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Following the lack to water at the base we used for the Championship trial we decided to move the open trial to a new base.  From the comments received by the competitors this was a successful choice.

I will let the judges, Jill, Mark, Sandra, John and Vana, write their own thanks; however, many thanks to Pat for organising all the helpers and thank you to all the helpers for helping.  Many thanks to Sue for marking out all the tracking land, and to Dot and Di for doing all the catering - it’s good to have you back on board Dot.  Thank you to David Ensor for the use of your arable fields for the tracking and to Andrew Hannah for the control field.

Thank you to the competitors for entering and we hope to see you again at future trials.





Steward: Judith Perrin

Many thanks to Leamington DTC for inviting me to judge my first Working Trials event - nice to put something back into our lovely sport. 

We had a cold but dry day with enough wind to help in the squares and with only 7 dogs to work, plenty of time to enjoy the day.  Judith did a sound job as my steward, both for the squares and control and agility, and I offer her my thanks and hope she "volunteers" again.

1st Chris Clements and MOUNT LOCHAN CHANONRY LAD, (Bailey), BC, 80, Q.  A nice substantially built lad who enjoyed his day and did enough in each section to become the only qualifier in the class.

2nd Steph Gordon and TADMARTON DAYDREAMER, (Tilly), Lab, 84, NQ.  Lovely to watch, lots of style; missed out on the scale, just.

3rd Chris Clements and MANDERAIN SOLSTICE BELLE OF MOUNT LOCHAN, (Corrie).  The loud bangs during the control were her undoing today.

4th Chris Clements and MOUNT LOCHAN QUEEVA DIVA (Queeva).  Did not have as good a control round as her brother, who won the class.       




Tracklayers: Julie Atkins and Pat Herbert (Friday), Julie and Gary Atkins (Saturday)

Stewards: Lé Newman (Friday), Sheren Perez (Saturday)

My thanks to Leamington Dog Training Club for inviting me to judge the UD Nosework at their Open Trial; I do consider this to be a privilege.  My thanks also to all the helpers giving up their time before, during and after, making this a smooth running trial with a happy jovial atmosphere.  Thanks also the farmers for allowing the trial to be held on their land.

Particular thanks must go to Kate and John for managing the trial so efficiently - we were very well looked after. Thanks also to Di, Beryl and Dot for their kitchen duties, and my team in the field for giving the competitors the best possible chance of getting around the track and articles from the square.  My thanks to you all for being such good company, I had a really great time.

Finally, my thanks to the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions.  I saw some really super nosework and some dogs that were not quite ready - keep training.

Tracking was on winter wheat, approximately 4-6 inches.  Day one was cold and frosty with sunshine and very little breeze. Days two and three were overcast with a slight breeze. 

30 entered and 23 ran, out of which there were 16 qualifiers on the nose work; unfortunately 11 failed the control, giving 5 qualifiers overall.  They were:

1st David Warrick, SPACE COMMANDER, "Vulcan", X-breed, 196, Q.  A super nosework round, with Vulcan only dropping half a point on the track and another half point on the square.  Very nicely handled, David; good luck in UDEx.

2nd Eleanor Mestraud, WOLFHART CRY HAVOC, "Purdy", GSD 191, Q.  Beautiful nosework by this very young bitch on her first time out.  Well done Eleanor, she’s a super girl.

3rd Paul Bryan, KIPCROFT ETERNAL FLAME AT BRYNBOURNE, "Whispa", BC,  184.5, Q.  Full mark square for this clever little girl; very polished performance, Paul, well done.

4th Wendy Magyar, GLENALPINE TED CDEx, "Ted", BC,  182.5, Q.  Wendy, I know you were all nerves on the day, but you shouldn’t worry.  He’s a cracking dog and you’ve trained him well.  Best of luck in UDEx. But, I have to say, I think he would have looked good in a pink collar!!

Also qualifying:

Midlands Police, LIMASMYTHE ENNYA, "Quest", GSD, handled by Paul Thornton, 171.  Super GSD with lots of energy and great attitude.  Harness all that and you have a rocket that will fly.  Good luck, Paul.




Tracklayers: Eric Carpenter and Len Newman

Squares: Val Isherwood (Friday and Sunday) and Lé Newman (Saturday)

I was delighted to have been asked to judge at Leamington, as the team there are friendly and the atmosphere is always welcoming. 

The nosework was on winter wheat that had grown to a few inches long.  The weather was very cold with the ground frozen on Friday and Saturday mornings.  Later on both days, and throughout Sunday, the frost thawed to provide a top covering of mud enabling the tracklayers to leave some fairly definite footprints. 

Of the 30 teams that entered, 26 attempted the nosework test.  Standards were varied with a small number of dogs demonstrating that they were more than ready for this level and making the test look easy.  The remainder either made a good attempt at the test but were unable to complete the track, or were just not able, on the day, to make it beyond the first couple of legs. 

