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CD Stake


Steward: Zoe Findley

The CD stake ran over two days with 29 entries.

Leamington's hospitality is second to none and was very much appreciated as I had spent the previous week "fending" for myself whilst Paula judged the TD.

The organisation was in the hands of David Barker (Trials Manager) and his team of ladies who mothered, pushed and generally bullied all of us men into some sort of order.

I was ably assisted over the two days by Zoe who is a most excellent steward for a CD stake coping with competitors whose nerves seem to get the better of them. Zoe laid all the squares , stewarded the control and agility and generally kept me in line and on time .Her pleasant manner and attention to detail benefited both competitors and Judge alike.

The standard of work varied from" excellent" to " not quite ready" as is usual in this stake. The searches were well performed but the C/A took its toll. 

1st           Andrew Fox with DAZLEROCKS BRYNIN  SCOOBY  Too  BC  (D) 95.5  marks. An excellent round.     Qual CDex

2nd         Diana Stephens  with MAESTRO THE POCKET ROCKET   XBreed    D   89 marks. Qual CDex

3rd          Jill Carruthers with JASUETER RED GARNET    GSD   B   86.5 marks. Qual CDex

4th          Kate Peyton with GLENALPINE SOLOMON  BC   D     86 marks. Qual CDex

Congratulations to these four handlers on qualifying their dogs CDex and I am sure that on this performance they are all destined to succeed in the higher stakes.


WD Stake


Tracklayers:  Annie Thorpe, Ann Clarke, Jane Webb, Pat Herbert, Carla Nieuwenhuizen,

Roger Shrimpton, Bob Shropshire

Stewards:  Chris Gregory (Search), Alison Davidson and Margaret Jones (Control)

My thanks to Leamington for the invitation to judge WD, and to David Barker for running the trial, and for finding such a superb B & B.

With a large entry and limited daylight, WD ran over 7 days, which was quite a challenge, but with excellent tracklayers, and Chris doing all the searches, the nosework ran smoothly.  Thank you to all the tracklayers, and to Chris - you all did a splendid job, and were good company.

Control was on an area open to the public, with a footpath running round the edge of the field, so choices for exercises were limited, but dogs generally coped well.  Thank you to Alison and Margaret for stewarding everybody round so competently.

Thanks also to the escorts, Kate and Norma, who got everybody to their tracks on time, and to all at the base, for food and organisation.  With a team like this, everything ran like clockwork.

Of 48 dogs entered, 38 worked. 

Tracking was on stubble, with some growth. The first day was disappointing, with no nosework qualifiers, but then things picked up, with a few qualifying each day.  I saw some very impressive tracks, although article recovery was a problem for some dogs; the articles were a 3.5 " x .5" strip of carpet and a 3.5"  piece of thick leather.  Overall, searches were not of a high standard, with only 5 dogs recovering all four articles - in a lot of cases, dogs seemed to lack motivation, particularly if they didn't find articles quickly.  12 dogs (30%) failed to qualify on the square, which is a very high percentage at this level.  However, the highest placed dogs all searched well, even if they did not recover all of the articles.  The articles were:- a 1.5" square of carpet, a 2" x 1.5" piece of green scourer, half a wooden clothes peg, and a plastic milk bottle top; they were all in the middle of the square, within about 3' of each other.

WDEx leaming track

Control was generally good, although, surprisingly, stays took a toll.  The Sendaway was not easy, due to the constraints of the area, as it was across the gradient of a slope, which tended to pull dogs down the slope to the left.  In view of this, I put up a clear marker, a traffic cone, and marked it fairly leniently.  The standard was very mixed, with marks varying from 0 to 10.  Agility caused few problems.

At the end of the week, 8 dogs qualified WDEx and I WD only.

1st.          Susanne Jaffa with Ob Ch CAGASA DARK 'N' DELICIOUS, ASD, B.  Dee worked consistently well throughout, only missing 1 article in the square, and gaining a full mark Control and Agility round, no mean feat in WD Championship.  Well done on making up the first Aussie Obedience Champion - maybe a double champion? Qual 190 .5

2nd.        Margaret Robinson with TYTRI LACE OF TRENT VALLEY, BC, B.  There is a lovely relationship between Margaret and Lace, and they worked with motivation and enjoyment.  A joy to watch. Qual 187

3rd          Sally Bergh-Roose with TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY, GSD dog.  Ji's standard of work was good throughout, but casts on the track and a second attempt at the hurdle were expensive. Qual 176 .5

4th          John Currie and DREAGANTA SAMH, BC, D.  Sam worked a beautiful track, but unfortunately missed the end article.  He redeemed himself with a first class C & A round - very nice to watch. Qual 176 .5

Neither Sally nor John was available for a run-off, so I gave 3rd place to the team with the higher nosework mark.

Also Qualifying WDEx.

Diana Boxall and BOXALONG BOY, WSD, D. 176

Lesley Jones and LIVELY CLIVE, ESS, D. Nice to see somebody else working a springer!     172 .5

Colin Ball and CONNEYWARREN TUCKER BOX, Lab, D 169


Qualifying WD only.

Hazel Holt and TRACKMOOR'S TOLKAN, GSD, B. 158 .5


TD Stake


Tracklayers: Sue Ashby.  Jacqui Barron. Tom Darby & Steve Linney

Search Steward:  Jan Darby

Control Steward:  Norma Ansell 

I would like to thank Leamington for asking me to judge their ticket this year. At the presentation I thanked my Tracklayers, Control/Search/Stay Stewards and

also those that helped with the control  round, but I did forget to say thank you to Julie Skip and Kate Payton for doing my scores during the week and for Jacqui Gibney  for scores and writing out the certificates on Sunday.  So thank you all.

It was a long week with 7 days tracking on very lush grass and I was privileged to see a lot of excellent nosework.  There were 74 entries with 67 dogs working. After the nosework I had 38 qualifiers.  The weather conditions varied from mild and overcast to rain to cold bright and frosty.  It did not seem to affect the tracking but some day's article recovery was better than others.

On Sunday I had 34 dogs. So I set a fairly short round so we wouldn't finish in the

dark. At the end of the day I had 22 qualifiers.

Thank you all for entering under me and accepting my decisions.

1st           winning the Kennel Club Working Trials Ticket Anne Bussey with WT CH ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE     211  congratulations Anne. Grad is certainly on form.

2nd         winning Reserve, Tony Lockyer with WT CH HARTSHILL ROB    210.5 Well done Tony.  Rob did a lovely round.

3rd          Lindsay Errington with WOODHEADS BLACK AGNES   208.5. Aggie worked well for you Lindsay.

4th          Sheila Tannert WT CH STYPERSON TERN   202

Heather did a lovely track for you Sheila.

Also qualifying TDex

Jean Howells with GLENALPINE JED    199

Paul Adams with MOONBEAM SHADOW   198

Gary Atkins with CAFCOLL RON   198


Sheila Tannert with WT CH STYPERSON BRIAR   195

Tony Lockyer with LITTLE TAKA OF HARTSHILL   194.5

Susanne Jaffa with ACCRA EAZEL BOB  193.5

Pat Herbert with JOLLY JILL   193

Margaret Jones with MERRY STEPS SKIP  189.5


Julia Skipp with SKIPAWAY ZORRO   187.5

Teresa Clinick  with FURSDON WINTER WHIRLWIND  186.5


Joe Magness handling ADRIAN QUICKS  MR COOL    186

Stevi Boyall with STYPERSON LOMOND  184

Glenys Page with BRIGLEN NUTMET   182

Maeve Weselby with STYPERSON Tay  181

Sheren Perez with KAY LAREN  179

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