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C & A and CD Stake


Steward: Julia Skipp

Thank you to Leamington DTC for the invitation to judge at your trial. I had a wonderful three days in great company and congratulate you all for putting on such a friendly and efficient trial.

There are many people to thank. Dot, Zoe and Kate for manning the base. Doris, Zoe and David for stay stewarding. Beryl, Heather and Patrick for feeding us so well and Jaqui for the home-made soup that warmed us so well on very cold days! David for doing a superb job as trials manager and relaxing all the competitors and the judge!

CD Stake

We had 8 competitors in CD ending up with 2 qualifiers. The nosework was performed extremely well with all competitors retrieving all three articles. Control was of a very high standard but unfortunately stays and agility took their toll.

1st           Peter .Lewis and BERRYTREE SASSY Lab. 93.5 What a lovely partnership, quiet confident handling and winning UD too, very well done.

2nd         Beryl Draper and DECOYMANS PIPER ICEMAN NSDTR 82. Well done Beryl I know you've worked very hard with Rusty and it's now paying off. He's a lovely boy.

3rd          Tally Rees and TRIJEM ICENI WREAK HAVOC Aus Shep 84 NQ Tally and Rico worked extremely well it was sad to see you go out on agility. I'm sure a qualification isn't far away.

4th          Sonya Wright and SLIPWOOD JET ISDS BC 80 NQ another agility casualty who worked very well. Keep at it you'll get there soon.

UD Stake

1st           Peter Lewis and BETTYYTEE SASSY Lab. 187.5 Congratulations, two wins in one day!

2nd         Gary Martin and TYTRI ROY BC 172 NQ Lovely partnership what a shame about the S/A.

3rd          Freddie Middleton and SHARDEE'S JODIE GSD 168 NQ Good luck in future trials I'm sure you'll do it soon.

4th          Carla Morris and AZI AZA KITE Collie x 165.5 NQ One of the best control rounds with a full mark SA, very well done.

TD Stake

1st           Raymond Lea and TONAYIA RUNNING WILD CDEX UDEX WDEX WSD 201.5 Lovely quiet handling from Ray produces Leah's lovely work. I know she's given you some problems but your patience with her is really paying off - well done.

2nd         David Waite and DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN CDEX UDEX WSD 198.5 Merlin worked really well, well done.

3rd          Dave Marchant and WAGGERLAND MURPHY WSD 196 Another champion in the making Dave. Super SA one of the best.

4th          Susan Ashby and THE ECHO CDEX UDEX WSD 190 Superb all round performance from Echo well done.

Also qualifying;

Margaret Robinson and TYTRI LACE AT TRENTVALLEY BC 189.5

Christine Stewart and BELDORM DUNCAN Std. Poodle 185.5

Stella Smyth and MORROW RED CHAKOLA ACD 179.5

Finally thank you to all the competitors for not keeping us waiting and accepting my decisions with good heart.


UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Sue and Pete Jones

Steward: Dot Levin

I would like to thank Leamington for the invitation to judge the UD stake nosework. My thanks also go to Heather and Patrick Donnelly for the food.

Sue and Pete Jones laid tracks both days and Dot Levin laid the squares. They made a wonderful team and Sue's (snack box) was excellent.

The weather although cold was kind to us. We didn't have to suffer snow or rain as we were finished before the showers started. This was helped along by the competitors being escorted to their tracks in plenty of time. So many thanks to them too.

The standard was very mixed. The young or inexperienced dogs found the conditions difficult to cope with. It was very windy on Saturday and the ground being soft made it heavy going. Sunday was quite still and the ground was frozen first thing which brought difficulties of a different kind.

The results were as follows:-

1st           Peter Lewis with BERRYTREE SASSY Q 187.5 A very enthusiastic young lab. loads of potential. This was the first time out for Peter and Sassy. Excellent work well done.

2nd         Gary Martin with TYTRI ROY BC 172.5 Super tracking dog. A bit more work on the square needed.

