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Trials Manager’s Report

Thank you to all the following people: Pat Herbert organised all the helpers; Pat, Gary Atkins and Roger Shrimpton marked out the tracking fields; the judges, Gary and Caroline Martin, Richard Musgrave and Kate Wykes; the tracklayers, Pat Herbert, Gary Atkins, Eric Carpenter, Roger Shrimpton and Yvonne Carpenter; the stewards, Julie Atkins, Kate Peyton, John Turtill and Hilary Wilson; Dot Levin organised all the catering.

Thanks also goes to Ken Grimsdell the Farm Manager for the tracking land, Jim and Kim Orfeur for the C/A field, and Chris Parsons (caretaker) for the youth club.

Thank you to the competitors for entering and we hope to see you again at future trials.

John Wykes


Stake: CD


Steward: Hilary Wilson

Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge.  Thank you to John, the Trials Manager, for a well-run trial.  Thank you to Hilary for laying the squares and scribing for me - you did an excellent job.  Thank you to Dot for feeding and watering me.  Lastly, thank you to the farmers, without whose land we wouldn’t be able to run trials.

Unfortunately, none of the competitors qualified; it was mainly the jumps that was their undoing.

1st           Richard Rudman with NERO RE-STAR OF VIRANOV, GSD, D, 79, NQ.  Qualified in all sections but not enough marks overall.

2nd         John Missin with BEESTING SAMBA, BC, B, 82, NQ.

3rd          Barbara Brown with EVA PARNASSUS’ MUSE, WSD, B, 63, NQ.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and for accepting all my decisions.  Good luck to you in your future trials.


Stake: WD Nosework


Square Steward: Kate Peyton

Tracklayers: Roger Shrimpton, Yvonne Carpenter, Eric Carpenter

I would like to thank Leamington Dog Training Club for inviting me to judge their WD Nosework stake this year.  Thank you to John and Kate Wykes for organising the trial and to Dot Levin for all her hard work in the catering department.

Huge thank you to Kate for laying squares for 3 days.  Although we were lucky in that it stayed dry for the most part, it was freezing and Kate’s feet were laden with mud most of the time!

Roger, Yvonne and Eric - again, huge thanks for giving up your time to wallow in the mud with me!  The tracks were laid perfectly and I know how much the competitors and I appreciated it.

Many thanks to co-judge, Richard Musgrave, who judged the C/A.  From the comments I heard, all of the competitors really enjoyed your test and your company.

We had plenty of land and were very grateful to the landowners for allowing us access to it.  Tracking was on crop and conditions, as previous mentioned, were mostly dry but very cold.  There were 22 entries in WD, 18 worked and 10 teams qualified.  Track articles were a piece of green underlay approx 1” x 3” and a piece of beige carpet, approx 1.5” x 4”.  Square articles were a piece of black rubber, a length of green cord, a length of bamboo cane and a piece of leather.

Day 1: 4 out of 6 teams completed their tracks, 2 got both articles, 2 got 1 article; 4 teams out of 6 found 4 articles in the square, 2 out of 6 found 3 articles.

Day 2: 3 out of 6 teams completed their tracks, all getting both track articles; 4 teams out of 6 found 3 articles in the square, 1 out of 6 found 4 articles.

Day 3: 4 out of 6 teams completed their tracks, 3 got both articles, 1 got 1 article; 1 team out of 6 found 2 articles in the square, 2 teams out of 6 found 3 articles in the square, 2 out of 6 found 4 articles.

1st           BLACK PRINCE, handled by Mr C J Trevor, Lab, 187.5, Q.  Oscar is a cracking dog and Chris handled him beautifully.  He was happy, conscientious and did a great job.  Congratulations on winning the stake.

2nd         STARDELL NAOS, handled by Ms M O’Kelly, BC,186, Q.  All articles retrieved from track and square; Meg and Naos were an absolute pleasure to watch.  Very well done.

3rd          GLENALPINE NIKKI, handled by Mrs M Taylor, BC, 185.5, Q.  This super dog found all of her articles and worked beautifully.  Martine’s smile and Nikki’s wagging tail were testament to them having a great time together out there.  Fantastic team.

4th          JOYFUL JENSON, handled by Mr K Hill, GSD, 184.5, Q.  Kevin and Stanley were a joy to watch working together and were yet another happy team which I’m sure will progress through the stakes with ease.

Also qualified:

CLEYNEHAGE ON THE TILES (Bronte), handled by Mrs T Eaton, G. Ret, 183.5

GOOD GOLLIE MILL MOLLY (Molly), handled by Mr R Lea, XB, 179

STARDELL ARCHE (Archie), handled by Mrs J A Olley, BC, 177.5

CORIES TEX (Tex), handled by Mr D Woodcock, Kelpie, 177

HAUSBAILEY LOKI (Finn), handled by Mrs D Assheton-Bowtle, GSD, 175

TADMARTON EASTER LILY (Lily), handled by Mrs J M Orchard, Lab, 175


Thank you to all of the competitors for entering and good luck at your next trials.

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