The articles were a piece of green mesh groundsheet for the first article, with a piece of carpet at the end of the track.  All of the dogs that reached articles indicated them and they were recovered by the handlers.  The square articles were a piece of flooring underlay, a piece of mains electrical cable, a length of pencil and a green cable tie.  Of the teams that attempted the square, 13 recovered all four articles

The team on the field were extremely experienced and great fun to be with.  I was left in no doubt that I was the square stewards’ judge rather than that they were my square stewards (Thanks Val and Le for letting me take part)!  Eric laid the first and third sets of tracks with Len laying the remainder.  All of the tracks and squares were laid perfectly giving all of the competitors a fair chance and my thanks go to all four of the field team.  Ten teams gained sufficient marks in the nosework to qualify with only two not gaining sufficient marks in the C/A leaving eight qualifiers overall

1st Tom Darby with Rio, TRIPLE CHAOS, CDEx, UDEx, WSD, 194.5, Q.  Working on day 3 with a near perfect track, only taking a couple of legs to settle in (89.5) and recovering both articles.  A perfect square with the articles just so carefully delivered to hand (35).  A well deserved winner with the nosework round being the difference between 1st and 2nd places - well done, Tom.

2nd Jeny Miller with Chello, FOXFOLD UNEXPECTED EDITION, OW, CDEx, XB, 194.5, Q.  Worked on Friday, with only a few distractions on the track separating Chello from Rio; also recovering both articles, achieving 86.5, with another perfect 35 mark square.  Good luck in WD champ, Jeny.

3rd Mike Williams with Marina,  MARINA BEN’S PAL, XB, 187.5, Q.  First track on the Saturday, achieving 88 marks and recovering both articles, and 32 for the square.  Mike is really doing well with this dog and you can see how the team is bonding.

4th Stevi Boyall with Aston, VANQUISH ULTIMATE EDITION, CDEx, UDEx, Lab, 184.5, Q.  Track 88 with both articles, square 27 - unfortunately leaving one in the square.  Good luck in champ, Stevi.

Also qualified:

Mick Head with Jasper, SHERINGEM JASPER, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 171.  Worked on the first day - Track 76 articles 20; square 27 with 3 articles.  Well done, Mick- you were deservedly well pleased with this little dog.

Jackie Nicholas with Josh, OWEN JOKER, Kelpie, 170.  Worked on the Sunday and did most of the track perfectly, but missed the last leg and article.  Track 82, with 1 article, Square 30.

Tracey Collier with Czeck, CHARLOATS AVIN FUN AT GLENTRADA, GSD, 167.  A good steady track with a hiccup in the middle, but recovering both articles for 80.5 + 20.  Square 27, recovering 3 articles.

Ray Lea with Ruby, ANMEETUE COLOURFUL LADY, CDEx, BC, 166. Tracked well but struggled in two areas of the pattern, achieving 80.5 + 20 for articles.  Square 24.5 with 3 articles.

My thanks go to the committee of Leamington Dog Trainings Club for the invitation to judge this stake.  I would also like to thank everyone involved in the running of this trial (it is those people that make this event such a friendly experience) and particularly John and Kate Wykes, who ran the trial and made us welcome - nothing was too much trouble in helping me judge the test - Sue Ashby who poled out the fields for us, Dot, Di and Beryl in the kitchen who kept the food coming, Pat and the others who escorted the competitors to the field, the farmers without whom we would not be able to run the trial and, lastly, the competitors who kindly entered and accepted my decisions with good grace.




Tracklayers: Sue Ashby - 3 days of laying early tracks, Roger Shrimpton - 3 days, Jacqui Gibney - 2 days, Pat Herbert - 1 day

Search stewards: Pat Herbert - 1 day, Yvonne Carpenter - 2 days

I would like to thank Leamington DTC for the invitation to judge the TD nosework.  This is a new venue with a super village hall, lovely food and drinks supplied by Dot, Di and Beryl in the kitchen - thank you, ladies - also to Kate Wykes for all the preparation for this trial, and doing the scores and base.  A very big thank you to Sue, Roger, Jacqui, Pat and Yvonne for all your hard work out on the tracking ground, giving each competitor a consistently good chance to qualify; it was tough going at times but we witnessed some lovely work by the dogs.  I certainly appreciated your company and help over the four days - a brilliant team.

1st MY BOY KAI with Sheren Perez, 207.5.  Track 92.5 + 30, search 34, gun 5.  Kai worked a very good round of nosework and obviously a winning C/A round too.  Once Sheren manages her nerves a bit better there will be no stopping this partnership.  Congratulations.

2nd WARRIORS LITTLE ROSIE, with James Warrior, 201.  93 + 30, 28/4, 5. T his was Rosie’s first go at TD, and boy, was she ready for it!  Lovely calm handling by James, who was delighted at her success.  There will be plenty more on the strength of this outing.  Congratulations.

3rd STYPERSON ROYCE with Liz de Unger, 197.  90.5 + 20, 35, 5.  Sohrab worked a beautiful square, but missed the leather on the track.

4th SHADOWQUEST LEGACY with June Reed, 196.  97.5 + 15, 35, 4.5.  Bud worked a fantastic track - just as well June has good eyesight!  Another lovely search.

5th WESTMIDS WANDERER with John Phillips, 187.  93 + 30, 20/3, 5.  Ruby enjoyed her track

6th SHADOWQUEST KANE with Sheila Margreaves, 182.5.  95 + 20, 25/3, 5.  To say Sheila was delighted is an understatement - she was thrilled to bits

The track was 13 legs long, and the articles were a pan scrub, leather and material; search articles were wood, carpet, material and rubber underfelt.

A final thank you to the competitors for accepting the results on the day.

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