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When Julie realised how seriously ill Dave was she immediately stood down as Trials Manager.  Because everyone else had their roles it made sense for me to volunteer as a temporary stand in.  David Barker, appreciating from previous experience that I would need some help, then kindly scratched from WD – thank you David.  Dot Levine (entries and catering)  and Sue Ashby (helpers and tracking land) did great jobs and I would also like to make special mention of Zoe Findlay.  Zoe has unfortunately resigned from the committee but she popped up everywhere - catalogues, catering, tracklaying, stewarding.  Thank you, Zoe.  Once again the Darby’s were in residence - thank you, Tom and Jan.  Obviously there is a bunch of other helpers; thank you all, but I will leave it to the judges to name their individual teams.

Although we had very few qualifiers I hope that the competitors felt that they had a fair deal, since in spite of the generosity of our farmers and the quality of our tracklayers, the only unequal factor was the weather.  We did however have one blip, when at the end of a long day we ran out of daylight for CD.  I hope that the two competitors who were most inconvenienced were satisfied with our resolution of the problem.  Sincere thanks to our judges, Ruth Cahill,  Lindsey Poole, Jacqui Gibney and John West; they were conscientious and professional.  Finally congratulations to our ‘ticket’ winner Suzanne Plumb - good luck at the KCC’s.

Chris Gregory 




Square Steward: Jan Gordon

C/A Scribe: Zoe Finlay

Thanks to the Leamington Committee for the invitation.  My special thanks to Chris Gregory and David Barker, who stepped in to run the Trial after Julie Skipp’s tragic loss of her husband, Dave.  Chris and Dave did their best so that other Leamington members could work their dogs – I hope they appreciated your work.  Thanks to Jan Gordon on her first appearance as square steward – well done, by Sunday you were a real professional!  Thanks to Zoe for her hard work and good company.

The first three dogs all demonstrated an extremely high standard of work. Then there were some dogs in the middle of the scale, and sadly we had some teams that were struggling with simple tasks.  For example ten dogs averaged only 22% of possible marks for their heelwork.  As 70% in each section and 80% overall is required perhaps there is a call for compulsory CD Opens?  (Answers on a postcard to WTM, not me please, I’m just asking!)  On the plus side the nosework exercises were mostly performed quite well. Articles were an old fashioned wooden dolly peg, a 5" piece of green hose and a 5" knotted cotton rag on rough grazed pasture.

1st Linda Reynolds, AMBERSLADE NIGHT HAWK, ASD, 98.  Also won the John Barron Trophy (donated by Jacqui) for the highest percentage marks in any stake.  Harris is very accurate and athletic.  Obviously well trained in the basics and well handled – you should have a lot of fun with him in the higher stakes.

2nd David Waite, EYLAUERHOF RULA, Rott, 97. Steady and accurate, again well educated in the basics; you haven’t rushed Rula and this has obviously paid off.  Only minor errors.

3rd Susanne Jaffa, AMBERSLADE BUCKANEER, OW, ASD, 92.25.  Flashy, keen and forceful worker.  Only small errors, then Buck came round the side of the scale on return.

4th Celia Bourne, MIDNIGHT MUNCHER (NAF), Lab Ret, 90.5.  Munchie was lucky to find you and he’s grown into a lovely dog.  It might have helped to practice heel on lead before the trial!

Strangely Jane Sutherland with her recently broken arm handled her dog better than many people with two working arms!  Shame about the jumps.  Best Leamington Member winning Emma’s Cup, donated by Kate Peyton, was Di Assheton-Bowtle with Kia.

I would like to apologize to Becky Collier and Mark Gowler for running out of daylight on Saturday – both these handlers were incredibly sporting in their attitude, and how lovely to have young people like this coming into Trials.  Becky returned the next day and her cocker spaniel, Storm, worked well, but only scored 10 on the jumps.  I understand Mark already has CDEx with Fidget; sorry you didn’t get a chance to repeat the qualification here.




Tracklayers: Len Newman (both days), Zoë Finlay (1 day) and Lè Newman (1 day)

Steward: Gill Lawrence

My thanks to Leamington for the invitation to judge the UD Stake.  Stand-in Trials Manager, Chris Gregory, with the aid of David Barker, did a super job of managing the trial, with help from the rest of the committee.  My thoughts are with Julia Skipp at this time.  Thanks to Dot, Zoe and Sue in the kitchen, who kept us well fed and watered.

I had 18 entries, of which 13 worked.  Tracking was on very sparse rape.  Armed with this knowledge, I set a straightforward pattern, which included one angle, half way round the track, by which time I hoped the dogs were getting used to the conditions, and would be able to cope with it.

My three tracklayers did exactly as I asked of them.  A big thank you to Len, Le and Zoe for your expertise and good company.  Six teams qualified the nosework, with the squares all being well done.  C/A was done in the afternoon, with the control elements well done.  However….. the jumps took their toll, leaving me with two qualifiers overall.

