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Open Trial
Trial Held: 29 February 2004


CD & C&A


Many thanks to Leamington for this invitation; many of you will know that this was Johns “home” club so it was particularly poignant.

The weekend was thoroughly enjoyable; everyone, helpers, competitors and stewards were marvellous and I really did have a good time! Thank you all for your company and hard work!

Sue Ashby put up with me and particular thanks to her from me and the dogs for her unfailing friendship and hospitality.

CD Stake

In the end there were only 2 out of the original 4 who were able to compete.

CD can be a difficult stake and it is often the case, especially in Open, that there are no qualifiers. Well, this was not so and Angela Porter qualified with 91.5/100 in great style with her lovely GR, Charlie,  (CARIS TYLER WOOD); one to watch for sure! Well done.

The other competitor was Jean Walker with her Dobe who did not have his W/T hat on today! She and Dandy (SUPETA’S LYIN EYES FOR SIZLIN, JW) worked hard but other things were in Dandy’s mind.

WD Stake

There were some good dogs who came to me; however some of those had failed the nose work and I am sure Caroline felt the same!! However, winning combinations were;

1st. Pat Middleton- Smiths Border Collie,  SLIEVE CLINKER. This is a cracking bitch who has now notched up 3 wins in a row. Certainly one for the future. (189.5/200)

2nd Leslie Jones and her ESS, LIVELY CLIVE. He wasn’t that lively with me, but made up for it in a good round which put some of the other more used breeds to shame!

3rd  Pat McGrane’s BC LITTLETHORN CLASSIC and she was! Lovely dog and well handled by her 1st time owner.

4th Norma Ansell and Maurice Cooks GEFNI WALKS ON WATER. As normal, this GSD bitch and Norma showed professionalism and commitment to the task

Also qualifying were CC Guards Lab LENWORTH BERTRAM OF PHILKINDY (172)

Brenda Nevard’s WSD, TOPPER THE POPS CDex, UDex (170.5)


Hazell Burton and her BC, HAZTONS BRIGHT STAR CDex, UDex.

TD Stake

Again, a mixed bag and some genuine hard luck stories. It will be better next time; quality outs and this was evidenced by the winner and qualifiers, as follows

1st Gary and Julie Atkins, BC, CAFCOLL RON, CDex, WDex. This was in the event a freebie, but still the Gary’s competitiveness and the training came to the fore with a final mark of 210.5/220. Good Luck in ticket.

2nd Sheren Perez and her WSD, KAY LAREN. A lovely round, well done.

3rd Lesley Olden’s WSD WAGGERLAND WOW OF NEDTO. Well done; and professionally handled.

4th Adrian Quick’s GSD, SHARDEE’S MR COOL. Adrian kept his cool as did his dog and together they turned in a good round.

My stewards for the 3 days were Heather Donnelly (Friday) and Zoe Finlay (Sat and Sun.) Both ladies were super company and made the competitors feel so at home. Thank you both very much!


WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Sue Mccabe, Bob Shropshire

Squares :Maurice Millington

Good to be back on familiar turf, judging at a club that gave me a lot of help during the 90's with Geoff and Ed.. The trial seemed to run very smoothly, we had great digs and were well cared for thanks to the behind the scenes crew. To the brilliant WD gang mentioned above; well done, you were spot on! Spent 2 lovely days watching some smashing teams.

1st           Pat Middleton Smith, SLIEVE CLINKER This is a cracking young dog, very impressed QU 189.5

2nd         Lesley Jones LIVELY CLIVE very accurate track plus the quickest square, would of sneaked him home in my car! QU 188.5

3rd          Pat McGrane LITTLETHORN CLASSIC a top square, you worked well together QU 185.5

4th          Norma Ansell GEFNI WALKS ON WATER.5 tidy performances in both parts of the nose work. QU 179

Also Qualified


Brenda Nevard with TOPPER THE POPS



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