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Steward: Chris Gregory

Thanks to Leamington DTC for the invitation to judge the CD stake at their open trial.  Thanks also to Kate Wykes as base steward and for all the administrative work associated with running a trial, to Di and Doris for keeping us fed and watered and to trial manager, John Wykes.  I’d also like to express my appreciation to the competitors and particularly my steward, Chris Gregory, who did a sterling job.

I had 11 entries of which 7 worked.

The test commenced with a solo sit stay performed while Chris laid the square.  All dogs managed to sit still for 2 minutes and then went on to the square.  Articles were 5" hose, 3" x 2" green carpet and a 4" stick.  Although no articles were problematic there was a large variation in dogs’ attitude to the square.  The square was followed by the retrieve.

All dogs went into the remainder of the test on qualifying marks.  On lead heelwork, recall, off lead heelwork then the sendaway - 35 yards to a small tree in the hedge.

The agility followed - clear, long then the scale, with second attempts if necessary.  Only the two qualifying dogs gained qualifying marks in the agility section.  The final test was the down stay in which all but two dogs were successful.

1st Mrs SJ Roll with SASHTASTIC GIRL, X-Breed, B, 94, Q.  Entered in the catalogue as a crossbreed but everyone was convinced she’s a Mali.  Just lost the odd mark here and there.  Congratulations.

2nd Mr D Paul with ALBADHO PAWS FOR A REST, Large Munsterlander, D, 88, Q.  Apart from the retrieve and heelwork this was a very tidy performance.  Well done.

3rd Mrs P Royle’s TESTTRIP CINNAMON, Labrador, B, handled by Mr N Brunner, 91.5, NQ.  A second attempt on the long and no return on the scale marred an otherwise excellent performance.

4th Ms R M Lucas with POLLGINA DAZZLING DAISY, Labrador, B, 77.5, NQ.  The sendaway and jumps were this team’s undoing.




Steward:  Claire Lush

I would like to thank Leamington DTC for the invitation to judge C/A for UD and TD stakes, originally for 2 years ago but due to bad weather it was postponed until now.  Thank you to Kate Wykes for all her hard work before and after the trial - nothing was too much trouble for Kate.  Thanks to John, who put up the jumps for us and also stay stewarded for us a couple of times.  Thanks to the ladies in the kitchen for keeping us fed and watered throughout the 5 days - food was great.  A big thank you to Claire for stewarding for the 5 days; she was good company and gave clear and concise instructions to all the competitors.  It was a pleasure to spend 5 days in her company. 

We were privileged to use a new field for the C/A and what a fantastic field it was, a very big, flat grass field with hedges all around, ideal for a sendaway.  Thank you to the farmer, Jim, and his wife Kim. 

I kept the control round nice and simple, with not a lot of heelwork and straightforward sendaways.  I was surprised at the number of people in the TD stake who said "My dog doesn’t do a speak", which was the first exercise; it’s 5 marks, give yourself a bit of a chance and teach them to speak.


1st Sandra Lewindon with QUORIES KAI AT BRACOKELLI, BC, D, COM, 187.5/200   Well done Sandra, what a couple of days for you 1st in CH CD at East Anglia and now a 1st in UD at Leamington. Kyte didn’t work as good for you today as he did yesterday but the result is still the same. Good luck for the future.

2nd Mark Gowler with GOTTHEFIDGETS, CDEx, WSD, D, COM, 187/200.   Well done, Mark.  Fidget did a good control round with full mark jumps - you must be pleased.

3rd Abbey Peart with JET BRAMBLES, Lab, D, COM, 185/200.  Well done, Abbey; Merlin lived up to his name and was magic today.

4th Liz Price with LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL,  GSD, D, COM, 184.5/200.  Well done, Liz.  Heelwork and retrieve let you down today; sendaway and jumps did not.  2 dogs out of the same litter qualifying - you must be pleased Liz.

Also qualifying:

Pam Wadsworth with SNOOP DOG XIMENA V CAYA’S HOME DOGANODOGS, Bouvier, D, 184/200

Jo Magness with LIZLINE MANDOLIN, GSD, D, 182/200

Jane Sutherland with CANDLEWIND LA VENEZIANA,  BC, B, 180.5/200


1st Tom Darby with TRIPLE CHAOS, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, WSD, B, COM, 215.5/220.  This man gives so much to trials and it is a pleasure to give a little back to him.  Rio gave a good account of herself only losing 1 mark on heel free and 1 mark on sendaway.  This team are going to be a force to be reckoned with now they are in Ticket.  Well done, Tom, and good luck.

2nd Jeny Miller with FOXFOLD UNEXPECTED EDITION, OW, CDEx, Cross, B, COM, 214.5/220.   Another good round, only losing marks on the sendaway. Well done Jeny.

