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Trials Manager’s report


A big thank you must go to Kate Wykes for the work that she undertook before and during this trial.  Everything was put in place for me to just step in with my Trials Manager hat on.  I would like to thank all the team that helped to run this trial, with whatever task they undertook; I will let the judges name them but thank you to you all.

Thank you, Wendy, for keeping me organised, the competitors flowing and running the base.  Di and Dot ran the kitchen and kept us all well fed and watered, thank you.

To the judges: CD and Veteran – Len Newman, UD – Lé Newman, TD – John Wykes: thank you for judging and your company.

To the competitors, thank you for entering the trial, and for those that qualified well done and congratulations.


Andy Magyar


Stakes: CD and Veteran


Trials manager: Andy Magyar

Base: Wendy Magyar

Kitchen: Dot and Di


Thanks for the appointment to judge the Companion Dog and Veteran Stakes. It was so different judging dogs starting and finishing their working trials career. Thanks to all the above, without your commitment and giving your time we would not have working trials. Also to Sue Ashby who put us up for the whole trial.


CD Stake:

Search Steward and Scribe: Kate Payton

18 Entered

It has been 5 years since I judged my last Companion Dog Stake and it has not changed. The varying standard, with the experienced handlers shining through, and some handlers who are not quite there, but with continuing constructive training will get the qualification soon. Thanks to Kate for all her help and keeping me on track!!

I tried to give a good flowing round, with changes on the move in the heelwork, with only one halt at the end, a sendaway, not send to but a sendaway, and keeping the scale dry at night making it safe to jump. The articles in the search were block of wood, scouring pad and green canvas, all of good size.


1st           Sandra Jones with BRICKLEAMPTON BESS, WSD, 97, Q CDEx. It is amazing how long you can hold your breath, excellent round.

2nd         Jan Baker with OAKAPPLE GWINEAR OF JABY, GR, 85,5, Q CDEx. This retriever will give Chris Gregory competition soon, lovely dog.

3rd          Martine Taylor with GLENALPINE VALLEY FLOYD, BC, 84, Q CDEx. This pair gave Kate and me the best entertainment, a smashing dog.

4th          Pat Antrobus with TRISANT BECA, Cocker Spaniel, 81.5, Q CDEx. This cocker can jump, cracking round.

Qualified CD:

John Missin with BEESTING SAMBA, 79.


Thanks to all the competitors for making this judging appointment very enjoyable and hope success for you all soon.

Stake: Veteran

Tracklayers: Kate Wykes and Zoë Finlay

7 entered

Thanks to Kate and Zoe for tracklaying in extreme cold conditions and being great company. Tracking was on short pasture grass, after sheep had been grazing. The tracks were half an hour old with one crossover, which did not cause any concern for those who got to the last leg.

Only four completed the track; the first three collected all 5 articles and the fourth 4 articles. Track was out of 100 and 5 articles x 10 marks each, total 150.

1st           Maurice Millington, GLENALPINE JUD, BC, 148

2nd         Paul Adams with SHERINGEM GLYNN, BC, 145

3rd          Ken Coleman SHERINGEM MAC, BC, 143

4th          Ann Ferens with CLOVERHAYES MAISIE MOUSE, X-breed, 134

All four gave a good account of themselves and all the dogs enjoying the day out.


I had a meeting with the management of the trial, after an incident which I was very concerned with, and it was agreed that I should bring to the attention of competitors. When entering their dogs in a veteran, or any stake, that rule 2 Welfare of Dogs (I Regs) is still applicable to a non-scheduled stake.

 I “Regs” Rule 2   Welfare of Dogs

An exhibitor (or competitor) whose dog is entered at a Kennel Club licensed event should take all reasonable steps to ensure the needs of the dog(s) are met, and should not knowingly put their dogs, health and welfare at risk by any action, default, omissions or otherwise. A breach of this Regulation may be referred to the General Committee for disciplinary action under the Kennel Club Rules & Regulations.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers. Sue Ashby, John Simpson and Zoe Finlay

Search Steward and scribe: Rita Kidson


My thanks to Leamington for the judging appointment and to John Wykes and Andy Magyar for ‘job sharing’ as trials manager. Andy made everything run smoothly and smiled through thick and thin! Careful, they might ask you again!

