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Stake: C.D


Steward: Anne Shepherd

I would like to thank Leamington for the invitation to judge the C.D stake. As usual this was a well run trial by David Barker trials manager, never an easy job. We were superbly fed and watered by Dot Levin and with Julie Skip keeping the base under control, nothing was left to chance. Lastly but not least thank you Anne Shepherd for keeping the stake flowing and putting competitors at their ease.

Thank you all!

I set a straight forward test, the articles in the square being a jam jar lid, piece of carpet and a 6 inch black plastic handle from a wine box. The searches were good with Anne only having to retrieve one article from the seven teams that worked. The control commenced with heel on lead followed by a diagonal recall, heel free and finished with a 45 paced sendaway to crossed poles in a hedge. As is usual in C. D the problems occurred with the jumps and stays so I ended up with three teams achieving qualifying marks.

1st           94.5 Q Jackie Weaver LENWOOD BRYONY Lab Lovely nosework and just minor blemishes on the control. Full set of jumps

2nd         89 Q Mrs Eleanor Mestraud WOLFHART CASSEY GSD Three articles recovered from the square and a slight hic-cup with the clear jump but I am sure that you will not retire Rekka after to-day.

3rd          85.5 Q Mr and Mrs B Wood JINGALING OF JANETSTOWN CDex Shetland Sheepdog Handler Carol Wood. Lost 2 on the retrieve, lovely sendaway and a full set of jumps.

4th          81.5 Q Mrs D Levin IVYMOOR DAX Weimaraner Dax was confused by the sendaway but otherwise a lovely round.

Congratulations to those that qualified, and to the others I am sure it will not be long before you too are successful. Thank-you for entering and accepting my decisions, I really enjoyed judging you and your dogs. Good Luck for future trials.


Stake: WD nosework


Stewards: Sue Lawrie Sat. Sue Drake Sun.

Tracklayers: Maurice Cooke, Jane Sutherland (Sat.) Norma Ansell, Jane Sutherland (Sun)

Many thanks to Leamington DTC for the invitation to judge. Thanks also to David Barker as Trials Manager ably assisted by Julia Skipp at base, Dot Levin for our snack boxes and Zoe Finlay for breakfast on Sunday. The tracks were laid by Maurice Cooke and Jane Sutherland on Saturday and by Norma Ansell and Jane Sutherland on Sunday. Squares were laid by Sue Lawrie on Saturday and Sue Drake on Sunday. Many thanks to all of them for a job well done.

Nosework was mostly good with some excellent tracks. The results were as follows:

1st           David Holt & CHARLESTOWN JAKE (GSD). Superb track. Very steady and accurate (got the scourer yet?). 180 Q.

2nd         Jenny Holt & HULLATER BROOK (WSD). Slow start but lovely track after the first leg. 174.5 Q.

3rd          John Simpson & GLENROYAL YAZZ (GSD). Excellent nosework and very well handled by John. Lovely attitude from dog and handler. 179.

4th          Steve Liney & GEMSTONE EASTER wish CDex. (Xbreed). Good teamwork from Steve and Gem. Steve reads this dog very well. 178.5.


Stake:TD nosework


Steward: Lisa Coul (Sat) Zoe Finlay (Sun)

Tracklayers: Sue Ashby, John Wykes (Sat) Sue Ashby, Maurice Cooke (Sun)

Thank you to the committee for asking me to judge and to all competitors for accepting my decisions, Julia Skipp at base, Dot Levin for catering. Sue Ashby for her B&B.

My stewards and tracklayers did all I asked and were good company, thank you for your time.

The fields were great with very good conditions generally. The standard was pretty good, with some dogs coping very well, some just not up to it on the day. Better luck in the future.

1st           Hazel Burton with STAR. Very nice and has sorted the corners now, not so much casting. Well done. Track 94 + 30 square 35.

2nd         Lesley Jones. A happy working dog, once started, had us worried to begin with but then flowed. Congratulations. Track 96 + 30 sq. 25

3rd          Roger Shrimpton a precise worker, just a couple of slips nice to watch. Track 96 +25 sq 34

4th          Jeanette Sayer a joy to watch this pointer 'power' round the track. The square needs a little attention. Track 98 + 25 sq 25

Also qualifying;

June Read Well done, few bits to brush up on. Track 94 + 15 sq 31

Alan Ballinger Well done just a few tidy ups needed. Track 94 + 25 sq 26


Stake: WD, TD C&A

Judge: Kate Peyton

Steward: Stan Taylor

My thanks to David Barker and Leamington DTC for the invitation to judge the C & A at their open trial. Also to my excellent steward Stan Taylor who did a great job for me, and all the competitors on both days, and to Sandra Perkins for stewarding the stays. I also appreciated the rest of the team, Julie for managing the base, and Dot for organising the food. I thoroughly enjoyed my two days, the weather was kind to us and we had a steady flow of competitors without ever getting a big queue. I think I set a reasonably straightforward test, which on the whole was well done, I saw some excellent work and some less excellent To those competitors who made it, keep up the good work in the higher stakes, to those who did not, don’t give up. Your day will come.