3rd          Miss V Middleton with SHARDEE'S JODIE GSD168

A little slow to start but once the first article was found completed a lovely track.

4th          Carla Morris with AZI AZA KITE COLLIE X 165.5 Very well handled on the track. A pleasure to watch.


TD Nosework


Search Steward: Jo Welch

Tracklayers: Roger Shrimpton, John & Kate Wykes

Thank you to Leamington Working Trials Society and David Barker for the invitation to judge the TD Nosework. In spite of the terrible weather and mainly due to a bunch of great helpers and some very nice competitors, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

So a very big thank you to Roger for laying all the early morning tracks and John & Kate Wykes for laying all of the other tracks, all taking great care that all competitors had an equal chance of qualifying. Also Heather Donnelly for standing in for John on the Sunday when he finally had to succumb to the flu symptoms he had suffered the first 2 days. You all did a great job. Big thank you also to first time search square steward, Jo, for laying her search squares so conscientiously, making sure no dog failed the square through inconsistency. Thank you also for taking the Friday off work so we did not have to change the search steward mid trial.

Thank you also to all the other helpers who 'beavered' away quietly in the background making sure all went according to plan: Patrick & Heather Donnelly in the kitchen dishing up Jacqui Gibney's lovely soup. Also at the base: Dot Levin, Beryl Draper, Zoe Finlay, Kate Peyton and Sue Ashby.

The weather conditions were horrendous on the first 2 days, the Friday being the worst day with Thunder & Lightning, Hail, Blizzards and Gales blowing, it was unbelievable. Those of you who qualified that day can be especially proud.

The tracking was on grass so I set a track pattern which would test the handler and the dog working as a team and where the handler would have to be able to read and have confidence in the dog.  We saw some lovely tracks in spite of the weather conditions.

Out of 36 entries only 30 ran. Just 12 teams qualified the track of which 1 failed the search square and 4 failed the control & agility, leaving us with 7 qualifiers overall. They are as follows:

1st           Raymond Lea and TONAYIA RUNNING WILD, WSD (B) on 201.5 pts. What a super team these two have become. In spite of many failures over the years Ray has stuck at it and proved that patience & perseverance finally do pay off. The only full mark square after a near perfect track. Many congratulations Ray, you are an inspiration to us all.

2nd         David Waite and DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN, WSD (D) on 198.5 pts. Nice quiet handling got the best from his dog. Merlin got all 3 articles off the track and 4 out of the square. Very well done.

3rd          Dave Marchant and WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD (D) on 196 pts. Murphy is not yet 2 years old and obviously destined for the top in Dave's experienced hands. Well done.

4th          Sue Ashby and THE ECHO, WSD (B) on 190 pts. Another experienced handler getting the best from this very sensitive bitch. Worked on the Friday and thoroughly deserved this qualification. Congratulations, Sue.

Also qualifying:

Margaret Robinson and TYTRI LACE AT TRENTVALLEY, BC (B) on 189.5 pts

Chris Stewart, BELDORM DUNCAN, Std Poodle (D) on 185.5 pts

Stella Smyth and MORROW RED CHAKOLA, ACD (B) on 179.5 pts

It was nice to see a few different breeds doing so well. We had a few 'if only's' but I feel a special mention must go to Gail Gwesyn-Pryce's lovely GSD bitch, WONDER, who tracked on the Sunday after we saw walkers exercising their dogs over part of her track. Wonder hardly cast on any of her corners and never lifted her head on any of the fouled part of the track. She got the highest track mark of the trial only to fail her Down Stay! Hope you do it next time Gail, she certainly is ready.

Finally: special thank you to Patrick Donnelly who put all the scores on the internet, which helped me to prepare this report!

Last but not least I would like to thank David Barker for keeping the Leamington Trial going against all odds and when nobody else was prepared to run it. You are doing a great job and I hope you will be back in trials competing yourself very soon with the lovely Sophie.

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