds. Well done, Mike.

2nd Sheila Tannert with TARNEDGE WISP, Lab, 194, Q. Again, a near faultless track from Inca and beautiful article holds. Equal marks to Hazel in 3rd, I gave Sheila 2nd place for the highest track marks. Well done, Sheila.

3rd Hazel Burton with HAZTONS QUEST, CDEx, BC, 194, Q. Quest struggled just a tiny bit with the wind on a couple of legs but a perfect, beautifully executed square. Well done, Hazel.

4th Nick Brunner with NORDIC SPRUCE, CDEx, Lab, 186, Q. Nick has only owned Gunner for a couple of months but my goodness, how lucky is this dog. Nick described him as raw talent when he came on the field, but what a pleasure to watch. Nick’s quiet, patient handling guided Gunner through the "raw" moments with only minor marks lost. Good luck, Nick.

 Also qualifying:

John Fitzpatrick with THREE NINES ACE OF CLUBS, CDEx, BSD, 185

June Reed handling S Williams’s SHADOWQUEST ONE AND ONLY, GSD, 182.5

Paul Morling with VONLUCIANHAN ARGONAUT, BSD, 165.




Tracklayers: Pat Herbert, Julie Atkins and Gary Atkins

Steward: Clare Lush and Wendy Magyar

 I would like to thank Leamington Committee for inviting me to judge their TD nosework, always a pleasure at this friendly club. To John and Kate Wykes for all the organising with their terrific ‘team of helpers’. Sadly the Sunday saw the loss of their old dog, Jaff, for which our thoughts were with them.

Thank you to Julie and Gary for putting up with me in their lovely home, and feeding me.

A big thank you to Pat Herbert, early tracklayer, Julie Atkins, middle, and Gary Atkins, last set. Unfortunately, due to the cold winds, and wet conditions they had to retrieve almost as many articles as they laid. We had two round on Thursday, who went on to be our only qualifiers, then one on Friday, but only 1 out of the square, then one on Sunday, no articles. Clare Lush laid squares for three days, and then Wendy Magyar took over on the Saturday while Clare worked in UD. They were great company as always.

Dot and Di kept everyone well fed from their kitchen - great sandwiches and cakes. Kate Peyton escorted making sure competitors were on time.

To all the competitors who were called off, I felt for you because your dogs tried so hard. I wish you all the best of luck in the future, and look forward to seeing you have qualified.

 1st Andy Laws with LAWS LITTLE FRANKIE, X, 94+25+24, total 192, Q

2nd Maurice Millington with GLENALPINE JUD, BC, 94+15+34, total 184, Q

3rd Vic Snook with WOOLSHAN INKSPOT, GSD, NQ


 Well done to the qualifiers, good luck in TDEx


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