Results were as follows:

WD stake

1st           David Holt with CHARLESTOWN JAKE, GSD D. CoM 180. Well done to both, good luck in higher stake.

2nd         Jenny Holt with HULLATER BROCK WSD D. CoM 174.5 Nice heel work and retrieve from this team, well done.

3rd          John Simpson with YAZZ GSD B 179 NQ Shame about the jumps, better luck next time.

4th          Steve Liney with GEM cross B 178.5 NQ Nice control round, sadly came to grief in the stays.

TD stake

1st           Hazel Burton with HAZTONS BRIGHT STAR CDex UDex BC dog CoM 205 Nice control round, bit of a hiccup on the scale. Congratulations.

2nd         Lesley Jones with LIVELY CLIVE ESP dog CoM 203.5 This dog was delightful, good consistent work and lovely attitude.

3rd          Roger Shrimpton GRELGANNA KIRI CDex UDex 197.5 Accurate heelwork and nice jumps, well done.

4th          J Sayer VILLAGE KING GSP Dog CoM 195 Good control, and willing attitude, this dog really enjoyed his work.

Also gaining CoM

Pauline Pearce with DUSTERS RAGAMUFFIN WSD B 194

J L Read LITTLE JODE CDex WDex GSD B 182.5


Veteran stake


Track layers: Roger Shrimpton & Anne Shepherd

Square Steward: Sue McCabe

Thank you to Leamington Working trials committee for press-ganging (no sorry, inviting) me to judge the Veteran stake at their open trial.  Judging in trials is something I've avoided for years and anyone who knows me as a wreck of a competitor will understand why.  However, I was not at all nervous on the day and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Thank you Roger and Anne, my track layers and Sue, my steward, to the guys running the base, and Sue & Bob for the food.

Veterans is interesting to judge in that there are no KC rules at all to refer to.  This gives the opportunity to set a slightly novel test but apprehension on how to apportion marks.  I considered it important that the best tracking dog should win and had concerns that having more articles in the square might upset that balance.  However, on reflection, the placings line up was exactly how I would have wanted it.  Seven dogs entered and five dogs ran.

I set a straight forward track pattern to keep it simple due to my inexperience.  The track was 1.5 hours old with three articles, a 3" piece of hosepipe, a 5" knot of green string and a ball on a rope for the end article.  110 marks were allocated to the track plus 10 for each track article.  All dogs bar one got round the track.  Only one dog got all three articles off the track.

The 25 yd search square had six articles, a cork, plastic hot chocolate tub lid, 2"x3" green scourer, 5" twig, 2"x3" green cord fabric and 3" carpet.  The competitors weren't told how many articles were in the square until the last one was recovered.  Each square article gained 7 marks plus 8 handling/style marks.  Only one dog got all six articles, this was the dog that didn't complete the square so he felt he had a good day after all.

Thank you to all the competitors for enjoying the day out with your oldies.  I was very impressed with everyone's attitudes.  Thanks to everyone at Leamington for your advice and support whilst in I was in panic mode, and to Andy, my hubby, for being crash test dummy (sorry, run-through volunteer).

1st           Alan Ballinger with MAGIC FEATHER DUSTER TDex (WSD). 174/190 Brilliant tracking, a joy to watch.

2nd         Chris Gregory with WT Ch VOMSANDBAR EROS TDex-PDex (GSD)  171/190  Lovely tidy track, the second article would have changed the order.

3rd          Carla Nieuwenhuizen with SHADOWSQUAD HIGH FLYER (GSD)  168/190  I tracklayed for the very first time for Carla and Flyer and was petrified.  It was an honour to judge their only competitive round.  Lovely track and just as speedy as before.

4th          Kate Wykes with TIP OF TARNFORCE CDex-TDex (BC)  162/190  Super track, especially so as Kate doesn't normally work Tip.  Tip took advantage of this in the square.

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