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CD Stake

Judge: Sarah Burroughes
Steward: Sheila Tannert

I would like to thank Leamington Dog Training Club for the invitation to judge CD.  Special thanks to the Working Trials committee and all helpers for giving their time for running this friendly trial. Kate Wykes gave her all from greeting competitors to putting up jumps & making sure we had everything we needed so big thanks. Sheila Tannert was my steward & mentor...thank you again for your support & encouragement & as expected doing a great job! 

 4 Entries 

1st. Mrs Michelle Mahony with her English Springer Spaniel, Minnie Myah of Shaldon (31/3/13)  NQ 77.5
Lovely to judge a newcomer to Trials with her super dog Myah. Just bits and bobs lost on the heel work & retrieve. Full point Sendaway and stays. Super search square with three articles delivered in less than two minutes. Unfortunately the jumps were this little dogs downfall today. Lovely clear jump but Myah was a bit in awe of the long and scale! I look forward to watching how this dog does in the future as I'm sure it won't be long before she qualifies. Well Done.




Thank you to Leamington Dog training Club for the invitation to judge the Control and Agility at their open trial.
Thank you to john and Kate Wykes for all there hard work running the trial. Kate works so hard for the trial before after and during the event, thank you Kate its very much appreciated by the competitors and judges nothing is left to chance.
Thank you to Dot for her hard work in the kitchen , and all the other helpers without them we would have no trials.
Last be not least thank you to my steward Sarah Burroughes who did a fabulous job putting the competitors at ease and guiding them through the test.


1st Mrs R Payton Kaliazar Chaos CDex UDex WDex B.C 196.5Q

The only qualifier but a very worthy one. Dot is a super keen girl and full of fun Well done on qualifying and Good Luck in ticket has this is Dots second TD open .

2nd Mrs W Beasley Stardell Naos CDex UDex WDex BC 192NQ
(handled by Miss M O’Kelly)

Super little dog .The jumps took there toll today but i’m sure you will soon qualify . Well done on your place.

3rd Mrs J Dykes Zinzan CDex UDEx WDEx XB 184NQ

Poppy did a super control round with the best sendaway in the stake well done. The jumps let her down today ,once youve sorted them ther will be no stopping her.

4th Seldomseen Jet CDEx UDEx Lab 169.5N

Well done on your place Andrea , you took a lot of positives away from today.


1st Mrs P Bann Tarnedge Khaleesi Lab 176NQ

A nice control round from Ev the jumps stopped her qualifying today .

2nd Mrs S Simpson Ferrous A Touch of Beauty CDEx UDEx BC 159NQ

Clover struggled with the control today she was very worried about the jumps but your handling was very sympathetic and i’m sure you will get her over this hiccough .

3rd Miss S Jones Bricklehampton Bess CDEx WSD 151NQ

Super control round Bess has come along way in a few months you must be very pleased with her.Stays took there toll today

4th Mr T Mills Allmark Eduardo at Tomsziil CDEx UDEx ASD 112.5NQ

Well done Tom on your place i’m sure you’ll soon get your qualification

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