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Stake: WD  



Tracklayers: Sue Ashby and Len Newman 

Square and Control Steward: Lé Newman 

Thank you to Leamington and the Committee for the invitation to judge the WD stake.  Also to Wendy Magyar, the base steward, for great back up, daily list of who was competing that day, and then processing of marks and certificates (not that there were many!) at the end of the day.  Di Assheton-Bowtle, Dot Levin, and Kate Wykes organised the food, of which there was plenty, so many thanks to them for this very necessary part of any trial.  

To my team of tracklayers and steward, you were consistently wonderful and conscientious, ensuring that each competitor had a fair chance to gain their qualification.  Thank you.

There were 22 entries and 13 ran.  Tracking was on sparse-ish corn and the weather was windy, cold and sometimes wet.  Not easy conditions, resulting in many casualties on the track and only one qualifier overall.

1st           Dave Marchant with STARDELL PISCES, BC, D, 192, Q.  Good control and jumps, followed by a great display of teamwork and determination to complete the track from this pair.  Neither of them found it easy, but the result was never in doubt and they gained a well-deserved qualification and first place on 192.  Well done

2nd         Joan Snowden with STARDELL MERCURY, BC, D, NQ.  Half-brother to Dave's dog, and also producing work of a good standard in C/A, and worked extremely hard on the track, getting 3 parts of the way round before coming to grief.  

3rd          Pete Ross, handling Pam Davies’ dog, MEADLE BLACKTHORN JACK, GSD, D, NQ.  Nice control, with the only full point sendaway, but sadly beaten by conditions on the tracking field.  

4th          Stan Ford with VONHAUSWOLF RAINHARD, CDEx – UDEx, GSD, D, NQ.  Powerful, exuberant (and a tad noisy!) on the control field, did his best on the track but it wasn't to be. 

Thank you to competitors for your entries, for taking part in the test and for your unfailing good humour and stoicism in the face of very difficult conditions.  


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Pat Herbert and Andy Magyar

Square and C/A steward: Gary Atkins

Stay stewards: Pat Herbert and Charlie Taylor

Thanks to Leamington for the invitation to judge at my club trial.  The organisation and preparation for the trial is second to none, so thanks to Kate Wykes and Dot Levin for the pre-work on the administration and food.  Also thanks to Kate, Dot and Di Assheton-Bowtle for kitchen duties all week - best bacon rolls I know!  And to Pat Herbert, who sorts out all of the land we use, ensures the fields are marked out to make it easy for tracklayers and organises the helpers.

Jane Sutherland is our easy going and chilled Trials Manager - fab job Jane, thanks.  Wendy Magyar took on the base duties this year and was fantastic; she is so efficient and well organised, brilliant – thanks, Wendy.

Out in the fields, we had Pat and Andy tracklaying and Gary stewarding; they are all excellent, hardworking, conscientious and great company.  To be surrounded by your friends whilst judging is something we often have in trials, how lucky are we?! 

The conditions were horrible, the field looked good to us but the conditions were not, very windy all week.  I had set a test that I hoped would be straightforward, with articles to be recovered on the track and square and the 7 teams that qualified on the nosework proved this to be the case.  Who knows why these 7 dogs got round in similar conditions whilst other very good teams didn’t?  All I know is that all 7 were a pleasure to watch, with super handling on show.  Other teams made great efforts and I know that the conditions had an impact on the results and on another week, the story will be different.  Thanks to the competitors, who were great and accepted their disappointments philosophically.

So, to Sunday - with 7 qualifiers and 7 non-qualifiers on the list I was looking forward to watching them work the round I had set.  Starting with a tied up speak, 15 paces away with the steward, face your dog, 15 barks, pretty well done.  Short bit of heelwork to sendaway, which was 85 paces to the hedge, left redirect along the hedge 85 paces to corner of field, right redirect 170 paces back the way they had come along the hedge and I asked they stopped the dog beyond a gate in the hedge - I thought this would be a piece of cake but most had difficulty with it; best was done by June Reed’s GSD, 9 marks, lovely boy!

Fast pace heelwork to clear, slow pace to long, and normal to scale.  Heelwork okay and jumps pretty good.

I gave the marks to Wendy Magyar to sort out whilst we did stays.  Stays went well, all fine; thanks to Pat and Charlie for stewarding.  We had just lost one dog on the control - good luck next time, Samantha Rawson and Sassy, who were the only nosework qualifiers on Friday.

So back to Wendy for the results.  I thought she was joking, 3 teams on 204 she told me - are you sure???  We checked them, yes it was true, Wendy, Emma and Tracey all on 204.  So we went back to the field we had been in for 6 days to do run-off tracks and squares; thank you, Andy Magyar, for laying these for me earlier that morning.  All three teams once again did magnificent track and squares, but the marks were clear and I had my first three places, phew!

1st           Wendy Beasley and WTCh STARDELL LUNAR, BC, Bitch, 204, Q.  Wendy and Lunar did a great track, only team to track on that piece of land all week.  The sendaway went a little awry but super heelwork and speak.  Run off track and square were fab, really well done.  Great team, qualified in TD and PD for 2016 KCC’s - can’t be bad!

2nd         Emma Baker and JESSZACS RICHOCHET RIK, BC, Dog, 204, Q.  Emma and Rik, super nosework 155, only qualifier on Thursday, good control and full mark jumps.  A lovely team to watch and another great run-off performance. Another reserve CC for this team, congratulations.  Rik is Emma’s first dog in trials; quality team and I’m sure first place will come.

3rd          Tracey Park and WAGGERLAND TYNE, WSD, Dog, 204, Q.  Last dog to work on Saturday and had to contend with the rain, mud - not Tracey’s idea of fun but Tyne didn’t care!  Super nosework put them on equal marks with Wendy and Lunar, 158.  Full mark jumps, and good speak and heelwork put them in the run-off.  Tyne had to work really hard on the run-off track, and he did, and then four from the square.  Super dog, super team, well done.

4th          Mike Williams and MARINA BEN’S PAL, Cross-breed, Bitch, 197, Q.  A super nosework round, very happy dog and the only qualifier on Tuesday.  Well done on your recent win and 4th place today - can’t be bad!  Also best gundog trophy with Tara.

Also qualifying:

S Williams’ SHADOWQUEST ONE AND ONLY, GSD, Dog, handled by June Reed, 196.5.  Super dog, tracked as if it had just been laid, and best control round and best overall GSD - congratulations.

Wendy Beasley, STARDELL VENUS, BC, Bitch, 190.  Congratulations, Wendy and Venus, on a good performance and first TDEx I believe.

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