My thanks to Gill Lawrence for stewarding everything for me, AND for getting me everywhere in plenty of time (nearly!)  Lastly, many thanks to Pattie Herbert for the accommodation for Gill and me (and my dogs – and I hope Moo has dried off now, and cleaned up a bit?)

1st Jackie Hope and CARLSBRO MACH, GSD,  Qual UDEx, 194.  Bud had a super time, only losing 3 on the nosework.  Lovely to watch and a well deserved win.

2nd Lisa Coull and CALLISAE SCARCITY, Weim,  Qual UDEx, 179.  Della just needs some tidying up, particularly in the square.  Well done on the qualification.

3rd Richard Cornwell and LAKATAMIA NORTON, GSD.  Good nosework, just the jumps today cost General his qualification.

4th Gail Gwesyn-Pryce and CONCENN YWEN, GSD.  Again, good nosework, but the jumps were costly.

Lastly, my thanks go to all the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching your dogs work.




Tracklayers: Jane Webb, Roger Shrimpton, Julie Atkins, Norma Ansell, John Wykes

Steward: Di Ashton

Thanks to LDTC for asking me to judge at my local Trial, and lots of thank yous to the team who made it happen. The (often forgotten) folk who get the land, liaise with Farm Managers, pole out fields, cook cakes and bacon butties, provide sustenance in the field, and sweep the floor afterwards.  Particularly to my tracklayers, Jane Webb, all the earlies for 5 days, Roger Shrimpton, 2nd lot for five days, and Julie Atkins, Norma Ansell and John Wykes, who laid the last batch as needed.  So good to have such an experienced and accurate team to work with.  Julie, Roger and Norma all followed through to be C/A stewards on the days they laid tracks.  Thanks also to my search steward, Di Ashton, who did an outstanding job for all five days, and to Dot Levin, who kept us fed and watered.  Thank you all.

Tracking was on bare corn, the weather was wet, cold and horrible for the most part, just as we have come to expect in November, but it was the conditions that beat the teams, and only a few got through to successfully complete C/A.  Sadly, there were few qualifiers overall, despite a good entry of 42 (about 26 ran)

1st Liz Hickman and JAY, GSD, 177.  Good handling, just missing one track article; everything else of a good standard from this experienced and sympathetic handler.  Super work, well done .

2nd Sheila Tannert and EBONY, Lab, 162.5.  Another good qualification from an experienced handler with a young dog.   Well done.

3rd June Raymond and KODI, BC.  Really careful handling helped the dog to a successful nosework result, winning the best nosework trophy, but failing the down stay cost him the qualification.

4th Rita Banfather and FINN, GSD.  After a hard worked nosework round, Finn took off after a rabbit within seconds of the start of the down stay.  **** happens, as they say!  Such a pity.

Thanks to all competitors for entering and showing good sportsmanship.




Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Sue Ashby, Pat Herbert, Ann Clarke

Stewards: Lindsey Poole (Control and Squares), Pete Jones (Squares, 1 Day), Gill Lawrence (Second Steward Control)

It was a pleasure to accept this judging appointment, marred by the sad news a couple of weeks before the trial of the loss of Dave Skipp; our thoughts go to Julia and Leamington at this sad time.

I would like to thank the committee for their invitation to judge and to all the helpers in making my job of judging easy and a pleasure, as all their tasks were done perfectly to my instructions; also a big thank you to Dot and her team in the kitchen, and to Jan Darby for the base and Jacquie Gibney having all the scores prepared when arriving back at the base.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Julie and Gary Atkins, Zoe and Andy Finlay for the evening meals, as this was a spur of the moment due to having to reorganise.  At this point I think the biggest thank you must go to Chris Gregory and David Barker for their terrific input to make the trial run smooth and efficiently.

The weather was very changeable from freezing cold, wet, windy to muggy, dry and back to cold.  This played a big part in the variation of nosework that unfolded during the week.  The most common failure was that most dogs, and some handlers, were looking for an early turn, but with a 135yard first leg this proved to be their downfall.  I feel that the other factors were the weather and the crop being quite sparse.

1st Suzanne Plumb and WTCh COLLIEWOOD CAVELLERO, WSD, 208.5, Q.  A good track followed by an excellent square just left Suzanne to have a reasonable         control round to win; this she did but with a very good control round.

2nd Margaret Robinson and WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, BC, 207, Q.  Another excellent piece of nosework; but for the speak would have been winning the ticket.

3rd Liz Warrior and OH MY KKATIE, CDEx – TDEx,

Cross Breed, 202, Q, winning the run off with fourth.  Would have been challenging for the top if the fourth article had come out of the square.

4th John Wykes and WTCh FLYNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx, 202, Q.  Another excellent nosework score, however today the agility was Jaff’s downfall.

Also Qualifying:

June Reed and LITTLE JODE, CDEx – TDEx, GSD, 197

Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx, WSD, 196.5

Chris Stewart and BELDORM DUNCAN, CDEx – TDEx, Standard Poodle, 180

Best Nosework

Jill Curruthers and JASUETER RED GARNET, CDEx – TDEx 

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