3rd Polly Thomas with POLLGINA GLADYS GLADSOME, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, Lab, B, COM,   211/220.   Well done, Polly.  Only lost 0.5 mark in the C/A round.

4th Anne Thorpe with GLENALPINE MISS MOLL AT DALEMAIN, CDEx, BC, B, COM, 205/220.  Well done, Anne; nice round with full mark jumps.

Also Qualifying:

Mick Head with SHERINGEM JAZPER, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, D, 202/220

Sue Russell with GLENALPINE DANNY, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, D, 198.5/220

Bob Shropshire with STYPERSON OLIVER, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, Lab, D, 193.5/220

Caroline Martin with YES MALADY, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, GSD, B, 191/220


Janette Sayer with TAZ OF HOLLOWGATE, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, WSD, D, 182.5/220




Tracklayers: Andy Magyar, Vana Moody, Seron

Stewards: Wendy Magyar, Kate Peyton

Thank you Leamington for the invitation to judge the UD Nosework at this trial, ably run by John Wykes, and with  Kate organising the base nothing was left to chance.  We were fed and watered by the ‘Diamond catering team’ Dot, Doris and Dinah – thank you.

I would like to thank my track layers, Andy Magyar and Seron on Saturday, Vana Moody and Seron on Sunday - all gave the competitors every chance to qualify.  Thanks also to my search stewards, Wendy Magyar on Saturday and Kate Peyton on Sunday.

I set a straight forward test, the track being a box within a box, first article a dolly peg 50 yards round the first corner.  The search articles were a cork, a cartridge, 3 inch x 1.5 inch piece of red underlay, and brown felt 4" by 1.5", all placed on the diagonal, 10 paces from each corner.

The weather on Saturday was damp and breezy, however Sunday provided gale force winds; even we humans were struggling to remain upright, however these conditions did not appear to affect the dogs’ ability to track.

20 teams competed, with 10 achieving qualifying nose work marks.  After the C/A 7 qualifiers remained .

1st Mrs Sandra Lewindon, QUORIES KAI AT BRACOKELI, BC, 187.5, Q.  It was a pleasure to judge such a steady dog; only lost one on the track.  Good luck in Championship.

2nd Mr Mark Gowler, GOT THE FIDGETS, WSD, 187, Q.  Full mark track and search, but Fidget unfortunately missed the last track article.

3rd Mrs Abby Peart, JET BRAMBLES, Labrador, 185, Q.  A well worked round, many congratulations

4th Ms Liz Price, LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL, GSD, 184.5, Q.  Lost 0.5 on the track, and recovered 3 from the search square.  Oliver was a pleasure to watch.

Also Qualifying;


Mrs Jo Magness, LIZLINE MANDOLIN, GSD, 182

Mr G Paisley and Ms J E Sutherland, handler Jane Sutherland, CANDLEWIND LA VENEZIANA, BC, 180.5

Thank you to you all for entering, congratulations to those who qualified and good luck in Championship.  To those who did not qualify, better luck next time.  I hope that you all enjoyed the test as much as I enjoyed judging you and your dogs.




Tracklayers: Pat Herbert, Roger Shrimpton, Sue Ashby

Square steward:  Gary Atkins

Thanks to Leamington for the invite to judge and to John and Kate Wykes, who trials manage and organise the trial brilliantly.

I enjoyed my 5 days out in the lovely big field at Monks Kirby, with Pat who laid the earlies every day, Roger who laid every day, Sue who covered the last batch for 3 days and Gary who did the squares.  Thanks to you all for your hard work.

The weather made a big difference to the success, the worst day being a very windy Sunday when we had no qualifiers; the land was good and we had quite a lot qualifying on other days, albeit some going out on the C/A, and saw some nice work. Very well done to those than went home with a certificate and good luck for next time to the rest.

1st Tom Darby, TRIPLE CHAOS, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, 215.5, COM.  Super round from Tom and Rio and the marks say it all! Very well done and good luck in Ticket.

2nd Jeny Miller, FOXFOLD UNEXPECTED EDITION, OW, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, 214.5, COM.  Another excellent nose work round and overall mark. Also now qualified to work TD champ, well done and good luck.

3rd Polly Thomas, POLLGINA GLADYS GLADSOME, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, 211, COM.  Another high scoring nose work team - very well done.

4th Anne Thorpe, GLENALPINE MISS MOLL AT DALEMAIN, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, 205, COM.  Conditions were not so good for this team but Moll worked hard and performed one of the rare full mark squares. Another team qualified for ticket now.

Also qualifying:


Sue Russell, GLENALPINE DANNY, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, 198.5

Bob Shropshire, STYPERSON OLIVER, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, 193.5

Caroline Martin, YES MALADY CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, 191


Janette Sayer, TAZ OF HOLLOWGATE, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, 182.5

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