Andy, as manager, and with your wife, Wendy, running the base - it was great and a pleasure to work with you both. Also thanks to Di and Dot in the kitchen who made quite sure that no one starved!

Sue Ashby kindly put us up, or should I say put up with us, for several days! Thanks, Sue, for your hospitality and log fire!

Tracklayers, Sue Ashby, John Simpson and Zoe Finlay, all did a fine job, stoically fighting the cold wind, and not forgetting Rita Kidson, who search stewarded and scribed the C/A. If any judge is in need of a really good steward, look no further! She is great and good company!

We saw some super tracks and cracking searches, but in some cases the C/A left a lot to be desired. These handlers appeared to lose overall control once the lead was handed to the steward. For UDEx standard I was disappointed. Enough said I think.


1st           Sheila Tannert with her fab Lab, TARNEDGE LEIA, Leia, 195, Q. What a team! Cracking nosework and lovely C/A.

2nd         Shirley Simpson with her Border Collie, FERROUS A TOUCH OF BEAUTY, Clover, 182.5, Q. Well done, Shirley, I know how hard you have worked.

3rd          Tom Mills with his Aussie, ALLMARK EDUARDO AT TOMSSZIIL, 182, Q. Lovely dog but there was a little lack of control!!

4th          Jackie Snook with ASHLINDT CIDER, Border Collie, 174.5, Q. A little tight on the C/A but you made it. Well done.


For those who didn’t make it, there is always another day, and as the saying goes, it’s character building!! Thank you for accepting my decisions.

I have decided to retire from judging partly due to health issues and the fact that I have a young collie to work who would sap the energy of a saint! But this will not stop me from helping at trials. Thanks to everyone who has supported me when judging, especially the tracklayers, stewards and those unsung heroes in the kitchen!

Happy Trialing!!



Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Gary Atkins, Julie Atkins and Pat Herbert

Square Steward: Kate Wykes

Scribe: Claire Lush


An enormous thanks to Andy Magyar for taking on the job of Trials Manager at such short notice and doing a fantastic job and his wife, Wendy, for running the base - again a fantastic job, thank you both.

A big thank you to the society for asking me to judge. My three tracklayers, Pat, Gary and Julie, all gave up the chance to compete in order to tracklay for the Club, so a big thank you to them; not only that, but they did a sterling job, giving everybody the same chance to get round. Unfortunately, the cold weather didn’t help and quite a few dogs really struggled, so to those who got round well done, to those who didn’t, better luck next time.

My square steward, Kate, did her usual excellent job laying all the squares exactly the same for all competitors, giving all of them a good chance of retrieving all articles. Thank you very much, Kate, where would I be without you?

Thanks to Claire for stepping in on Sunday to scribe for me, enabling Kate to go and tracklay for the Veteran Stake - a brilliant job, thank you.


1st and CC            Barry Gilbert with WTCh GLENALPINE COSWORTH, CDEx - TDEx, BC, D, 206, Q TDEx. A good all round performance saw this pair come out on top - well done.

2nd and Res CC   Charlie Taylor with GLENALPINE NIKKI, CDEx - TDEx, BC, B, 205.5, Q TDEx. Another good all round performance saw this pair give the winner a run for the ticket - well done to you.

3rd          Andrew Fox with STARDELL MUSCIDA, CDEx - TDEx, BC, D, 201, Q TDEx. Another good all round performance, well done to you.

4th          Margaret Robinson with WTCh JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, CDEx - TDEx, WSD, D, 197.5, Q TDEx. Another good qualifier, well done.

Also qualified TDEx:

Caroline Martin with GWYNION SOLL, CDEx - TDEx, BC, D, 196

Sheren Perez with KAEFFER KAL, CDEx - TDEx, WSD, B, 191

June Reed with SHADOWQUEST ONE AND ONLY, CDEx – TDEx, GSD, D, 184.5

Jane Wood with LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, CDEx - TDEx, BC, D, 183

Qualified TD:

David Warrick with SPACE COMMANDER, CDEx - TDEx, X, D, 173.5


Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and for accepting all my decisions. To those who qualified, well done; to those who didn’t, better luck next time.

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