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Stake : UD


Stewards : C/A and search : Tally Rees, Jane Hedges

Tracklayers : Kate Peyton, Zoe Finley

Thanks to Leamington Dog Training Club for the invitation to judge the UD stake at their Championship Working Trial and to trials manager David Barker and his team for all their hard work in organising a very successful trial at this for them, a new venue.

I was very fortunate to have four lovely ladies in my team.  Wasn't I the lucky one!

Tally Rees stewarded the control and agility and the search square on Friday.  Jane Hedges the same role on Saturday.

Kate Peyton and Zoe Finley were my tracklayers on both days.

On behalf of the competitors and myself thank you all so very much for giving your time and efforts for the conscientious way you all worked to give the competitors a fair chance.

Of the eleven teams entered, eight ran which was disappointing but seems to be the norm at the moment.  It was nice to see so many different breeds entered.  They were made up of : 2 border collies, 1 staffy, 1 terv, 1 flat coat ret, 1 lab ret, 1 GSD and 1 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Ret.

The weather over the two days was cold and sunny on Friday and cold and foggy first thing on Saturday.  As the C&A was carried out first thing it made the sendaway on Saturday more interesting.  The sendaway was ninety paces out to crossed poles so on Saturday it really was a sendaway and not a send to.  But the dogs either did it very well or not at all.

Tracking was on winter wheat of good growth and the standard was very good and a pleasure to judge.  The search squares were all keenly carried out and in most cases very successful.

Track articles : knotted rope and 2"sq underfelt.

Search articles : wood .75" x 2.5", carpet 1" x 1.5", shotgun cartridge, cigarette paper packet.

1st           Paula Wright with FLYNTASTIC LICENZ TO THRILL WSD.  Qual UDex with 180.5.  control 33.5, agility 15, track 88, arts 10, search 34.  A very keen young dog very well handled.  Retrieved four articles out of the square in less than one minute.  James made it all look so easy.  This team show great promise for the future.  Good luck and well done.

2nd         Jan Baker with JABY MANNA NSDTR Qual UDex with 178.5.  Control 31, agility 17.5, track 86, arts 10, search 34.  Super little dog really enjoying its work.  A good team this and a pleasure to judge.  Well done and good luck for the future.

3rd          Linsey Errington with CASTLESIDE YOUNG JET Lab Ret Qual UDex with 171.  Control 33, agility 17, track 85, arts 10, search 26.  A very keen and energetic young dog, kept well under control, most of the time, by this experienced handler.  Must have covered about three miles doing his square.  Again a pleasure to judge.  Well done.

4th          Angela Gourd with NICKILA red Terv.  Not Qual with 165.  Control 20.5, agility 14, track 86.5, arts 20, search 24.  Not so keen on the control and agility today but really enjoyed the nosework section.  I am sure it will all come together very soon.


Stake  TD


Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Roger Shrimpton, Norma Ansell, Tony Orchard & Len Newman.

I would like to thank the committee of Leamington for the invitation to judge at the trial.

Thanks to David Baker and his team for a very well run trial.

Thanks to my experienced team of tracklayers, especially Tom who laid the early morning tracks each day (just don't let him near the chocolate biscuits) and stewards who never put a foot wrong and were great company.

Weather conditions were cold and getting colder as the week went on, with a frost every morning.  It appeared that if the tracks were laid in the frost and worked before the ground really thawed out, then most of the dogs went round. Where the tracks were laid in the frost but the ground had thawed out before being run then the dogs really struggled.  Other than the cold, tracking conditions were very good with no rain or wind all week.

On the Sunday it was a nightmare with thick fog and frost first thing. Luckily the fog cleared slightly for the top 10 dogs to work, but then closed in again after that and many of the competitors could not see either the out run for the sendaway point or the redirection at all, they were just sending their dogs into the fog and relying on my directions as to where the dog was and when to redirect the dog.  It is the first time I have ever judged the sendaway from in front of the competitor, it was difficult and I am sure it affected many dogs and handlers, but we just had to do the best we could under the conditions.

79 dogs entered with 69 actually running., of those 35 qualified on the nosework.

1st             KAY LAREN (WSD) handled by Mrs Sharen Perez  211.5

Track - 94, Articles - 30, Search - 35.

A very nice control round qualifying TDEX

Congratulations and good luck at the KC's

2nd           WTCh STYPERSON TERN (Lab Ret) handled by Mrs S Tannert  209

After a run off with the below dog.

Track - 92, Articles - 30, Search - 35

Another nice control round qualifying TDEX.

3rd            GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN (BC) handled by Mrs E Thorpe  209

Track - 96, Articles - 30, Search - 34

An expensive long jump, but a very nice Sendaway & redirect, well done

4th            WTCh JOLLY JILL (WSD) handled by Pat Herbert  205

Track - 98, Articles - 20, Search - 35

Also Qualifying TDEX

TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY  (BC)  handled by Margaret Robinson  204.5

WTCH WAGGERLAND FLOSS  (BC) handled by  Mrs Anne Fowler  204

BRIGLEN NUTMEG  (WSD)  handled by Glynys Page  203.5

TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY (GSD)  handled by Sally Bergh Roose  203

STYPERSON MILLIE  (Lab Ret)  handled by M Weselby  201

WAGGERLAND MURPHY (WSD)  handled by Dave Marchant 200.5

ELECAMPANE SPRUCE (Lab Ret) handled by Mrs P Harvey 200

FLYNNTASTIC WININ VENTURE  (WSD) handled by Mrs Jane Webb  199.5

DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN   (WSD)  handled by David Waite  197

TYTRI NIKKI  (BC)  handled by Eric Nichols  196.5

WTCH BRIDGALPINE LIBRA OF STARDELL  (BC) handled by Mrs Wendy Beasley   196

GRELGANNA LEO OF STARDELL  (BC)  handled by Mr Paul Beasley  194

KENMILLONE FRASER  (GSD)  handled by Mrs Maureen Regan  192.5

WTCH WAGGERLAND MISTER JAKE (WSD)  handled by Dave Marchant 192

WTCH LAETARE DAY JAVU  (BC)  handled by Barry Gilbert  191.5

STYPERSON LOMOND  (Lab Ret)  handled by S Boyall  191.5

GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL  handled by Mrs Wendy Beasley  190.5

OUR DUG  (BC)  handled by Mrs Julie Atkins 189

TYTRIL KES OF BRYNSWOOD  (BC)  handled by Nigel Hines  189

SLIEVE CLINKER  (BC)  handled by Miss P Middleton-Smith  188

MERRY STEPS SKIP (BC)  handled by  Mrs M Jones  183

TONAYIA RUNNING WILD  (WSD)  handled by Raymond Lea  179

LITTLE TAKA OF HARTSHILL  (GSD)  handled by Mr T Lockyer  196.5

Qualifying TD

THE ECHO  (WSD)  handled by Sue Ashby  170

Once again many thanks to the society and the competitors  for a very enjoyable week.

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