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Stake: Veteran


Tracklayers: Jennifer Speake and Pat Herbert

Steward: Jenny Orchard

I would like to thank Leamington DTC for inviting me to judge the Veteran Stake at their spring trial.  It is a joy to watch these dogs work, as they so enjoy themselves.  My thanks to Jennifer and Pat for laying the tracks, and to Jenny for stewarding for me.  You all did exactly as I asked, and were good company also.

The tracks were on very wet mud and rape!  I had two articles on the track, the last one being a nice large toy.  In the square were six articles, a piece of black cloth, a peg,  a piece of a scourer, a piece of leather, a piece of carpet and a large round of plastic.

1st           Lynne Davies with KANE SYRIUS, X-breed.  The only dog to get all the articles.  A very nice steady round from this 12.5 year old.  Well done.

2nd          Kate Wykes with TIP OF TARNFORCE, BC,  Another good track and search, but missing one in the square.  Well done.

3rd           John Wright with BRIDGALPINE ZAC, BC.  Got halfway round the track and then went the wrong way, but a very nice search.

4th           Rita Tongue with MEGAN MIST OF SWOTFORD.  Again, started the track off well, but after the first few legs went the wrong way.  Meg enjoyed the search very much.

Thank you all for allowing me to judge these lovely dogs.  I so enjoyed myself.  Thank you also for the very useful present.


Stake: CD


Steward: Jenny Orchard

Thank you to Leamington DTC for inviting me to judge the CD at their spring trial.  Thank you to Zoe for all the work you and your helpers have to do to run this trail.  To Julie for running the base, and Dot for looking after us so well with food and drink.  To Beryl for getting all the competitors to us, ensuring we didn’t waste any time, as it was wet and cold.  Last, but by no means least, thanks to Jenny for being such a good steward again.

We did the retrieve first, followed by the square.  After all the dogs had finished the nosework, we did the stays.  The control round was next, and then the jumps were done last.

We only had one qualifier, but all of the other dogs just failed by bits and pieces.  They are all capable, so keep the training going.

1st           Mr John Turtill and BISQUET TORRA, WSD, D.  Brilliant round, just losing 1.5 points.  Well done.  Q, 98.5.

2nd          Mrs N Ansell and Mr M Cooke’s GEFNI CAUGHT ON CAMERA, GSD, handler Norma Ansell.  NQ, 81.

3rd           Mr M Powell and MIDSUMMER LLAGWYN BLODWYN, BC, B.  NQ, 77.5.

4th           Mrs J Barron and THAMESPOL ISSIE, GSD, B.  Handler Mrs Heather Cooke.  NQ, 74.5.


Stake: UD nosework


Tracklayers: Chris Gregory – Sat and Sun, Anne Thorpe – Sat, David Barker - Sun

Steward: Jacqui Gibney – Sat and Sun

Hostess par Excellence: Sue Ashby

First thank you to Leamington DTS for the invitation to judge the UD nosework at their spring open trial.  To Zoe Finlay - Trials Manager, Dot Levin – Refreshments, and Julia Skipp, who made an excellent Base team.  To Sue Ashby for walking miles marking out the fields. 

Thanks to the tracklayers who gave everyone the best chance, as the nosework proved, and to Jacqui Gibney for being very good company as usual; they all worked in difficult conditions, streaming water underfoot.  Sunday was lashing rain and a cold wind (note from Jan’s daughter who’s typing the report - you Trials people are clearly nuts!  What’s wrong with being by the fire with a cuppa?!?) .  Thank you to all, I hope the competitors appreciated your hard work as I did.  A big thank you to Sue and John Ashby for my de-luxe accommodation and putting on the lunar eclipse.

The track was a straight forward UD track pattern with a suede tracking purse for the first article, and a 4in square of green carpet, end article.  This is open UD, so the size of the articles are a reward to tracking to them.  The square articles were a large red plastic top, 2in square of pink carpet, 2 x 1in piece of green fleece material and a green metal jar lid.  There were some lovely tracks, squares not so good.  There were very experienced competitors and some first timers - all made a good effort.  One gentleman in particular, I think new to trials, with a long coat Weimaraner bitch, did a full mark track and four from the square - well done.

20 entries, 13 ran.

1st           Janet Beverley with TRAJAN JAFFA, WSD, D.   Super full mark track, ran out of steam in the square, but nevertheless won the stake. Track, 90+20; Square 20; Gun 5.  Well done. Q, CoM, 183.5.

