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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 16 November 2003

C.D. Stake

Judge: Norma Ansell

Steward: Maurice Cooke

Thanks to L.D.T.C. for the invite to judge my first Championship appointment. Thanks to Maurice for stewarding for me both days, and to the 33 competitors for their entries. Weather was fine, bright and sunny, a lovely day for working our dogs. 

We had 26 dogs competing with 4 qualifiers - the usual CD problems, jumps and stays. The nosework was good and control of a high standard - search articles, 1 easy one for all to find and 1 difficult one to sort the men from the boys so to speak.


1st           Ms M Falcon, Laetare Lexical Volume (GSD) 96 pts. An exceptional performance, 3 from the square in 1min 3 secs, followed by a superb control round. Congratulations.

2nd         Mr C Ball, Conneywarren Tucker Box (Lab) 90pts. A good solid performance by this young dog (Colin not bad either!) A very athletic looking dog.

3rd         Ms G Storr, Gefni Very Vocal (GSD) 82pts. Yes, bred by me, a 6year old GSD with a handler having her first attempt at working trials after a very successful obedience career. Good luck in the future, I believe you have also started tracking now. Where will it end!

4th          Mrs R Price, Marlish Cadeau (GSD) 81.5. Another GSD, very handsome this boy, I believe he's also shown in the breed ring, very promising.  


Just a note, I understand both 1st and 3rd placed handlers train with Anne Bussey, congratulations on winning the Ticket at Leamington, you must be getting something right!



U.D. Stake

Judge MR J. R. WYKES

Tracklayers: Norma Ansell, Dot Levin, Zoe Finlay and Bob

Stewards: Norma Ansell, Kate Wykes.

Thank you to the society for asking me to judge. David did a good job of running his first champ trial, ably assisted by his crew. The weather was variable but basically was reasonably good to us. A big thank you to Sue Ashby for putting me and Kate up. My tracklayers did a wonderful job as did my square stewards. I was treated to some wonderful nosework but unfortunately this was let down by some not so good C & A. All in all though a good trial. I had a very good time and I hope everybody else did.

1st           LAETARE BREAK DANCER (BC) (D) 193.5 Q.E.X. Handler: Mrs Y L Fearon. A good all round performance from this pair, gave them the win, well done.

2nd         TIGER LILLY (WSD) (B) 190 Q.Ex. Handler: Ms M Edge. Another good performance, a winner another time.

3rd          HAZTONS BRIGHT STAR (BC) (D) 179.5 Q.E.X. Handler: Mrs H. Burton. Bits and pieces but a missed track article the main problem.

4th          THINGHILL CROSUS (GSD) (D) 165 Q.E.X. Handler: Mr D. Woodcock.

5th          CAMPDELL BLACK (BC) (D) 164.5 Q.E.X Handler: Mr W. A. Wright.

To those who qualified, well done, to those who didn’t keep up the good work, it will happen eventually. Don’t forget to enjoy your dogs, generally it’s not their fault when you fail. Good luck in the future to all of you.


T.D. Stake

Judge: Pat Hodgkins

Tracklayers: Anne Thorpe, Norma Ansell (I day each) Carla Nieuwenhuizen (2 days) Roger Shrimpton (3 days) Sue Ashby & Pete Hodgkins (7 days each)

Search Steward: Jacqui Barron

C & A Steward: Pete Hodgkins


It was an honour to be asked to judge a Ticket at Leamington, so thankyou to the Society for this opportunity which turned out to be rather a marathon as there were 81 entries, although we did have quite a few scratches. David Barker was Trials Manager for the first time in Championship (a daunting task). I would like to say Well Done to David and his team for making the trial run smoothly. 

Thanks to Julie Skipp who was at base all week and all the numerous ladies who helped in the kitchen. The super food boxes you sent out to us were really appreciated. Also thanks to Jacqui Gibney for the Sunday lunches and help on the final day with beautifully written certificates. 

Due to the large entry and limited daylight hours in November I started judging on Sunday. It rained heavily this first afternoon and on Friday we had gales and rain, but apart from this the days were mainly misty at first with some sunshine and very little wind. Control day was clear and sunny.   

My search steward Jacqui Barron did a great job laying squares all week and keeping me in order. It was good have your support Jacqui and "welcome back" to trials. Another important thank you to all the tracklayers named above. Sue laid all the early tracks. For the record, Sue laid 28 tracks and Pete laid 33. Tracking was on grass which was of similar length but noticeably some fields tracked better than others.

After the nosework there were 29 qualifiers. Three outstanding track to watch (apart from the winner) were Tony Lockyer and Rob, Heather Donnelly and Bee and Chris Gregory and Tino. Five dogs had full point search squares as many lost marks on mouthing and dropping. The hard luck story was Eva Carter and Tim who was in second place after the nosework; a shame that Tim did not do the scale. 

On the control day 25 qualifiers worked. The speak at heel (4 marks) caused problems for some dogs but the second speak in a halt position with the handler standing by the dog's side gave the chance to get at least 1 mark. The sendaway was approximately 150 yards outrun between two trees in the middle of the field (30 yards apart) to a marker in the fence beyond. Redirect was left away from the fence to a tree 150 yards into the open field. I set what I thought was a fair test for a Ticket stake. Thank you to competitors for entering and giving me the chance to see you and your dogs working. I really enjoyed my week. 

Many thanks to Pete for stewarding control and agility, and to Sue, Jacqui, Kate and Julie for organising the stays.


1st           Anne Bussey and Romeno If Six Was Nine (BC) Grad was in the lead after the nosework by 3.5 marks. Super track and full mark search square. The control and agility was worked very professionally gaining the highest C&A mark. A very worthy winner and a great team to watch. Many congratulations and good luck in 2004 KCC's. Nosework 163, C & A 31.5+20. Total 214.5.

2nd         Lindsay Errington and Woodheads Black Agnes (Lab) Aggie is a very enthusiastic dog. In 5th place before the C&A. One of the highest control marks with a super sendaway.. I know you were extremely pleased Lindsay, well done. 153.5, 30+20. Total 203.5.

3rd         Dave Marin and Vomdermule Erno (GSD) A lovely Shepherd. Dave forgot his dog's harness so borrowed Pete's …glad it "did the trick." A good all round performance and very impressive heelwork. 150.5, 27+20, total 197.5.

4th          Linda Newbold and Little Bradley (X Breed) Bradley made the track look easy in 9 mins. The 4th square article would have made a big difference today but a very consistent partnership. Well done. 150.5, 27.5+19, total 197.

Also qualifying TDex:

Paula Harvey, Elecampane Ella (GSD) 195.5.

Julie Atkins, W.T. Ch. Glenalpine Matt (BC) 194.5.

Tony Lockyer, W.T. Ch Hartshill Rob (WSD) 192.

Sheila Tannert, Styperson Briar (Lab) 187.5.

Steila Tannert, Styperson Tern (Lab) 187.5.

Manda McLellan, Jetfire Jake of Ashlindt (WSD) 187.

TD only: Ann Fowler, W.T. Ch. Waggerland Floss (BC) 173.5.  

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