2nd          Sue Lawrie with LAZARUA MARSH MEDLAR, WSD, D.  Busy little dog, very nice handling.  88+20, 26, 5.  Well done. Q, CoM, 181.5.

3rd           Lynne Baker with AQUACADIAN BLACK AZELL, Lab, D.  Very strong dog, stormed round to a full mark track, didn’t lift his head once.  Worked hard in the square, but only two.  90+20, 21, 5.  Well done.  Q, CoM, 179.

4th           Karon Tiffany with BRICKER BRACKEN, WSD D.  Worked in the worst weather, but still a happy and cheerful team.  85+20, 27, 5.  Sorry about the control.  179, NQ.

Thank you to all the competitors for giving me the privilege of judging your dogs.  I hope to see you all progressing up the stakes - from the performances here, it won’t be long.  Good luck.

Last but not least, thank you for the lovely keepsake gift.  I’m sorry if I have left anyone out of this report who should be here; I put it all down to senior moments.


Stake: UD and TD C/A


Stewards:  Ann and Kate

I would like to thank Leamington DTC for inviting me to judge, and to Zoe and her band of helpers for ensuring everything ran smoothly – for the judges and competitors anyway.  Thanks to Julie Skipp for her work in the base and getting the competitors to the control field on time, and to Dot Levin for the packup and bacon butties.  Thanks to Ann for stewarding on Friday and to Kate for Saturday and Sunday, your help and company was very much appreciated.  Special thanks to John and Kate Wykes for having me at their home for the weekend.

The control field was a bit uneven, and after heavy rain on Friday night was extremely wet, with the brook threatening to overflow any minute.   Zoe and her helpers managed to find the only bit of high ground to put the jumps and this stayed just above water for the 3 days, thankfully. 

TD Stake

1st           Lynne Davis and ZEKE.  Zeke has a great attitude and worked really well, until he decided to go and play in the water rather than do a redirect!  Congratulations and good luck for the future.  Q, 193

2nd         Dean Woodcock and ABI.  A good tidy control round.  Well done.  Q, 183

3th          Norma Ansell and YETI.  Yeti decided to do a sit stay instead of a down, otherwise some nice work.  Better luck next time out.  NQ, 173.5

4th          Fran Atkins and BRECON.  Really nice control round, just need to sort out the constant barking on the heel work.  Good luck for the future. NQ

UD Stake

1st           Janet Beverley and JAFFA.  Super control round only dropping half a point.  Well done. Q, 183.5

2nd         Sue Lawrie and MAC.  Lively little dog well handled by Sue.  Well done. Q, 181.5

3rd         Lynne Baker and KAZ.  Kaz has a great attitude to his work, just not his heel work today.  I’m sure he’ll do well in the future. Q, 179

4th          Karon Tiffany and BRACKEN.  Nice control exercises but no wait or return on the scale.  NQ, 179

Thank you to all the competitors who entered and good luck to you all in your future trials.


Stake: TD Nosework


Tracklayers: John Wykes, Roger Shrimpton and Maurice Cooke

Square Stewards: Angie Walden (2 days), Tally Rees (1 day)

Leamington Working Trials Section once again put on a superb trial under the leadership of Zoe Finlay.  A trials manager cannot run a trial by themselves, and Zoe had her team of helpers that made the trail run smoothly, not only for the competitors, but also for me as a judge.  Julie Skipp, booking in and scoreboard; Dot Levin, food and lunch boxes; John Wykes and Sue Ashby, arranging the land with the farmers; Jacqui Gibney, writing certificates.

The tracking land for TD was the same as the last Championships, which was rapeseed, and still very sparse, so I set my test accordingly, or so I thought.  What a disappointment!  Out of 21 that worked, only four dogs completed the track.  My three tracklayers were kept busy collecting the articles.  Thanks to them for their hard work.  We all like to see the dogs do well, but some never left the pole, or only managed a few legs.  Was it the conditions?  We will never know.

Thanks to all who competed.  Don’t be disappointed with your performance, go out and enjoy your training, and good luck at your next trial.

1st           Lyn Davies, MISTER MISFIT MONGREL, XB, 193.  A superb track, only losing 6, all articles indicated by this dog.  Three from the square.  Well done.

2nd         Dean Woodcock, LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK, BC, 183.  Another nice track, losing 8 marks, and 2 articles, but only managed two out of the square.

3rd          Norma Ansell, GEFNI YET AGAIN, GSD, 173.5.  Qualifying with good nosework, but failed the stays today.

4th          Fran Atkins, BRONFYNNON BRECON, WSD, 173.5.  Nice track, but no articles – very costly.

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